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~Bäñdęr Mēfréh~
sickish for like 3 weeks ..not takin meds ..cuz im on this hippy vibe shit meds ..meds r evil ..why tho ..dont know
if your snapchat story is 200 seconds or more u better be skydiving &doing back flips w Jesus bc trust me your life is not that interesting
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had to hold my friends hand ..he was soo scared😂 homo moment ..Annabelle is a psycho
cinema for Annabelle .😈🔪
"truth or dare" "Dare" "Order us pizza"
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love walkin around sultan center ..its like fuckin Narnia
gymzooo donzooo . at fanar area ..
a dame to kill for .
dont glamorize nd romanticize Drugs nd Suicide ..dont be a douche
Asking Alexandria .. r fucking lyf
South park nd pancakes .sexual combo
looking for this song for like fucking twelve years..Crazy Town - Butterfly (Come my lady):
Bae: Come over Me: Can't, I have Ebola Bae: But my parents aren't home ;) Me:
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My bloodline's crazy .
night time gymmerzzz .. r rawwwrrr ..nd its empty also .extra rawwrrrr .#fuckyesss
turkeyyyy sam .mustard nd meyoo is the wayy to go ..
its been the same person til like always .nd til like forever . ¡!
downnn since dayyy one
chill dayyy .annabelle was fully booked tho😒
'Jediism' is an official religion, based on the philosophical and spiritual ideas of the Jedi in Star Wars.
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got me goin places ..
4 cups of coffee nd redbull ..didnt do shit for me .yawwnnnnsss
oct22 Real madrid vs Liverpool ..wthhh noooo . im wit both yooo .#notCool
north north up top we gooo
sooo Beautiful. i cant deal
stress levels got me feelin like 2007 britney
they dont know how deep it goo
awar el gulb .. halla halla
watchin the maze runner ..cuz u know effy 😍�
hooookahhhhh wit 3thooomyyy
dont fuck with anarchy
#nw jurassic park ..rawwwrrrr.. wait that aint right .*dinosaur screammm .. Meow ..wait whaa