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Enas E. Ragland
Family Care v. Nursing Home: Would you care for a disabled relative for $15.00 an hour to keep them out of a Nursing Home? Stay focused!
#berkeleyprotests for #EricGarner and #Ferguson now in standoff with some police and protesters wounded.
The Powhatan Maya are asking indigenous people around the world to help defend against counterfeit seed products.
Japan where the death by police is rare, is fed up with America's war like tactics on its own citizens, #Ferguson
Photo: katerinaduhh: A protest in Huntsville, Alabama. My school, Oakwood University. My people. So much...
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Seniors should have option to choose their long term caregivers and federal dollars should flow to the provider. equal pay for equal results
Assimilated Natives now outnumber reservation Indians, The influx of Mayan migrants from Central America was a fight for U.S. assimilation
Poverty experts to push for several million new jobs in the Home Healthcare Industry. How? End home caregiver v. Nursing Home discrimination
Native Alert: Powhatan sources have detected several of our pure seed species are endangered in the U.S. Cultural destruction is a crime.
#ShutItDownHSV is now in middle of University Dr. near Bill Penny. Traffic diverted.
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#Huntsville citizens marching in solidarity with those outraged by police brutality. #ShutItDownHSV
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Huntsville protesters out in force tonight to show support for #Ferguson #EricGarner No Justice No Peace!
This is a report about the Walmart "I Cant Breathe" protest…#EricGarner #Ferguson
Leaderless and #Ferguson successfully takes down nationwide Walmart AD, The Ad was a reminder of #EricGarner last words "I Cant Breathe".
Airline workers are gearing up to fight back. Protest were held in the U.S. and Mexico yesterday. Congratulations!
Fast Food Protest held throughout the Americas yesterday for a more just distribution of profits. No Justice No Peace
Photo: Thousands gather in NYC's Foley Square near City Hall to protest the #EricGarner decision (Via @CBSNewYork)
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Call to Action: Front Line Hearing coming soon! Will Obama sign a bill to contaminate Indian products without notice?
"@PowhatanTribe: #Ferguson to Africa..." control the food, control the people. their resources are already allocated
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#Ferguson to Africa many are questioning a culture eminating around St Louis, injustice mean we got to fight back
Latino News: #Mexico43 protesters joins #EricGarner #Ferguson protest in Washington D.C., shut down streets with other injustice protesters.
The Territory DC is out in support of Eric Garner still working on a good NYC stream of the protest.… live Now 7:10est
NYC is out in mass protesting. RIP Eric Garner, Unarmed v. Killer cop injustices is guilty as hell. "No justice No Peace", #BlackLivesMater
Has Walmart pork suppliers ended their animal abuse yet? Warning: This footage may upset you…
Walmart is down this morning #Ferguson is targeting a $82.50 Strike price for next month. stock will be up and down.
Victory! Our National Wildlife Refuge System will no longer allow any genetically modified crops or neonicotinoid pesticides after 2015 #USA
Theft of property is a serious charge, the U.S. @USAID and Monsanto have no ICJ World Court standing to legally control "Indian corn" #Mayan
Thinking about buying Monsanto stock? Think again! Seed research show Monsanto has been downgraded from suggested Buy, to stay Neutral #Maya
#Ferguson On December 1 1955, Rosa Parks (a Black Indian) refused to obey an unjust system built on oppression, "No Justice No Peace" #USA
Buying corn? if vendor cant say "grown from pure seeds cultivated by Native Americans or GMO Free" You may get counterfeit corn, be careful.
The Powhatan is where Thomas Jefferson and his friends got Maya corn seed, tomato seed and a lot of other food products not Monsanto #Native
Parade Season Protest is here, have you got signs made? You don't have to parade, great sidewalk protesting planned.