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Brad Taylor
Where can I go to find opinions about refugees?
Last question, do any of you candidates have dogs and can we pet them.
This new Bieber album is pure unadulterated flames. If you're of the opposite sex and we've spoken, you will get a text with lyrics tonight.
If she can talk shit with you, watch Seinfeld, and listen to Future at ignorant levels you must wife her.
Unfollowing/friending is like fighting words to the bored.
When did social media determine relation/friendships in reality.
The biggest struggle in my life has been sneezing while brushing my teeth.
Shoutout to Adolphe Sax.
Some trolls are claiming I play Candy Crush, I have contacted the FBI.
Adele still has a flip phone?
I need at least 48 hours to decide if I will attend your party tomorrow thanks for your understanding.
Squeezing fruits at the grocery store like an adult.
This is how we do it when @TheMovementVibe get to moving cause we all up in ya area. This is how we get it when the record get to spinnin...
If you haven't heard of @TheGreen808 you're missing out on dope reggae. 4 part harmonies w/ grooves. #TeamPimpHandApproved
A real haunted house should put your exes in each room, holding a baby that looks just like you.
What base is it when I'm totally ignoring her and just petting her dog instead.
Idk much about science, but I do know that if there is water on Mars then there are also dogs and we need to get up there and pet them.
Life could be different... grateful for everything
Over baked a whole batch of cookies. I need an adult.
Lazy Man Dub: 5-7 Hill & Crew: 7-10 The Color J: 10-1 My brain will be served scrambled with cheese. 🍳
Chick-Fil-A employees treat you better than your family sometimes.
Playing a Kappa Sigma frat party tonight at Hamden Sydney. I sweatergawd there better be booze.
Biden probably has one of those voicemails where he tricks you into thinking he picked up.
Last night in Ville de Nash. Finally some funk.
Nashville is an interesting scene
SSB was wild tonight. Shared the stage with @SunnyLedfurd & his killer band. One more time 2nite with Cowboy!
Text a former boss and tell them that you won't be in tomorrow.
MY HUMAN RIGHTS ARE BEING ABUSED! -me waiting in line at Starbucks
I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.
I never lose. Either I win or I learn.
I remember this one time when I wasn't looking at my phone it was crazy.
My TL is flooded with NY tweets. Missing my 2nd home, LES & Bushwick.
stress is caused by giving a fuck
I'll park 10 blocks away if I think I'm gonna screw the parallel parking up in front of people.
Never understood why some adults never left the nest.
Few things make a woman's ovaries burst more than when they spot a mimosa on a brunch menu.
Whoever just called me and hung up, call me back. I'm hella lonely right now.
One time I spent 2 days trying to get a pillow into a pillowcase and that time is right now.
Being happy is the goal, but greatness is my mission
"Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on the clouds." - Kanye West
Egos hit another level once you tell them you need them. Be careful what you say when you're in your feelings.
Those chicks you can unapologetically be yourself around don't come around often. You gotta rub their butts and keep them close.
Sometimes I stare at my phone and wonder if you're all staring at your phones with me.
Women come and go. Friends come and go. Twitter is forever.

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