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Enas E. Ragland
Unaltered native seeds can compete with Genetically Modified copies of our original. Petition Obama to keep promise.…
America never had to import corn before it began engaging in GMO or counterfeit farm crops, now we.have to import corn #Native #USDA #Piracy
The same Native culture that made produce available to many American ancestors is still here today. GMO counterfeit seeds are Biopirated.
Huntsville is preparing for a New Historic district that includes the oldest remaining subdivision developed by Blacks. The Calvary District
Trump take aim at Democrat front runner Bernie Sanders after new poll show Sanders with 44% support in New Hampshire…
Latinos get blamed when Native workers assimilate and take over jobs in key U.S. industries. Native descendants deserve good jobs too. #USA
Teddy bears and candles line Canfield Drive, where #MikeBrown died one year ago today: (Getty)
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Bernie Sanders is among the top, live #BlackLivesMatter accounts on Twitter, the hashtag promoters seek justice.
Thanks to #BlackLivesMatter Bernie Sanders is back in the news after surrendering media exposure to Trump, Sanders security should be fired.
Potatoes Squash Tomatoes and other cultivars developed by Native Americans are under attack by Wall Street GMO pirates sponsored by the U.S.
The Maya and Powhatan support the Inca people in their quest to protect potatoes from GMO counterfeit contamination
Grits is a southern food favorite, grits lovers help preserve authentic Native American food products..Counterfeit suppliers add GMO toxins.
How they portray the Amazonian natives X how the really are. did they even try???#BOYCOTTGreenInferno
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Sign our petition to Kraft’s CEO asking the company to make @MiracleWhip with #nonGMO ingredients. #GMOs
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Giant Eagle has tons of #organic #nonGMO granola, snack bars, and cereal on sale right now for $1.00 each!! @GiantEagle
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Its official! the Army will develop a Cyber Campus on Redstone Arsenal. Experts in several fields are needed..… #USA
Since #CharlestonShooting there have been 132 pro-Confederate rallies. Today’s at Stone Mountain might be biggest.
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Kids love Native American food! Our authentic seeds contain no GMO or added toxins. To make tacos simply buy organic or Non GMO ingredients
U.S. @TheJusticeDept is said to be the main advocate auguring to give the remaining Keepseagle settlement funds to non profits, not farmers.
Browsing indicated sources inside @USDA actively blocking online public comments about deregulating Monsanto GMO corn…
The tribal Gaming industry fails to employ a majority of Native Americans, in fact most Gaming workers are non Native…
Some still think Monsanto (MON) is a great stock, Opposing investors have driven the stock from a 52 week high of 126. to a low of 99 today.
Keepseagle: The Department of Justice representing the @USDA should compensate all Native American farmers for discrimination. #Native
Corn is an invention of Native Americans its introduction to the immigrants that formed the United States is well documented by the Powhatan
Millions of farmers are working to keep seeds the way god intended. Biopiracy nations like the U.S allow rich people to patent our gods seed
Its official, a new Organic & Non-GMO Forum will debut at the Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit in Minneapolis, Sep 30…
High quality Native Non GMO products are backed by 1000's of years of research. Pirated GMO products with toxins, about 30 years of research
Farmers in the southern hemisphere plan to plant less GMO corn. Monsanto stock will continue to fall as demand for our Non GMO products soar
President Obama @CivilRights and @USDA plan to give most of a settlement intended for Indigenous farmers to non Native entities is wrong.
Tell @USDA to allow Indigenous self determination, Keepseagle leftover funds should go to individual Native American farmers not non profits
The Post office is expected to began digital banking to better serve Americans with no bank account. Currently the U.S. pay Wall Street.#USA
Cultural development of 99% of Americans is oppressed by 1% of Americans and politicians that get paid by the 1% to sell out the rest of us.
Why are some communities honoring terrorist? Taxpayers still funding upkeep of a mural that is based on oppression.…
The Dark Act will force Native Americans to allow GMO corn (a disputed and pirated product) to be grown on tribal lands. Tell @POTUS to Veto
About 30 years ago all corn grown in the U.S. was Non GMO, That was before our politicians got paid for allowing Indian seeds to be patented
Monsanto is testing a new 52 week low thanks everybody, keep up the great work and if you still own (MON) its not to late to cut your losses
Tell @POTUS to keep his promise he made in 2007, demand nothing less than mandatory GMO labeling of genetically modified food with toxins.
10:20 House is trying to pass a bill to ban states from enacting labeling laws for genetically modified ingredients in GMO food products
The U.S. has long history of oppressing Powhatan culture including displacement, slavery and most recently GMO patents to control our seeds.
Credit dependent Americans must live a life addicted to credit. What is your Addicted to credit score? A low score can keep you credit free!
Mayan corn has been grown on land that became known as the U.S. since pre historic time. Politicians destroyed 90% of our Non GMO corn. #USA
#BernieSoBlack He want workers to be owners, Bernie want to stop the 1% from exporting jobs and paying poverty wages.
Sustainable Indian corn growers have been dealing with the corn rootworm for centuries. Fake corn growers ran to the @EPA begging for help.
New study shows that the Brazilian non-GMO soybean meal supply chain is more sustainable than the GMO soybean...
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Real Non GMO corn is protected worldwide, an official Mayan Spiritual Item U.S. politicians tried to make extinct.
The first Europeans immigrants to America.soon learned that without assimilating into Powhatan food culture they would die.from starvation.
Triana Historical Society will host the annual arts festival this Saturday 7/18, Discover local culture #Huntsville.
A young organic farmer learning about the family tradition. The culture is one of many sheltering Non GMO seeds.
Biopiracy experts plan to patent seeds and control food is failing, China is rejecting biopirated U.S.corn products.

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