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Got damn cigarettes are gross
Eating dinner at Spikes. Just incase yall was wondering my new low.
Watching qubo Like Gangstas do
Nothing like showing how great of a child you are by shouting your father out on a website he doesn't use.
How can I make father's day about me
My windows is closed and I can still hear your shitty music. Who hurt you?
I saw boobs tonight, 2 of them
Jerry Springer sucks
Playing my bass really loud tonight in Ocean City, MD at Purple Moose Saloon with Cowboy. Wickie Wow @PurpMooseFamily
Caitlyn Jenner looks like she'd ask to speak to a manager in a heartbeat.
Woke up dazed, confused, and stomach screaming for help thanks to Texas Tavern & @_justinmstanton @NWerthy @CeeBull @Cory_Henry.
"They got them burger joints" @Cory_Henry ordering at Texas Tavern
Heard the wifi in Jurassic World is pteroble. I'm sorry.
I'd like to do a small surveys. What's your opinion on dogs, do you like them or do you like them?
I knew beards wouldn't be popping for long cause Drake never grew one.
About to play with a drummer that didn't study none of the songs for this gig and I'm not nervous.
Once you go black, you sometimes go back. #RachelDolezal
"Watch yo mouf woman!": a memoir
Maybe instead of berating me with the same question every day, the software update reminder could ask me how my day went for once.
Dreamed i tried a s'more frappuccino and immediately sprouted four new legs wearing black leggings and flats.
Couldn't get the attention of the dog in the car next to me at the stoplight so yes my morning is ruined.
Time to admit it: this morning is basic.
Eatin on Jelly Beans Like Gangstas do.
I won't even watch a TV show that doesn't have a hashtag in the corner of the screen.
Ridin around & gettin it since 6am
I can't believe I'm admitting this online, but there are times when I don't look absolutely fabulous.
As soon as you take yourself serious your circle will be begin to change. Let it happen.
Work with people you respect and you'll go a lot further than working with people you hate but think are important. Believe in the process.
Allergies are so weird. How the fuck am I allergic to earth?
"It's not a musical but there is singing" @rucajem summarizing Pitch Perfect 2
The social media life is critical.
Drake killin the abbrev game
Don't get it twisted I still call them heauxs
Just when you think you're over dogs you see a puppy and wow they are great.
Don't let those cool vape kids fool you
3:30am listening to Bring Us The Bright by @RealSnarkyPuppy #ThugLife
I grab both of your ass cheeks cuz I appreciate you.
Fourthly: I sincerely miss some cool mofos that go by the name of @TheMovementVibe & @AdamGandy. They're the real MVP.
But there's a lot of people in this world that loves marijuana so that's cool.
Musician life is critical. No guarantees.
Helped an attractive woman cross the street at a 4-way stop and, to my surprise, we are still not dating.
If I order a beer and the bartender said "Take a pitcher it'll last longer" that would be a very successful upsell.
When she say "where my hug" but she ugly so you help her look for it 👲🏾👱🏾💂🏾👴🏾👳🏾🎅🏾👮🏾👷🏾
You can't always expect me to text you back, I was busy doing other things on my phone for 14 hours today.

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