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Enas E. Ragland
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President Obama set to increase minimum wage in Huntsville's Federal Research District. Workers claim Rep Mo Brooks didn't try to help them.
Windows XP users remember XP never kept your computer safe, its simply the operating system that powers your own security software that do.
Windows XP support ends today, Don't Panic!
In Native culture its disrespectful to our people trade with the enemy of our community, get a Boycott app, don't buy your enemies products.
Please add Mark Bray in your tweet blasts, he's an Independent against Mo Brooks @bjs5555 @BrayforCongress
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Koch Brothers use money derived from consumers for political purposes that attack or suppress 50% of their customers, get the Boycott App.
Political Products are purchased buy consumers, profits from sales help fund Political races, get a Koch Brothers App, Boycott their product
Many Americans are calling for a securities transaction tax for Wall Street, Congress need to take a closer look at High Frequency Trading.
80% of Native Americans refuse to live on Indian Reservations. 20% get most the funding. Bureau of Indian affairs work with 20% of Natives
Honestly our people didn't think our community was that valuable to Americas National Security but looking back at Redstone Arsenal, it was.
In 17th Century pre America, All Indians, Moores, Mulattoes and Negros were deemed enslaveable, remember America's Black Indian culture!
Thanks @GovernorBentley for visiting Holy Family Catholic School in my community, celebrating our 50th anniversary of school integration.
Great having Governor Bentley visit with the Buffalo Soldier District today, first time an Alabama Gov. visited our historic Education area.
Immigrant members of the Army on Redstone Arsenal are not welcomed according to Mo Brooks. Brooks is fighting to deny soldiers citizenship.
Tell @RepMoBrooks what you think about him denying legal status to immigrants fighting for the US military #TimeIsNow
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The Black Indian legacy did not start with the Powhatan, Mayan images of Blacks with dreadlocks predate the 1616 Pocahontas, Angelo period.
Native Americans ready for battle against the Keystone Pipeline, Crude Oil and Natural Gas exports, call, lobby the President to reject all.
Native Americans And Business Leaders Pressure White House To Reject Keystone XL #KeystoneXL #UniteBlue
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Obamacare enrollment is reaching 7 million, next year we will enroll more, 6-7 million is a good start, most signups had been uninsured.
10th Calvary Hill is in the Buffalo Soldier District, when redeveloped the historic area will be a great commercial addition to Huntsville.
I got a resident briefing yesterday confirming Huntsville Police have launched an offensive against a major Bootleg location near Downtown.
Powhatan people are associated with nobility, The Nobility Clause was supposed to make it seam like the U.K. Powhatan culture never existed.
Low income residents, is your Section 3 builder contracting with your community? Don't let your skills go to waste, demand 30% of the work.
Today is the last day you can signup for ObamaCare! You don't have to finish your application today, start it now on
In 1616 the British documented the first Negro known to be part of the diverse Powhatan culture, No the U.S didn't pioneer diverse culture.