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~Bäñdęr Mēfréh~
Breaking bad nd walking dead r ***OVERRATED***
ufc179 aldo beat mendez 😂.. team alpha male suckballzz ..*Conor McGregor is gonna take the belt from aldo tho .🙏
a dayy witout nap time .. is just pain .
leg dayy was crayy ..cant walk
Drakes 6God nd heat of the moment was released .. \😄#ovoCameThruu
When Madrid scored on that counter with Isco, Ronaldo & Benzema.."
There is only one way to stop Ronaldo... 'Try to catch the ball with your hand'
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that play was Sexual af
shit this is gonna be a good game today ..fuck ..#HalaMadrid
Absolutely adore being blatantly ignored
November child .. since dayy one
i wanna go back almost a decade to that dayy .. vivid .. beautiful .. 1st time
how terrible it is to love something that death can touch
▪five finger Death punch▪
me + you + chicken nuggets - you = relationship goal
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1hr cardio donzooo .. now i shall continue my dayy of being a *Lazy Potato .
if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you
the source of what i know to be happiness.. is embodied by one person .¡
gymmerzzz.. in the zone yooo.
i just nerd-gasmed.. everywhere.
omgggg omggffjkfjdkfnsk ..*having a Nerd spasm attack* ..Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer :…
not my place to care..even if it was..i still wont care .
creature of habit👽
rule one in lyf .. never skip nap time .
Liverpool v. Madrid in 2hrs.. cant keep my eyes open.. need to watch ma teams yooo.. sleeppppp is callin tho😪 zzzz.#YNWAHalaMadridd
《 Drake x how about now》 #newFlowMepp
@DailyMailUK: Conman pretended to be in a coma for 2 years to avoid court appearance"😳😂😂😂👊
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ppl smoking in school bathrooms cuz cigz r sooooo addictive it cant wait..😒.. .. douchebags
I mean I like to be passionate and sincere but I also like to have fun and act like a dork. Geeks unite. Kurt Cobain
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why "Renee Zellweger" *for the love of Tacos *for the love of idk something ..WHYYYYY .-.
Giant puppy-sized spider found in South America said to be world's largest
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