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Enas E. Ragland
The Dark Act will force Native Americans to allow GMO corn (a disputed and pirated product) to be grown on tribal lands. Tell @POTUS to Veto
About 30 years ago all corn grown in the U.S. was Non GMO, That was before our politicians got paid for allowing Indian seeds to be patented
Monsanto is testing a new 52 week low thanks everybody, keep up the great work and if you still own (MON) its not to late to cut your losses
Tell @POTUS to keep his promise he made in 2007, demand nothing less than mandatory GMO labeling of genetically modified food with toxins.
10:20 House is trying to pass a bill to ban states from enacting labeling laws for genetically modified ingredients in GMO food products
The U.S. has long history of oppressing Powhatan culture including displacement, slavery and most recently GMO patents to control our seeds.
Credit dependent Americans must live a life addicted to credit. What is your Addicted to credit score? A low score can keep you credit free!
Mayan corn has been grown on land that became known as the U.S. since pre historic time. Politicians destroyed 90% of our Non GMO corn. #USA
#BernieSoBlack He want workers to be owners, Bernie want to stop the 1% from exporting jobs and paying poverty wages.
Sustainable Indian corn growers have been dealing with the corn rootworm for centuries. Fake corn growers ran to the @EPA begging for help.
New study shows that the Brazilian non-GMO soybean meal supply chain is more sustainable than the GMO soybean...
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Real Non GMO corn is protected worldwide, an official Mayan Spiritual Item U.S. politicians tried to make extinct.
The first Europeans immigrants to America.soon learned that without assimilating into Powhatan food culture they would die.from starvation.
Triana Historical Society will host the annual arts festival this Saturday 7/18, Discover local culture #Huntsville.
A young organic farmer learning about the family tradition. The culture is one of many sheltering Non GMO seeds.
Biopiracy experts plan to patent seeds and control food is failing, China is rejecting biopirated U.S.corn products.
There are two competing food markets in the U.S. Non GMO (controlled by the people) and Fake, Biopirated GMO (controlled by politicians)#USA
Growing organic or Non GMO crops this year? excellent sales opportunities exist in U.S. and worldwide demand for non toxin seeds is growing.
You don't have to be Native American to demand food without added toxins. Native organic culture is deeply embedded into American culture.
Thanks Zambia! African nation will continue to provide refuge to Non GMO Indian corn seeds.under attack by the U.S.…
After Biopiracy Indian corn in the U.S. is still highly rated. Cheap fake biopirated corn now account for 95% of U.S. market, Demand Non GMO
Ukraine is now largest supplier of maiz to China, U.S. exports of corn to China dropped 95% Experts expect toxin corn prices to remain low.
Organic meat is a product of organic grain, bad management @USDA forces the U.S. to import organic corn. Demand food with no added toxins.
Under pressure Obama is set to revamp GMO regulations, #Opressed cultures invented corn seed but receive no payments for GMO corn patents.
U.S. Dept Defense refuse to buy fresh local produce for our troops. Military planners promote a toxin based diet high in unnecessary GMO.
Native Americans still farm in America but USDA discrimination make it difficult for workers to own farms like this.
When you demand organic or non GMO food you are helping traditional farmers who refuse to grow genetically modified crops to feed America.
Another great day at Madison County Farmers Market, Alabama's oldest farmers market, an excellent source for Fresh, Local, Non GMO produce.
Non GMO Corn (a Mayan spiritual item) is declared 90% extinct in the U.S. by USDA. Such oppression fuels a multi billion dollar GMO industry
#NothingMoreAmericanThan Corn, Beans Squash, Tomato... Support the Native American struggle to end biopiracy of our seeds by the @USDA
Are Land Grant Universities failing organic and robotic farm research? Are they researching crops to get GMO patents on Native seeds? #USDA
Under economic oppression in Latin America and the U.S. Maya farmers must join forces to rebuild trade networks and protect Native products.
$35.7 million in corn imports in 2014, Native farmers wanted to earn the income but @USDA prefer to import corn, discrimination is real.
Without you, the @USDA GMO plan to help the 1% steal and patent knowledge from indigenous cultures will fail. Don't support U.S. biopiracy..
The original developers of corn need all the help we can get to protect and save our seeds from U.S. GMO greed. Demand food free of toxins.
Mayan ethnic groups are the largest of all Native American cultures in the United States. Mayas migration maps.#USA
Indian farmers rally over $380M in unspent Keepseagle funds…
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#NASA "it's space and its difficult" officials say. #SpaceX. Check out video of the explosion that we caught on video
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No longer worth $50 billion, Monsanto market cap continues fall amid distrust of biopiracy and toxin based products.
If you have not donated to the #FreeBree @BreeNewsome defense fund, it's not to late to show your support… #Donate
Descendants of the Mayas live and farm all over the U.S. If you demand Non GMO food, your family may be deeply rooted in Mayan food culture.
Líderes mayas esperan más ataques de OGM en nuestra cultura. Todas las semillas de calabaza, melón, frijol, maíz y tomate están en riesgo
Mayan leaders are expecting expanded GMO attack on our cultural products. All squash, melon, bean, corn and tomato seeds are at risk in U.S.
30 years of bad #USA diversity management forces Powhatan to shelter and export Native cultivars to Nations providing refuge to Non GMO seed
1600's Native Ag market, European and African immigrants assimilating into Mayan trade products via Powhatan culture.…
Original developers of Maize are not asking for much @USDA would rather import corn than allow the Powhatan to rejuvenate their corn market.
Friends of @BreeNewsome - I will pay her bail money or any legal fees she has. Please let her know this. #Charleston #TakeDownTheFlag
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GMO farmers grow food with added toxins. Native American historians dont support patenting of Native culture using GMO impurities #Biopiracy

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