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July 5th
sport money 9,279 followers
I'm making bank out here in the field!!!!
Watching @iamdiddy in 'A Raisin in the Sun.' He played this role! 👏👏✊
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Making the best out of a 4 hour firewatch schedule.
Just sat down for 4 hours and wrote out my financial plan and goals for my life
Hope everybody enjoying their weekend
Overall this field op is not too bad.
Weekends don't exist in the field. 😑
I like having watch at night. I be sleepy af but it's chill .
On machine gun post right now, fighting to stay awake.
My view. In the Humvee chillin. Just waitin on anything crazy to pop off.
Weapons check and sighting in. Morning shift today.
Machine gun post for the day
This field op suck but one of my favorite
"Been off the porch"-lil boosie #favoriteboosiesong
Working in a hail/sand storm. I'm gonna never forget this field op.
Just doing a weapons check. Bout to load up the M240 and shoot some rounds in a minute.
After days of building tents. A strong wind destroyed them. #26moredays tho.
My baby! 😍 M240 machine gun
What we on today. Digging trenches for hours. Feeling motivated tho.
"@The_CEO_of: @Kxng_OG lmao!! "No hands"-wale and waka flocka" Lmao no legs either kml thats a real nigga.. #squad
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I will just turn my phone off now
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That 29 palms dry heat! No signal, no AC, no electricity, no sleep. Only 28 more days tho.
Just tryna stay cool.
Back in 29 Palms. I don't miss this place at all!