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Bander Mefreh
Instead of "thanks for your patience", airlines should just say "We do what the fuck we want, and unless you grow wings, you're fucked".
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sext: I really wanna get my shit together with you
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Give me simplicity. to lonely seems like real fun.. i feel you
hardly understand todayyys Lingo. like wtf does *Pap a pic mean* .-. idek anymore
when u finish tha Hotsauce bottle in a week 😔🔫
The end of his term is arriving, this man is saying fuck it about everything 😂�
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nd UFC187 is gonna be fire yoo
mayweather//pacquiao fight this Saturday 😲😲😲😲OMFG
deadlifts.. deadlifts nd more deadlifts
Being indecisive makes me anxious
cookie dough is yummmm
ISIS have issued a fucking PAMPHLET pamphlet with instructions on how to handle female slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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binge watching is great until you run out of the show and have to start watching it weekly like some sort of medieval peasant
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side pieces. side pieces
Batman: "Tell me... Do you bleed? Y-" Superman: "Yes. I bleed." Batman: "You ruined it."
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What is this BULLSHIT? LOL to anyone who actually reads and believes this utter garbage.
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PS4in . then gymin. cuz im borin . Fuck YESS
Forget that bootleg — here's the official 'Batman V Superman' trailer in full HD!
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She doesn't know that I know that she knows.
i watch wayy too much Debates
I really like u. is stuck in ma head 😄🔫. curse ur gypsy musi@carlyraejepsenen
@YNWA_316 didnt notice that 😂 me tooo!! I cant have a proper conversation rn unless it involves the trailer cause im still not calm
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"Chewie, we're home" ndjdnke this is too much for me to handle
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when ur black Jeans start to fade . PAIN
love for Aries. Endless
Sometimes too much is too much. Stop
i made Hummus . its on point
Drake texted Madonna later that night asking "what are we".
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These oceans are far between our hearts. The breathing has got too hard. - One of the first songs I ever wrote for Asking
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Beware of energy vampires

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