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FaZe Apex
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At the @Angels game and you know I had to finally pick up a @Trouty20 jersey for the playoffs.
We are discussing Rain's tattoos in the FaZe chat
Today is prob the 1st day in history that all of the leaders will upload. Good work brothers. @FaZeTemperrr @FaZeCBass @Banks @FaZe_Rain
Love you all thanks for supporting my videos each day <3
WORST DAY EVER! (BO2 Wallbang!): via @YouTube
Also.. Who wants to see THE DUO @Banks and I begin our collabs for tomorrow's video? I mean if hes making videos now....
I think I will be accompanying FaZe Baby to his first @Angels game tonight..
1 DAY LEFT!! ENTER @bananafone34's Secret Souvenir Giveaway to win a box of gifts from Apex's trip around the world!
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I love you all hope you have an amazing Monday
wtf why is this saved in my pictures on my phone? It's the most recent pic and I don't remember seeing it ever
Remember when tweets just showed 50+RT/50+FAVS
Looks like im going to the Drake concert this Friday... Interesting.
Hit a nice little wallbang for tomorrow's video :)
And the @Angels have won 10 straight now, with 86 runs scored in that span. NOT TOO GOOD OR ANYTHING.. Magic number is 4. #playoffs
FINALLY back in California. Feels great to be home boys
After literally one of the worst days of my life, and 24+ hours at the airport, I'm finally about to board the plane back to LA. Can't wait
I literally have the worst fucking luck ever I'm about to freaaaaak out
The trip home officially begins.. See you guys back in good old America
New episode of Top 5 plays is up! Check it out and LEAVE A LIKE! Got some insane clips. ENJOY :D
In 12 hours I make my journey home boys I can't wait
So excited to head home Friday and make some normal videos again. Going to be going hard when I get back. Have a great Wednesday <3
Only a few days left to win FREE stuff: Don't miss out! You do pretty much nothing to enter.
Hope you all have a great day people <3
Enter @bananafone34's Secret Souvenir Giveaway for a chance to win a box of gifts from his trip around the world!!
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Rain and I went on MW3 and played 2v2 faceoff. LEAVE A LIKE! Enjoy :)
FaZe-OFF! : MW3 Faceoff Trickshotting with FaZe Rain!…
How is Destiny? Might pick it up when I get back home this weekend
I fucking love you all
Cinque Terre, Italy. This place is soo nice
This is my favorite vlog yet. Hope you guys enjoy it as well. Best city ever.. Venice! LEAVE A LIKE!
Finally got good WiFi in this hotel. Able to upload the vlog easily, Venice vlog will be up in a few hours. MY FAVORITE yet
Man it is just beautiful seeing the Angels 7 games up in the division
Don't miss the giveaways! Mystery box of gifts from my trip @GFuelEnergy: $200+ by @G2A_com:
Going to sleep now, have a great rest of your day <3 Today's video:
I love you all thank you for watching my videos and streams and everything. Sorry for slacking on videos, I'm gna do my best when I get back
Damn I just got very pumped in this hotel in Italy. When I get back next week im going hard af again w/everything. Slacked too much recently
I wanna watch the @Angels game so bad but the hotel wifi is GARBAGE
Barcelona/Rome VLOG. Visited a sick beach and the Colosseum in Rome. Check it out and LEAVE A LIKE!
I love this trip so far but I cannot WAIT to be back home. Gonna be a great feeling
I'll follow a few tomorrow that follow @MrJamesGeary. RT when done. He always comes through in clutch moments.. Great guy.
Ok never mind, this may be the best picture I've ever taken