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Enas E. Ragland
Help stop patenting of Native American seeds. U.S policy have displaced 90% of Native corn seeds. Join the March against Monsanto 05/23/2015
New USDA Non GMO certification will provide a way for store brand vegetables to be certified GMO free. That's great news for all consumers.
Proud that @SunOpta working with USDA to preserve Native American culture, our seeds produce crops that have not been genetically modified.
Powhatan Corn is one of the oldest Native American trade products. Our corn is endangered in U.S. but protected by other civilized Nations.
Worldwide march to stop contamination of Native seeds and crops. Native seed royalties belong to the people, Not Monsanto. March 05/23/2015
Americans farmers are a main source of the problem, without farmers, Monsanto could still pollute our air and water.…
Native farmers worldwide, please get the New @USDA Non GMO product certification, U.S. Non GMO Demand is multi billion dollar market. #Trade
Does your favorite Restaurant feed you vegetables that's counterfeited from the original? Organic is Native, ask to see @USDA certification.
Pepsi is now using real sugar, high fructose sweeteners made from corn grown with toxins may be on the way out. Your boycott was a success.
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Senate Democrats voted to defeat fast track by stopping the #TPA . Hillary has no comment on the vote.
President Obama Speaking on Overcoming Poverty at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit
#TPA, a bill supported by Republicans and the President will hopefully be defeated today. Call your Senator and tell them to vote No.
Presidential use of Fast Track authority to suppress American wages must come to an end. Act Now! Tell your senators to vote no on #TPA
Corn grown with GMO toxins don't help the consumer, the poison helps the farmer. Eat GMO free, buy traditional produce from Non GMO sources.
U.S. farmers are allowed to grow crops with added toxins. If modified toxin products become a counterfeit of the original, Demand Non GMO!
From now until U.S. farmers are able to supply the Non Gmo and Organic demands of the American consumer, The U.S. will have to import corn.
#pioneer non-GMO Corn going in the ground at a neck breaking pace!
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U.S. Commerce Department resumes probe on Non GMO sugar imports from Mexico. U.S. Demand for Non GMO sugar is good for trade @CommerceGov
Need Non GMO corn for your business? There's less than a 10% chance of finding an adequate supply in the U.S. Contact Latin America sources.
Defensive Drone Technology developed by Redstone Arsenal should be used to safely protect our Capital airspace from low flying aircraft.
The Mayan culture claim ownership of corn. U.S. Biopiracy laws destroyed 90% of all Indian corn in the U.S..with no royalties to the owners.
Good to hear @USAID is no longer trying to force Mayan territory Nations to purchase seeds contaminated by GMO, God bless Indian corn seeds.
Black Jews in Tel Aviv are protesting Israel's racism against black people.
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Biopiracy is real! U.S. is a leading Biopiracy Nation. 90% of maize products have added GMO toxins, contaminating organic Indian corn seeds.
Marilyn Mosby did the right thing. Was there wrong doing in the death of Freddie Gray? A jury of Baltimore citizens will issue a verdict.
Its May Day 2015, marches and protest with dramatic images are expected and have started to take place around the world,
Latin American Organizations campaign to ban Monsanto and all glyphosate based products,… #WHO #StopCancer #Native
Economic discrimination in the U.S. produced a Nation where 99% of all new wealth go to 1% of Americans. Discrimination destroys U.S. jobs
Senator Bernie Sanders will throw his hat in 2016 Presidential race tomorrow. Hillary Clinton is expected to start moving more to the left.
Still doubt #fasttrack was written BY and FOR corps like Monsanto? Check out the anti-GMO labeling provision
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Great News! @WholeFoods announced GMO labeling for all Whole Foods Market stores because consumers have a right to know what they purchase.
We're now making all food at our US restaurants with only non-GMO ingredients: -Joe
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Brazil cancels release of new GMO bean, the bean will not be commercialized, another Non GMO bean survives, read more…
Maize from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala in high demand in the U.S. The farmers grow produce that does not contain GMO contaminates.#Native
Why would a consumer who buy only organic produce eat at an upscale restaurant that uses GMO produce? Demand organic fruit and vegetables.
Poor Americans spent years spanning many lifetimes to preserve the seeds of our ancestors. U.S. Government destroyed 90% of our corn seeds.
Farmers in Latin America can supply Non GMO produce demands of any National Restaurant. Support Chipotle and restaurants free of GMO toxins
Chipotle Becomes the First National Restaurant Chain to Go GMO-Free: Two years after beginning t... #entrepreneur
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Produce perfected by poor farmers like corn and soy was taken over by GMO Agribusiness in the U.S. Now 90% of U.S. produce have added toxins
30,000 medical experts say Glyphosate linked to Cancer. Buy only fresh Organic produce grown in the Native tradition…
Dow & Monsanto are part of industrialmilitarycomplex created AgentOrange ChemicalWeapons & now poison us via GMO seed
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Its gardening season! Please purchase only Non GMO seeds, Say not to GMO counterfeit seeds. Grow Native! Demand non patented organic seeds.
All able bodied Powhatan-Toney Tribal members be advised: Our easements in need of maintenance last year still need it, No Excuses Please.
This American produce deception Code was developed to mislead consumers. GMO GE produce is grown with toxins. .
The easiest way to be aware you may be eating food containing poison is to remember up to 90% of U.S. corn and soy crops have added toxins.

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