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Daddy Royce 罗伊斯
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majority of da bad bitches n highschool fat wit kids
shes ah hoe if she doesnt kno da capitals fo errr state n da u.s. #nodebate
u just ah regulah hoe puttin regulah gas n yo regulah car
could u please pass da pussy?
Listen to Royce - Lottery (Prod. ChopGodLewi x Skep Sean) by Royce Mathews #np on #SoundCloud…
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Listen to Royce - Dope Society (Prod. Roca Beats) by Royce Mathews #np on #SoundCloud…
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Have you heard ‘Royce - Lottery (Prod. ChopGodLewi x Skep Sean)’ by @RoyceSaiyanGod_ on #SoundCloud? #np… #SODMG
Have you heard ‘Royce - Lottery (Prod. ChopGodLewi x Skep Sean)’ by @RoyceSaiyanGod_ on #SoundCloud? #np…
Ugly chicks must have the best box because niggas stay cheating with ugly hoes and a lot of you ugly hoes get pregnant everyday B 😂
its da wkend go fuck somethin
10.17 mill fo anyone who el chapo guwop outta here
bitch built like ah chipotle burrito bowl #trash
I only pull da bitch hair if its curly
Sometimes u gotta throw yo house keys at cha bitch head so she can realize how blessed she is to be sheltered by ah real nigga
U okay fo an okay lookin bitch
Its way more okay lookin bitches than bad bitches readin dis
Have you heard ‘Royce - Lottery (Prod. ChopGodLewi x Skep Sean)’ by @RoyceSaiyanGod_ on #SoundCloud? #np…
mah ex is trash just rt so da bitch can see she trash
sometime u gotta throw ah ups box at cha head so she can realized how blessed she is dat god delivered ah real nigga in her life
she ah freak if she got her nose pierced #nodebate
if u aint fucked her by nah stop makin dat bitch yo #wcw all she don do is say awwwwwwww thank u n keep it movin i always fuck mah #wcw
she gave da pussy up to ah lame 😔
dont call meh ovah at nite unless we fuckin bitch dis aint 3rd grade i aint trynna hang out u hoe
she datin ah lame 😂😂😂
sometimes u gotta smack ya bitch wit ah pack of kraft singles fo datin all those cheesy ass niggas befo she met ah real nigga
Grab her booty with a lil part of her pussy with it.
gotta foreign in tx dat look wayyyyyyyyy bettah den u n she aint yeen tryin
she ah freak if she eat gummy bears #nodebate
hatin hoes aint happy n happy hoes aint hatin #nevah4get
it dont mattah how much negative shit yo ex say if u can still fuck till dis day #godblessinalldatrapniggas
i could tell mah bitch i just got into ah car accident n her first response would be was dere ah bitch n da car smh
just ask fo da bitch # bruh u gotta ig? u gotta twittah? u gotta kik? damn nigga u want da bitch linkedin so u can get her resume too?
smacked mah bitch wit ah frozen waffle cause breakfast is da most important meal of da day mornin hoe
Have you heard ‘Royce - Gundam Wing (Prod. TheMaskedJerk)’ by @RoyceSaiyanGod_ on #SoundCloud? #np… #SODMG

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