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Brad Taylor
I survived dat bish doe...
Breaking the E string on the 2nd song of the set is the worst. No backup bass, just an old pack of strings.
Breffus in bed cause she's dope as fugg
The way to be cool is to not worry about being cool.
"@vacapri: What's a god to a non-believer?" a myth: Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and the most amazing of all, Santa Clause.
If you ever need someone to talk to, you can call me. I won't answer, but you can call.
Cold water challenge? You're talking about my first church, right?
Wet t-shirt contest, oh lawd
Fowlerville knows how to party! Having a blast on the @Easyriders1 Magazine Tour. Looking forward to rockin out tonight! @EasyridersEvent
My Pleather ain't cuttin it in this sea of Leather jackets.
Fresh Prince of Bae Lair
Clean house, clean car, legally kicked the IRS ass, tour starts tomorrow... Life is good. #TeamPimpHand
I go to YouTube just to read the comments.
Mad love to @TexasTavern for having a bowl w/ a slab waiting on me after my set today at @Microfestivus.
Shout out to a busy, witty, and all around cool dude that got me if I need fiddy. @AdamGandy ✌😎
If someone catches you taking a selfie, you gotta hold your phone up and move it around so it looks like you're trying to find service.
My life isn't perfect. Bad things happen to me, too. I just always tell myself "everything's gonna work out," and it does.
I just made watermelon juice, nectar of the ganja gods.
Watching 300 with my peach.
Uncle Kracker was roaming around downtown last night and nobody showed him love. Hahahaha. No fans in Noketown playboy.
Chuck Norris can leave messages before the beep.
The possession of anything begins in the mind. -Bruce Lee
He who keeps his cool best wins. -Norman Cousins
If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it, write it in the sand near the water’s edge. -Napoleon Hill
Peace within my new self so peace out to my old self.
Pickup is hilariously fun. If done right, fun for all parties involved.
"@linnnyae: Tilapia, rice and asparagus for dinner" Me two
Yo @realCookOut, who do I need to talk to about a sponsorship? I eat your food everyday. I've lost everything due to my addiction.
Battleshots was not a good game to play when 7am is involved.
Why are there so many Men forgetting the (b) in Boob and Babe? When did this become acceptable?
Excuse me while I hit the bowl
Show up 30 min late to the wrong address, right address 10 min away. Email is the worst form of communication.
"My calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd. No one can fool me." - Chuck Norris
If Mom thinks i won't hide her phone for hashtagging in a text message, she's sadly mistaken.
Singed the roof of my mouth and tongue from Texas Tavern chili last night.
Festies & Arenas are nice, but there is no greater feeling than connecting with a crowd of 30-50.
Last minute bookings are always fun. See you Friday eve, Charlotte NC.
Slept in Richmond, woke up in Maryland. Hiking & nature trails early AM with my Peach.
Mimosas, Mario Kart 64, and Gravity Bongs in my fav city. RV effin A!
Dane Alderson is playing my bass right now. Fugg yes
17th 20hr day. 1 more to go. Then I'm disconnecting from everything.
We’re jamming in the moonlight Where the waves crash by the seaside We don’t need to play for anyone
I like to get a peace of mind In my own time So roll one up, light it up in the meantime @TribalSeeds
Lol social awareness people, learn it. Literally tweeting away as he talks about CrossFit. Not interested.
"Gotta win some money, Amen! So I can give 10% of it to the Lord!" - a contestant on Family Feud, just now.
Rise & Shine my ninjaz
Never thought I'd be sharing a stage with Peaches and Herb. Herb Fame inspired my chops, that cool mofo.
I like Jenna Marbles as much as everyone likes Nickleback.