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Black ops 3 is the most rage inducing game I have ever played. Less than a week and I've already broken a controller lmao
Today was not a good day
I love discovering new bands and helping them get bigger. Strife has the same goal. Here's an interview with one!…
guys come on this was priceless
Ya boy making bank
ALL THE SMALL BEES MAKING HONEY I LEFT THEM ROSES BY THE STAIRS (surprised let them know i care) #savethebees
Its been hell not having you here.
Hardcore fans deserve some recognition aswell right? This article is all about that!…
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Every earthquake starts with a little shake And then we'll see who is standing in the wasteland
And then the 8 Ball said “things don't look great” You know we can't break loose if we stay in place
Happy monday! Here's the first hard decision of your day
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Wait so my dad can throw a fit about and scream about a football game but I can't get worked up bc mcr split up without getting yelled at???
no one has pointed my bio out yet and I'm highly offended no one is joining me with it
rt if mcr is ur favorite idea
Instead of saying I gotta go I say I gotta mcr bc it gets the point across a lot better
You guys da tru MVP
The ufos are here tryna figure out when mcr gonna get back togetger
"You're emotionally unstable 24/7 and have no idea what to do with your life" thanks dad
Lovely people, From now on we'll be posting content on Instagram aswell! We're called Strifemagazine, give us a follow! We'll follow back ;)
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I was blessed with the presence of the dank meme god @ItsJevf In My party chat a few moments ago
Yo the dudes in @7MIHband just put out a preorder for their new EP. CHECK IT
Servers down lmao
Anybody gonna be on ps4 zombies tonight when bo3 is released?
I just saw a list of the worst singers of the 2010s on YouTube and Halsey was on it like are you deaf she's a goddess
11 hours until i dissapear for a week
I woke up three hours ago and I'm still in bed bless days off of work lmao
This happened earlier today and it's something I'm never going to forget.
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Tumblr is 10× funnier at 3am
Jev broke my mentions
This is the funniest shit I've ever seen…
Every time I post a screencap my phone is always almost dead I just noticed that
Ya boy made it. (Again)
Onision is literally a fucking child. grow the fuck up man
Gucci vs WalMart
Which do you like better
Fuck likes Ima still say favorites. Favorite for a follow.
❤? Nah fam, 🌟
What the fuck is this

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