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Noel Giles
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2 years ago today I stepped on them yellow footprints in Parris Island to start boot camp and eventually become a marine.
That 96 tho! 😎
On Pac till I fall asleep. 2pac-"if my homies call"
I still don't understand how this pic became the joke of so many memes.
2 of my bros prolly getting kicked out the marine corps 2mar. #whatcanalcoholdoforyou
I already know we gonna have a 30 minute formation tommorow and a debrief of went down over the weekend
Back to work tommorow. Weekend was good while it lasted
Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
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Kids in the back seat cause accidents; accidents in the back seat cause kids. 😉
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A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well. 💰
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Count yo blessings instead of worrying bou your problems. There's much more to be thankful for.
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Check out this site immediately or you will miss out on this special opportunity
WOW! You Can 300 Dolar Per Day With This Great Method very exciting promo
People these days usually only have one birthday per year.
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Women have a higher chance of getting pregnant than men.
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Baby sitters don't actually sit on babies.
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Cutting your legs off will help you lose weight.
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Lack of light is the #1 cause of darkness.
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Science proves that most people are born on their birthday.
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Bruh parties in college aint nun like them lame ass high school parties ! #CollegeLife
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If you are reading this meme, then u are not Floyd Mayweather.
The difference between being rich and successful, is anybody can give u a million dollars and make u rich, but only u can make u successful.
Listening to some Nas before I get started at work
Gotta get back to the gym, but my schedule don't permit it.
That almost worries me
Still haven't gained a pound.
I think I ordered pizza almost everyday this month.
Maybe because I think about my future more than anything
This quiz just told me my mental age was 27. I can believe that
Kinda got in mind what car I want
Work 3 days this week then another 4 day weekend.
"Smoke a blunt and drink ciroc, I call that loud and clear." Y'all sleep too hard on Fabolous.
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Bet y'all can't guess who this is.
Money, trust and communication are three big things that can either make or break your relationship.
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It's Been a long day for me already and the day haven't started yet..
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