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Bands That Save
"@Luke5SOS: A band that showers together, stays together" 😂😂😂
i can't drown my demons, they know how to swim
My favourite member of All Time Low is the one with only 4 letters in their name
apps that shut off your music when you open them just how fucking important do you think you are
I'm seeing Icon For Hire in October and then Black Veil Brides and Falling In Reverse in December im excited
Eyes like a car crash; I know I shouldn't look, but I can't turn away.
favorite this for a follow :)
my teacher told me that i should probably just drop out of school lmao arent you supposed to encourage me to get an education
My finished drawing of Ashton Irwin from 5SOS! What do y'all think? ☺ #5SOSFanart @Ashton5SOS @5SOS
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do u ever hear a line in a song and it’s just so painfully clever you just sit there in shock for the remainder of the song
"@TeamUSLittleMix:My finished drawing of Ashton Irwin from 5SOS! What do yall think? #5SOSFanart @Ashton5SOS @5SOS"😍
wow i like this song *downloads song* *googles band* *follows band on twitter* *worships the band* *sells my soul*
Youngest Parents Ever and I can't even get a goodmorning text…
fav if you see this im just curious about how many of you see my tweets :)
Michael Clifford will be bald by the time he's 25
me: *complains about being tired* me: *doesn't sleep until 3am*”
Restoring force came out in like January why are you still promoting it like every other day lmao
These signs were posted around my school today and I thought it was the greatest thing ever
I get so lonely at night
kinda care kinda dont
watching netflix on my 3ds bc im too lazy to get up and turn on my tv lmao
I don't think my cat understands how much I love her and need her in my life.
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i dont understand ppl who dont listen to music how do u survive are u ok
If you're turning my favorite book into a movie, I'm going to have to insist that it's 8 hours long and includes every detail from the book.
fall colors - black winter colors - black spring colors - black summer colors - black
Someone stay up all night with me
wearing all black tomorrow to mourn the death of my motivation
I hope you make peace with your pain
person: so what music are you into me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation
anything over $10 is expensive
me: *sleeps for 4 hours* tired me: *sleeps for 8 hours* tired me: *sleeps for a month* tired
Congratulations you're a bitch
Sometimes I feel like I block too many people but then I think about it and nah
Yes, I can insult my favorite band member. No, you can't. Get it?
i swear patrick stump has like 8 sets of lungs