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Enas E. Ragland
Bilingual Civil Rights warriors lead protest for justice in St Ann #Latino #Ferguson
New reports of St Ann Police forcing Latino/Mestizo/Native women to strip naked during arrest watch @bassem_masri…
#Ferguson is getting closer and closer to what happened to native Americans. 1 time it happened. 1 time to many..
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Justice halted in 5 cases due to Darren Wilson's failure to comply with law. Injustice that has cost the victims involved 1000's #Ferguson.
Walmart has over 4900 stores in the U.S. 1000's of workers have to depend on Food Stamps and WIC at taxpayers expense, fight for $15 #USA
Paid #Ferguson Darren Wilson is making a mockery of the @CivilRights U.S. Court System, Worker made arrest but refuse to testify in Court.
Organization is the key: As of this morning 2021 Walmart stores will fight for $15, you don't have to be an employee
ObamaCare haters force employees to work part time, live in poverty while owners profit, their move forces US taxpayers to subsidize profit.
Please call Orange County Jail and ask them to release everyone arrested for protesting, "No Justice No Peace", bond has been paid #Ferguson
Live Streamers and protesters protesting riot police in Denver, allied with #Ferguson, 10-25 solidarity video
Asians, Latinos and Whites get 98% of Black Consumer Dollars, shift in trade could produce 1 million sustainable jobs
Walmart workers want to end their dependency on US taxpayers to make ends meet and send billions to Treasury. Starts with the fight for $15.
Do you work at or know a Walmart worker? Are they making at least $15hr? If no, ask them to join Black Friday Protest
Organization is the key to a hostel employee takeover of Walmart, U.S.taxpayers have to subsidize 1000s of Walmart workers with WIC and SNAP
The biggest welfare queens in America today are WalMart $8 billion and McDonald's or fast food $7 billion in indirect taxpayer assistance Yr
Black Friday Protest update: 2,013 As of 6:pm (CST) October 26 2,013 Walmart stores will Protest in the fight for $15
Thomas Jefferson had no intent of letting non humans control our economy as corporations do today, Protest. We uphold the U.S. Constitution.
Walmart Scam: Its so sad, Walmart workers have to use USDA SNAP card to buy food from Walmart. #Boycott and #Protest
Why do our Palestinian bros stand with our black bros in Ferguson, but simultaneously Ignore the ongoing Genocide of us Native bros?
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Help Americans keep Burger King Taxes in the U.S.A., help U.S. employees takeover the BK tax dodger, Fight for $15.
Americans struggling to put Indian food product profits back in the pocket of the worker. Businesses depending on Native produce "Expect Us"
Thanks to Obama the minimum wage at Redstone the largest jobsite in Alabama is now $10.10hr, @RepMoBrooks wanted to keep it at $7.25hr #Vote
Darren Wilson trolls inadvertently helping Mike Brown supporters keep the #Ferguson hashtag strong and active. Troll on Trolls for injustice
If WinCo Foods is located near you, trade with them whenever possible, Employee Owned and their prices are lower than Walmart, No Investors!
Automated displacement, and Foreign Outsourcing is a big threat to the American jobs. If you need work but cant find a job blame Wall Street
If 6 Waltons used their #Walmart dividends, they could give 1 million workers a $10,000 permanent raise #FightFor15
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Work for Walmart? Want better pay? Are fellow workers willing to fight for $15? Make sure your store is on this list
Bow Hunters its almost Hunting season on Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Reservation, time to cull deer population for good meat. #Native
Most Americans rarely need to go inside a bank. Majority of banking is now being done electronically traditional Banking is no longer needed
The Federal Reserve Bank cannot find a way to foster full employment because they work against most Americans workers, have they helped you?
Tour #Ferguson Missouri home of the National Standoff, protesting Police executing young men without Due Process, then blaming dead victims.
Huge coalition taking message from Ferguson to DC Add your name:
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Don't forget to come out to the #NYCStandsWithFerguson Art Showcase tonight from 6:30-9p. #Ferguson
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I don't think people are realizing that most attacking Ferguson are tea party supporters. Same people who discredited and set up occupy
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Being an ally means not putting yourself at the center of the work of marginalized people, but putting them there. - @MsPackyetti #Ferguson
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Police in Ferguson committed human rights abuses: Amnesty International: Police in Ferguson, Missouri, committ...
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@PowhatanTribe @Areacode612 @FOX2now Don't ya just love these little Trolls who live in their Mom's basement playing their XBOX all day
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Right to Due Process does not mean shooting a victim in the back until he is dead, that's an execution.… #Ferguson