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Brad Taylor
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*45 degree weather "It feels nice out today" - white people
All the bands I play for are stoners.
11:11 i wish a nigga would
When Drake raps about thug life, i almost start to believe him until i remember his name is Aubrey.
"@ThatJunkyardCat: Taking a poll: What time do you think the ideal age to start a family is? (You & your spouse)" Ew yuck, nasty.
I'm going to confess my love to this nausea so it'll be gone when I wake up in the morning.
Use a different thot process.
12 more hours of this stomach virus. Ridiculous. Germs ain't shit. 😰
We were the children and your lies we did believe... But we ain't kids no more and we don't need a speech.
Forward ever, backwards never.
⚪️ Single ⚪️ Taken 🔘 Unfollowed because of this tweet.
Never knew what it was like to be in love, like and lust all at the same time until I met Cons.
The older I get, my love for the word 'Patience' gets a lil stronger.
"@linnnyae: @bradtaylorbass "we just sitting around...blowing 'em down" 😂😂😂" Incase you don't know, Jason Aldean is the shit.
Haha skraight up smashed that audition. Time to go celebrate at my fav spot, Blue effin 5.,
Some would rather protest via keyboard/phones than in the streets with the heat. Self serving as fugg.
I'd host SNL just for the hugs at the end.
My pleather jacket is on self destruct mode.
Tiramisu cake is most def crack.
45 degrees & it's snowing with sleet. What the entire fugg? I can't get jiggy with dis.
"@jrenzzyyy: I don't see why people think wine and women go together? Wine sucks. Seriously it's horrible." You better shut that mouf
Don't speak, I know just what you're eating.
Twing: Twitter translate for those that can't read between the lines
Cops are on a roll harassing people with no arms.
Drake waits until you beat your girl or go to jail to swoop in like "I'm just sayin, you could do better."
The Twelve Baes of Christmas.
"I like my girls BBW/ suck you dry and then eat some lunch witchu." LMAO Drake is a FOOL!!!
Just booked a full week of gigs in Key West, FL. Wickie Wow!
Can't claim everyone as your friend. Facebook got the game all fugged up.
Here's a thought, maybe music could listen to me for once.
Cons is sexy as fugg
The people in line behind me can be jealous, they can be mad, but I just got all my holiday shopping done at Chipotle.
Don't comment on an idiot's Facebook post unless ur ready to get a notification every time one of his idiot friends leaves an idiot comment
Keep the struggle plates to yourself.
Really starting to think Darren Wilson was not indicted based on the idea that Michael Brown was an evil superhero.
That Ferguson trial caused YouTube to shut down.
Pepper is having an off night, sounds terrible.
48 Laws of Power is a magical book. Its been 3 years of studying it.
Aint eem 2015 yet lol
I just got booked at Floydfest
"Keep em in the head and you can keep em in bed" The realest shit I've ever heard from a drunk at the bar.
People that eat with their mouth open.
Any dude that trips over cellulite or stretch marks on a girls booty is a weirdo.
It's 23 degrees outchea.
Had to put pasties on to keep my nipples from ripping shirts.
If you dont find racism hilarious then I suggest you crawl back into the womb.
"@iH8nigrs: Just watched #LionKing and the message I got out of the film is that segregation is a good thing." @ThatJunkyardCat hahahahaha
I need a room full of mirrors so I can be surrounded by winners.