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Brad Taylor
NASA found a planet very similar to Earth and I only have one question for the people that possibly live there, are you mad at me.
Internet: Hulk Hogan should apologize! Hulkster: I'm sorry. Internet: oh, whatever. Like that matters, you racist.
Hate to brag, but sometimes I like how I look for an hour or two a month.
I am not a fan of Pin Up
People say "why don't yall let slavery go" while clinging to the Confederate. We can give the same answer. It's part of our history. Lol
Far from perfect, I'm still learning.
I wonder what that little paperclip from the old MS Word is up to these days.
Anyone willing to take your phone off the charger without asking is not someone you need in your life.
beware of the thirst traps every where
One major problem I've noticed with dogs is that they aren't all mine.
Why Chick-fil-A haven't changed their logo to a rainbow yet?
All those people that were gunned down in Chicago this weekend & not 1 riot, march or rally.
Thinking back to a time when we all weren't soccer fans a few days ago
Awfuls Downtown on tonight. Tampa, Florida Friday night.
Honestly, cheese is the best thing that goats have ever given us.
Just ordered an Electric Upright. Pimphand bout to be strong af.
If you are blessed, but there is no one there to read it, are you still blessed?
Woke up and realized my purpose. Took 28 years to figure it out. You are the company you keep.
Good Mawnin my ninjaz.
I envy everyone who has their own face as their Twitter avatar. I know I have my face as my avatar I just envy a whole lot of people.
New York is a magical place. Innovator heaven.
I miss the essence of Brooklyn. Urine, bad decisions, and Hipsters.
If you haven't before tell Siri "nine eleven" there's a crazy response she gives you.
Just had to hold my phone up to my arm to see what skin color emoji I match up with.
Wow, it's so warm I think my fingernails are sweating.
I find it funny people are trying to tell blacks how to feel about history. This "chill out bro" shit is ridiculous but understandable.
Got damn cigarettes are gross
Eating dinner at Spikes. Just incase yall was wondering my new low.
Watching qubo Like Gangstas do
Nothing like showing how great of a child you are by shouting your father out on a website he doesn't use.
How can I make father's day about me
My windows is closed and I can still hear your shitty music. Who hurt you?
I saw boobs tonight, 2 of them
Jerry Springer sucks
Playing my bass really loud tonight in Ocean City, MD at Purple Moose Saloon with Cowboy. Wickie Wow @PurpMooseFamily
Caitlyn Jenner looks like she'd ask to speak to a manager in a heartbeat.
Woke up dazed, confused, and stomach screaming for help thanks to Texas Tavern & @_justinmstanton @NWerthy @CeeBull @Cory_Henry.
"They got them burger joints" @Cory_Henry ordering at Texas Tavern
Heard the wifi in Jurassic World is pteroble. I'm sorry.
I'd like to do a small surveys. What's your opinion on dogs, do you like them or do you like them?
I knew beards wouldn't be popping for long cause Drake never grew one.

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