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~Bäñdęr Mēfréh~
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*drops food on floor* germs: go get it! quick! king germ: no.. we must wait 5 seconds.. it is the rule
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both albums.. Stand Up and Scream .. nd.. reckless & relentless ..mean alot to me alot lyf
all leads to another messy ending
been playin' cod AW .. dope shit .. Pewww Pewww Pewwww
These are the kind of pictures that we should be idolizing rather than obsessing over a celebrity's naked body
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*martin luther king voice* .I HAVE A DREAM ..*Epic silence*... that one day ppl will stop waking me up during nap time ffs.
no response.. is hurtful
I dropped my muffin, ditching everything
"Hey I'm Katy Perry and I can make you sexually frustrated in about a second"
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dat workout had me going places.
Mac update looks like poo💩
housekeeper keeps giving me this look nd than says u *Fat cow* ..ouch😂😂
7.eggs ..ewww ..but nomnomnom
The most terrible of all feelings is the feeling of one´s hope having died.
El más terrible de todos los sentimientos es el sentimiento de tener la esperanza muerta.
No kitty this is my pot pie!!
doing Spanish nd ishhh
ur pump is like tomorrow & u can never reach tomorrow bcuz once its tomorrow, then it's today again but you'll never stop chasing tomorrow..
passing of time freaks me out soo is it that 10yrs ago me is a memory nd me today will b a memory in an instant. shitTacos😅🔫
at the top of the dome piece
UFC180 .. mark hunts gonna kick some ass
I see tons of people doubting Mark Hunt!!! Just a reminder of what he can do. #televisa
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ja ja ja .. JarJar Binks
In advance of Veterans Day, watch the emotional homecomings of soldiers to their families. #SCfeatured MUST WATCH:
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finished the aqdas .. happy
an eternity isnt enough
*i dig this* .. CHVRCHES - Dead Air :
and jan31 UFC 183 .. Anderson Silva return vs. Nick Diaz *i cant deal rn* OMF
Nov'15th UFC180 .. fabricio werdum vs mark hunt #CantWait
2dayz left @Eghterafii bday🎉🎊🎈🎂
the service at IHOP was horrendous .. im utterly Flabbergast *gasppsss dramatically*
more human than human .
My reaction to all the Marvel Cinematic Universe announcements.. - - GIF By @9GAGGifs
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