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Bяenn∀n ♍oore
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bitches and cunts and sluts
if you order anything from dairy queen other than a napkin or straw i cry literal tears of blood
life is an asshole
of all the things i dont want to do tomorrow actually waking up is the thing i want to do least
r.i.p. enriques mole
Again I go unnoticed.
bye for now eric the midget
i werk 2 hard for de money
Bury my diabetic feet in a Krispy Kreme box.
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HEY NOW this is what dreams are made of
say buonasera to my new American friend lizzie mcGuire!
Too late to beg you or cancel it Though I know it must be the killing time Unwillingly mine
y do u question what i do at this point?
are you there margerine? it's me god
#IfIWokeUpWithAmnesia i could live my life perfectly normal because i never have any fucking idea whats going on anyways
get a dog little longy
my birthday is tomorrow Soooooooo....💐👏🎁🎊🎉💰💸🎂🍰
happy birthday yonce queen of everything.
Eddie Vedder is the best human being
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4 the first time in years I got down on my knees & prayed tonight! I encourage U 2 do the same 4 @Joan_Rivers my grandma! #inconsolable
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Anna & Elsa back for another #Frozen flick in 2015! More music, more magic & more Olaf!
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i went to the gym and only died slightly inside could say i am pretty fit
my obsession with ozzy and kelly and sharon and jack has truly gotten out of control
i don't tweet anymore
when you want the last piece of a corndog but you wont want to push it up so you deepthroat the stick
For a happily ever after call Brennan
and i am pretty lame
i want to see lucy so bad but no one would see it with me and i am not lame enough to go alone
if anyone would get stockholm syndrome it would be me because if any1 kidnapped me id be like "oh you poor dear."
getting playboy bunnies airbrushed on your nails is the epitome of class
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*insert wasted song lyrics*
i never get catfished and it is just not fair
i cant trust you fully if you like green grapes better than red ones
just used the lyrics to nobodys perfect to give advice. bless u Hannah Montana
ariana grande is gonna be zachs sister-in-law.
zac efron has a thing for latina girls lmao
ate a cosmic brownie and i am making chicken kiev all while watching @stacysays on youtube #life
why is everything buffalo flavored it is vile