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Brad Taylor
It's that "How's your little girlfriend?" season.
I have a hand full of soldiers that will stand by my side through anything. They may be few in numbers but are the equivalent of thousands.
*Tweets about how scary ebola is while driving 80 mph on a busy highway*
Photo shoot...early, its colder dan a mug.
Easy like Sundae Mawnin
I still believe Pumpkin Spice lattes are a bigger threat to our country than Ebola.
Went to sleep in Roanoke, woke up in Raleigh.
I just wanna be rich, handsome and black like @TwoSC00P5.
Partying with my crew tonight before I catch the band van at Midnight. Lookin forward to playing in Topsail NC tomorrow, my favorite island!
My gf is sexy as fugg.. Shit!
"@linnnyae: ☺️" << vitiligo?
I'm going to be Walter Black for Halloween, eating on lil bags of raspberry pop rocks. Bust a pop lock so you know its real.
Susan Tedeschi's voice is amazing.
Box wine & Everything Bagels, cause hood rich.
Be young. Be dope. Be proud.
I'm sorry you followed me after that one cool tweet and have been dissapointed since.
They call us dreamers, but we're the ones that don't sleep.
It's way easier to hate than actually get shit done. I see why so many people do it now!
I like it when a bird gets stuck inside the building and we all get to act like we've never seen a bird before.
Good mawnin my ninjas
When I first heard of BlackPeopleMeet dot com, I thought it was an urban grocery store for black people. Meet or Meat?
To make ends Meet or Meat?
Ate a burger with Peanut Butter & mayo on it, just incase you wondered how high my standards are.
I ready to gerrr herrrm.
My favorite episodes of Family Feud is when 5 people win 1 car.
Thought about holding the door for an older gentlemen, but he probably doesnt have Facebook & wont make a post about it so no thanks.
Speaking at the City Xpo conference this morning in front of loads of creators & thinkers. This will be interesting.
Beards: Make-up for men.
πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž@Love_bug101616: Knowing how to touch her without touching her is what separates the men from the boys."
*Rebelution plays on radio *Stranger taps me on the shoulder "Yea dude! Its one of those Jamaican songs"
A venue that ask the entertainment to wait til Halftime/after the game to perform, can eat a bowl of hot dicks.
Musicians are hired help...who sometimes interfere with America's official religion.... Sports.
Wake up to bake up.
Yeah I'd love to go out for a drink, let me check how many quarters are in my car's cup holder first though.
"Are you ready to order?" Yes, I'll have the menu. "You... have a menu." Yes, that's what I'll have. - Vegans
Thugs take selfies too.
Never raise your voice, improve your argument.
Medium pizza, chips & Gatorade. $8 at 7/11. No shame.
Damn homie, in high school you was the man homie. Wtf happened to you? - me referring to Lays chips.
Errsher had all the jamz
Girl you make me wanna leave the one I'm wit, start a new relationship with you!
Pros of a date at the movies: 1 Cant talk (u wont say something dumb) 2 Air conditioned (minimal sweating) 3 Dark (they cant see u sweating)
Twitter jail sucks.
Never trust anyone that takes selfies in the shower. Their not focused enough on the cleaning, booty probably still stinks.
The life you want starts when you embrace what you got! Keep improving what makes you unique! Fugg what others thinks of you!
56-0 Like college. They gotta fire someone from Tampa after today.
There's no one more selfish than the person who pulls up in the stall next to you and starts dropping BOMBS. Let me shit in peace, bish!
So Lebron got his hairline fixed foreal?