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Bяenn∀n ♍oore
what the fuck is sleep
if everyone is special no one is
if u dont use ur own hex color on twitter ur trash
the song informer doesnt say leaky bum bum so my life is a lie
is it seriously fucking december already what the fuck
did i just sleep through november or what
i dont really care for u tbh
once someone in the 2nd grade said a venn diagram looked like a spread open butt and now you will never look at one the same
if u dont like me i can get u a straw so u can suck my ass
i know what you did last summer and i personally find it offensive and rude
the green mile is good and all, but like, i hate that dell guy
i just want to be in a lesbian biker gang fuck life
what is a theophilus london? never turning todays hits on again
if you say bw3's you need to reevaluate your whole fucking life career
justin bieber and lil wayne have a song suicide is inevitable
meghan trainor is so irritating i want to bash her brains in with a hammer
happy skanksgiving
u would honestly think my sister and i are dating because of the shit i am buying her for christmas tbh
make that pussy fart for the ying yang twins
I just entered the Harry Potter Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes on #HarryPotterWishList #contest #HarryPotterFilm
Wish I hadn't let my illuminati membership slide. It's so hard to get back in.
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everyone has friends and i am listening to macy gray sing christmas songs and mentally preparing to vacuum my room
I've been 2 LA so many times and JUST realized LaCienega Boulevardez on The Proud Family was named after the street in LA wow
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actually seeing a slow loris makes me scream internally
My life is composed of lies I tell myself daily, and I almost believe them.
I was tired of my laday, we'd been together too long.
bitches and cunts and sluts
if you order anything from dairy queen other than a napkin or straw i cry literal tears of blood
life is an asshole
of all the things i dont want to do tomorrow actually waking up is the thing i want to do least
r.i.p. enriques mole
Again I go unnoticed.
bye for now eric the midget
i werk 2 hard for de money
Bury my diabetic feet in a Krispy Kreme box.
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HEY NOW this is what dreams are made of
say buonasera to my new American friend lizzie mcGuire!
Too late to beg you or cancel it Though I know it must be the killing time Unwillingly mine
y do u question what i do at this point?
are you there margerine? it's me god
#IfIWokeUpWithAmnesia i could live my life perfectly normal because i never have any fucking idea whats going on anyways
get a dog little longy