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Enas E. Ragland
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Most Americans Don’t Know that the Federal Reserve Banks Are Private Corporations. #BanCorporations #EndTheFed
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Anyone who needs hats or gloves tonight protesting see me at #ferguson pd protest site. Special thanks 2 @southards_3
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#FERGUSON CALL TO ACTION--Attorneys, legal workers, and law students: #Ferguson needs you! We are anticipating a...
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Low income Americans are demanding more representation in the Federal Reserve System near #Ferguson and elsewhere…
For the true purpose of police militarization, see police preparations for protests in #Ferguson. Purpose is suppression of dissension.
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Do you work part time for Wall Street investors? Would you be willing to work full time under new ownership? Fight for $15 and full time job
When 1st Amendment rights scare 2nd Amendment rights, gun sales soar, #Ferguson will pump millions into U.S. economy
Worldwide people are fed up, cant take it No more! #Ferguson to Mexico, The Americas injustice is a call to protest!
He was a racist but Thomas Jefferson identified Virginia's Black Indians in 1787 shortly before the U.S. stole our Mayan trade market. #NAHM
#FergusontoMexico Fed up with a system that favor only the rich or 1%, Mexico City stood up and protested November 8
The largest concentration of America's Historic Cemeteries being federally protected by the U.S. Army is located on Redstone Arsenal. #NAHM
Asking Aztec, Mayan and Inca descendants why they are called Latino is like asking U.S. Black Indians why they are called Black #Heritage
Native American Heritage Month #RemembranceDay Do you prefer Native developed corn or the Monsanto counterfeit corn promoted by the U.S.?
Good luck & good thoughts to @Blackstarjus @meenajag as they present at the @UN & also to the rest of the #FergusonToGeneva crew! #Ferguson
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More great advocacy making monetary policy more accountable to low income communities from @popdemoc @BCAppelbaum
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The misguided policies of the St Louis Federal Reserve is evident in the employment rate and Janet has said or done nothing. Bad Funding...
From #Ferguson to a town near you, we got to fight back. Poultry workers get ready, Get Organized for the movement!
Support President Obama and his plan to defend Online Net Neutrality,another example of Wall Street V Main Street.
@Forbes @Walmart's race to the bottom on price, lousy pay puts employees on food stamps. It's the Walton family's federal subsidy. Not a fan
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Walmart Workers; Want to earn $15hr.? You are not alone! Call or Text 407-233-2014 to learn how to protest for more money.#Ferguson #ESOP
Stand Up Don't Stand Down! There is power in our numbers 99%, organization is the key. Join in a Walmart protest
Backed by Wall Street employees are not going to beg the Walton family to pay $15. Employees want to pay more taxes!
The 2014-2015 Parade Protest starts soon, will you be ready? What injustices will you protest? "No Justice No Peace"
Assimilated Black Indians are not backing down, Latino Indians are not backing down, White Indians are not backing down...Poor vs Rich #USA
It's a shame our system treats u better if ur Guilty & rich then if ur poor & innocent#ArrestDarrenWilson#Ferguson
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When the U.S. stole our land they also enslaved and stole Native agriculture products from the culture that developed them. #NAHM #Mayan
A 1693 Virginia Bill declared coloreds slaves,... "Negroes, Moores, Molattoes, & Indian slaves" read in court three times and passed. #NAHM
In 1616 Sir Thomas Dale, Pocahontas, other Indians, possibly Angelo ("a negro woman") et al arrive at Plymouth, England #Powhatan #NAHM
Letter from Marquess of Flores to Philip III, King of Spain 1612: Powhatan marriages to immigrants started in 1500's
This map show the Walmart 2014 Black Friday Protest locations. Protest for a better life, for your kids and grandkids
Fed up with Walton Walmart selling us out? Go Hostel! The legal process starts with the fight for $15. Get organized
The Powhatan support resettlement of our Maya Natives to the old Mayan trade territory, We must not let Monsanto sterilize our products.
#ferguson A shout out to Protesters today please bring any 2-wy radio's you have. we will need them. look at this
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America should pay all caregivers the same? Fight will expand in 2015, our goal is to keep patients at home, not a Nursing Home, Equal Pay!
We must fight injustice in #Ferguson and other unjust, non human, tax evading schemes.This is not a joke, ask Apple.
Many workers realize the importance of Fast Food jobs and unless they take action now their labor will not be needed.
The Powhatan-Toney Cemetery is a landmark that identify the culture behind the largest job site in Alabama, Native American Heritage Month.
Native American Heritage Month remember the sacred Powhatan-Toney burial ground on Redstone Arsenal. Cemetery Roll
#Ferguson has to speak up! What about Monsanto? The whole world is protesting. Stop contaminating Native products
On November 15 2014 join Native American Protest against fossil fuel projects in Montreal, Quebec… Heritage Month.
Wall Street, Monsanto and friends, with USAID have targeted Africa with GMOs. using several African countries as insertion points. #Ferguson
#NAHM Treaty papers giving U.S. the right to profit off products developed by Mayan without compensation have never been found. #Monsanto
When did your ancestors migrate to a Mayan Agriculture District? Do you know the value of Indian agriculture products your ancestors stole?
#Anonymous outside Monsanto HQ in DC. Cops block the doors as activists chant, "Hell no, GMOs!" #MillionMaskMarch
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#MillionMaskMarch Portland Now Protesting, Live Stream available... Live Now 4:00 cst…