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Enas E. Ragland
Its dangerous in Central America, Quiche, Mam, Cakchiquel, Kekchi and many other Native Mayan tribal people are seeking refuge in the U.S..
Mayans launch first humanitarian migration in hundreds of years, 400+ years ago Maya descended children migrated to Spain and England. #Maya
Meet the culture of the parents and grandparents of Native American children crossing the U.S. managed border. #Mayan
The Maya culture @AmericanIndians are #IdleNoMore to expand. Have you ever witnessed Natives creating jobs? watch
child refugees from central america and mexico? migrants from throughout latin america? the vast majority are native peoples. many are black
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@RepMoBrooks @RepMattSalmon You really hate kids, don't you? Cut food assistance for US kids now withholding assistance to refugee children.
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With no Treaty, many of the Indigenous people in the Americas are still nomadic including Mayan refugees, now migrating from Central America
Rarely do we endorse a charity but is doing a great job assisting child refugees seeking help on our border. #Donate
We must treat the children at our border with dignity and humanity. How we care for the vulnerable among us speaks to our nation's character
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At a @HispanicCaucus event today, I spoke about the importance of legal protections for children crossing our border.
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In 1940 Huntsville and Triana was 1 sq. mile, Redstone Arsenal legacy is derived from Triana-Blackwall CCD district.
73 Years ago Huntsville CCD pop (13,000) and Jim Crow successfully displaced (6000) residents in the Triana formerly Triana-Blackwall CCD.
I just finished a very productive meeting with President Obama about the border crisis:…
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Catholic Leaders join Mayan lobbyist in push for refugee status for all children fleeing danger in Central America.
DHS think U.S. should use more military bases to house surge of children escaping violence, it's a great ideal, Redstone Arsenal be prepared
Gangs that started in the U.S. are forcing Native Americans to flee Central America or face danger… save our children.
U.S Native American women taking a lead role in protesting anti Mayan migrant protesters Speak up for our children.
Independent candidate certified to be placed on Nov. 5th Congressional District ballot
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Native American communities are asked to assist the U.S. in resettling our Native children migrating from danger in Central America #Mayan
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donate shoes to  our partnering non-profit dreams for mayan children…
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@latinorebels "Language Poses Challenges For Mayan Migrant Children" Indigenous people being called 'illegal' #irony
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Americans demand fresh produce all year that's why farm jobs in Central America is important to all Americans, demand Maya grown produce.
The Powhatan pioneered assimilation in the U.S. (its a Mayan tradition) currently the majority of Indians follow the Maya @Olmecs tradition.
The Maya refuse to submit to monocultures, mining and hydroelectric destroying farm land, gutting indigenous jobs…
Human Rights children from the U.S. headed to Guatemala to help out anyway they can, Mayan children will continue to migrate to U.S. safety.
For many #Indigenous people who cross the US border, these are ancient routes pre-dating the infantile US-the border landed on us #Murrieta
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ICYDK: Mayans and our vegetables are indigenous to the U.S.. the people in Murrieta protesting our children, have no treaty with Maya Tribes
If you would like to help resettle descendants of Native Americans from Central America contact @USCRIdc or visit
"Kids from Guatemala traveling to the U.S. alone make up the largest group of unaccompanied minors arriving in...
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Guatemala national folk instrument, the marimba, has its origins in Africa but only 2% of population are full blooded African descendants.
Who is illegal in Murrieta? American Indians begin launching counter-protest against anti Mayan protestors. #Papers
The Powhatan welcome our children and women from more than 30 Mayan Tribes, Good Luck, Welcome to a New Beginning!
July 4, 1776, 238 years ago ancestors of @RepMoBrooks and @RepMikeRogersAL stole Native land, corn, vegetables then enslaved Black Indians
#FEMA, #HHS Huntsville, Triana, including Redstone Arsenal stand ready to assist U.S. in resettling 1000's of Mayans from Central America.
This descendant of illegal European immigrants hold sign reminding Mayans from Central America what her ancestors did
President Pena Nieto pledged to help end surge in child migration from Central America to U.S., oh really, he cant stop his own citizens!
#CDC: Residents in conservative states like Alabama prescribed 3 times the amount of painkillers compared to prescriptions in liberal states
When will @TommyBattle stop Huntsville from developing segregated communities at the tax expense of diverse communities? DOJ wants to know.
Huntsville Housing Authority tried for years to help Huntsville Schools achieve unitary status. Segregated communities worked against them.
Mayan descended tribes, now comprise the largest Native American ethnic group in the U.S. 400k from Guatemala alone…
The U.S. is becoming a Nation with a high concentration of Mayan Indians again. For our children at the border this is "A New Beginning"!
If Decatur is serious about putting a toll bridge up, they will have to deal with me driving straight through their baracade everyday.
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"We now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics," -- President Obama. #Native
Alabama residents expected to oppose Decatur plan to build Toll Road on Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Help stop destruction on Wheeler!
Huntsville is part of a district where "We The People" own most of the land, Decatur want build a Toll Road and charge us to use our land.
ICYMI: UNHCR asked the U.S. and other nations to help asylum-seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras… Thanks!
Take a good look at this Mayan Farmers Market photo, the U.S. wont help them export, U.S only help rich exporters.
Mayans chant “Un pueblo unido jamás será vencido!” or in English, “United, we will never be defeated!” ally with us.
With their children under the protection of the U.S., Mayan men shadowed by women on the right, march for justice.