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Bяenn∀n ♍oore
i ship hazel grace and peter van houten so hard now
I just completed another round of Harry Potter Trivia Tournament. Can you beat my score? #harrypotter…
my burps taste like popcorn and milk
my mom and i have made a date to go see tammy lol
nancy sinatra used to be a total babe but now she looks like a melted frog
literally trying to avoid killing myself over the wizarding world expansion and the fact that im not going
even if english people are ugly they are still a little attractive
mambo no. 5 gets my juices flowin' but it has some of the most unattractive female names in it
i need to take my dog outside to shit but the neighbors really freak me out
i wanna live in judge judys hair
omg ur like so special for doing deep twitter confessions
the kid on crack makes me laugh so much
Not clapping your hands during 'if you're happy and you know it' because you were a miserable bastard who couldn't be controlled
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i just read a tweet and criticized them for saying that their horse understands them yet i have full convos with my dog
"Hey, you ever think about Jay Z and Beyoncé fucking? 'Cause I do. Like, more than I do myself, even. You think that's weird?"
i love iggy azalea but ariana grandes voice us fucking hideodorous
Join the Harry Potter Trivia Tournament!/
death to all who do this at the end of each sentence "xD"
i am just joking i love you.
i lost like four followers dirty fuckers
Join the Harry Potter Trivia Tournament!/
y would u brag about being country lmao
Can never trust a male with long fingernails. Watching Harry Potter & seeing Voldemort has them, case closed.
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