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Royce Mathews 罗伊斯
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2015 has been a good year for music so far overall. I wonder who will randomly take over next year. 🤔❓
Sex must be torture for some of ya'll lol that shit probably boring & serious as hell. Damn I know that sucks.
Go smack her on da ass bruh
Mondays can suck da whole dick wheres friday bruh
No Ceilings 2 really only sounds nice to the people that still expect old Wayne to come back.
You ever seen someone so ugly it kinda pissed you off?
i like her bettah when she dress n all black
Ugly bitches wit nice bodies can be fucked wit ah mask on tonite n no one will judge bruh
u nevah lived till u fucked ah bitch wit ah scream mask on n ask her does she wanna play ah lil game sydney? n da bitch says yes
ah fat bitch dressed as nicki minaj wit ah high cholesterol will get fucked by ah nigga ah highah alcohol tolerance 2nite
Dont send meh nudes if u built like yellow starburst
fuckin yo bitch n in ah freddy krueguh sweatah tonight #blessed
niggas can stop wit da hotline bling remixes bruh
like niggas runnin shit in da ground like niggas r playin fill n da blank wit hotline bling
umma save keish so she can finally get ah real nigga n her life
Ya bitch got lost n da sauce ask zola she kno wats up
Bitch eyebrows look like microsoft word 32 bold times new roman italics smh u new hoes i tell ya smh
netflix n dick is all da bitch gets from meh
Invite Terry Crews to your party i bet he'd have that mf turnt lol with all his crazy dance moves
I wish a nigga would try to put their hands on my Mom bruh that'll be the day I go to Jail. Werd to my Muvah son.
Stone Cold Steve Austin was a fucking Savage he gave no fucks
she gotta be blonde tho 24k golden guh
bitches can argue fo 3 hours but cant suck dis dick fo 5 minutes bitch talkin bout her jaws hurt 😔
i wish u suck dis dick like u suck n yo stomach when u take selfies 😔
deleted yo phone numbah but dem nudes is here to stay hoe
told da waitah to put da food n separate bags so da hoe can kno she not stayin ovah aftah i bless her wit da dick #realnigga
U die before your destiny u might not ever rest in peace
It's raining and ladies i bet your wet right now too 😏 yeah yall know
I think about life everyday.
Where do people live where not even one friend thinks to warn you blackface for Halloween is a bad idea?
There's some truth to "No one will ever love you like I do". Next person may love you different, love you better even, but never the same.
The way some of ya'll defend celebrities like you know them personally is amazing lol I hope ya'll go this hard for your family members.
The WWE will never be the same lmao niggas need to all just retire
You'd be surprised what she'll do for some free drugs
Realize that people can still love you, even when you don't love yourself.
You deserve more than you settle for.
Forget the past. Remember the lesson.
People aren't dating anymore they just talk, catch feelings, have a great time for a while and then end up ignoring each other.
Quote dis wit yo alcoholic friend so i can pray for da hoe
Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to explain why the sky is blue.
u got low self esteem cause yo mama rode da dick wit ah t shirt on n yo daddy was like pussy is pussy when da lights off n e way
every time yo bitch text meh i always reply new phone who dis?
When the weed hits you outta nowhere 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
I love giving my Mom money man one day I'll be able to give her everything she deserves.
Good health is never a guarantee. Count your blessings.

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