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Enas E. Ragland
Gunmen Sought After 5 Are Shot at Protest of Police in Minneapolis #JamarClark
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The @FBIMinneapolis allow domestic terrorist to openly operate in Minneapolis, 5 people shot at #BlackLivesMatter…
November highlights the rich diversity of Native Americans and pre USA heritage including all non GMO cultivars perfected by Indian culture.
Non GMO Spring planting is going great in the southern hemisphere. American consumers and farmers are demanding pure Native legacy products.
Tons of non GMO Indian corn in reserve for U.S. consumers and farmers, its easy to place an order, here's an example…
95% of U.S. corn market is contaminated with GMO, Native leaders want to increase non GMO corn production outside the U.S. to combat piracy.
Mexico will not allow any GMO crops to be grown without the consent of Maya farmers. @USDA refuses to treat Natives the same in the U.S.
Today is Veterans day one of many great days that occur during Native American Heritage Month. Find an event near you to honor U.S. veterans
The scene at Carnahan Quad after news of Tim Wolfe's resignation is announced #concernedstudent1950 @CoMissourian
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Not official yet but there's a plan to open Madison County Farmers Market the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas for access to fresh produce
Native American culture is at the heart of American food, sources include taco, pizza, potatoes, tomatoes, corn and more. November is #NAHM
November is Native American Heritage Month. Corn is one of many Native products @USDA and biopiracy companies want to displace.with GMO corn
Sugar contaminated with GMO is cheap and made from beets. Sugar containing no GMO toxins is made from pure sugar cane and cost a little more
Do you support seed biopiracy using GMO and patents to give corporations control of Native American seed technology?
U.S. congratulates #Guatemala president-elect Jimmy Morales and looks forward to working with his administration:
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New President Jimmy Morales was elected by 72% of Guatemalan voters, his mandate is to end government corruption.…
#Huntsville are you tired of do nothing Rep. Mo Brooks? @wboyd4congress wants to help, check out his website at
Native American Heritage Month begin Nov 1 non GMO beans, corn, peas, potato, tomato and other produce is indigenous
If Joe Biden is using a 48 hour bait to draw attention and announce he is not running for President, it would disappoint his supporters.#USA
For National Security reasons multiple high speed Data centers should provide broadband to Redstone Arsenal and be independently redundant.
Will Joe Biden run? He could make millions giving speeches, will he? The vice President will decide soon if he will run or go for the cash.
Donald Trump rally was met by protesters in Virginia. Trump supporters don't like it but more protest are planned..…
Bernie Sanders expanded his base during debate on CNN last night, people that understand #BlackLivesMatter are taking a closer at Sanders.
Are you smart? Contractors working with Redstone Arsenal the largest good job site in Alabama are looking for experts to fill many positions
Monsanto is selling less and less corn, with corn seed sales dropping 5% to $598 million:
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There is little demand for Monsanto GMO seed biopiracy market, the company will be forced to downsize and layoff employees to make a profit.
Unlike the U.S. Europe is providing refuge for Native American seeds that are being pirated by companies in the U.S.…
Another great day at Madison County Farmers Market, the oldest fresh food market for Native linked non GMO Fruit and vegetables in Alabama.
The EU GMO ban deadline is Oct.3, 13 refuge leaning countries are poised to ban all GM crops within their borders.…
McCormick will stop making GMO spices and return to their non GMO roots by 2016 and supply the U.S..demand for organic and non GMO spices.
Many U.S. farmers now grow corn to make Ethanol not food. Mexico and Central America can supply the non GMO food demands of the U.S.#Native
Some gates on Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge will close for the season soon. Still a few days to harvest downed firewood for the winter.
Huntsville Airport, Southwest Sewer and Water Treatment Plants, Williams School are all located in Triana Time to be a good neighbor @HSVk12
Its never to late to return to your roots @USFWS has reserved land for organic and non GMO crops in select agriculture areas across America,
When Natives started complaining, the @USDA had already destroyed over 90% of our non GMO corn seed market in U.S.. More seed refuges needed
Support a GMO free Central America, Honduras its not to late to return to non GMO seed, non GMO Organic suppliers to the U.S.are needed now.
Huntsville joined Triana community years ago, @TommyBattle please ask @HSVk12 to allow Triana kids to attend #HSVK12
If U.S. founding fathers wanted corporations to control Native seed, it would have been written in our constitution. Don't buy pirated seeds
When Native Americans began protesting GMO seed pirates, Monsanto was worth $126 a share, the stock in now worth $81.
Congratulations to the people of Northern Ireland for banning GMO crops, many of the crops you will refuge are displaced by GMO in the U.S..
Lithuania bans GMO crops joining many other nations providing refuge to Native American seeds and food with no added toxins for its people.
Native American culture is protected from U.S. GMO attacks in many countries, consumers who love to eat food without toxins demand Organic.
Alabama poised to become one of the largest exporters to Cuba, The state is already the largest forestry and poultry exporter to Cuba. #USA
How much destruction will @USDA do to non GMO crops in the U.S. this year? Help preserve Native culture! Buy only organic or Non GMO food.
The most common fruits and vegetables in America are cultivars of Native Americans, attempts to control our products with GMO patents fail.
U.S piracy company Monsanto fell to a new low of $88.77 a share this morning. The biopiracy corporation is failing to attract new investors.
Spring is a few days away in the southern hemisphere, Native farmers should defend against non Native GMO contamination of our seed products
Non GMO Mayan based corn seeds are almost extinct in the U.S. To fight back, GMO products are restricted in most parts of Central America.
Yesterday in Dallas, Americans numbering about 2000 protested a visit by Donald Trump to Texas, expect more protest!

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