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Roses are red, violets are blue. Tequila with lime, is way overdue. (15 hours to travel from Dallas to…
How do you assure your child that he is safe, by virtue of being an American? Because you're really not, if anything you're more of a target
Class action suit, anyone? Tweet me your grievances against @AmericanAir ! This is ridiculous. I need Alicia Florrick.
I work on the beach, on a plane, on a train,,,, "I've been working on a rail road...." lol cc @bryanboy
Is it so difficult to have a vacation? Being a blogger is not as easy as you think..we work 24/7 365 days a year. I've never had a day off
#FendiSoHo Pop-Up Shop: The Fendi-ing Machine
If weather sucked, OK. If plane broken, OK. But if your ground crew sucked, made HUGE errors and tried to hide it? LAW SUIT. @AmericanAir
EXACTLY. No DM for me RT @NoireCarrieB: @BagSnob Good for you. I hate when companies try to hide their mistakes by saying DM your complaint.
.@AmericanAir You will hear from my attorney.
.@freydkin it was weather, which I understand &waited EIGHT HOURS FOR. but then at gate they tried to rip up my boarding passes @AmericanAir
.@freydkin The worst! You need to write an article in USA Today about my experience and millions of others who suffered the same!
Thank you, Twitter friends! @AmericanAir came through and got me and the boy on!!! I'm still following up on this though. ACCOUNTABILITY!
.@AmericanAir U know what? I won't DM you. take responsibility for ur actions. I understand 8 hr delay. I don't understand ground crew error
.@TerryZucker @AmericanAir Omg Tei Tei- C was embarrassed and wanted to leave. I fought back!
.@Amy_Dess @AmericanAir what's worse is my son had to witness this. We had boarding passes! They said "Dupes" and tried to rip them up!
.@AmericanAir Call Gate C7 DFW and ask the ground crew why they wouldn't take my boarding passes and tried to rip them up.
.@Taajn @MsJingleJangle @AmericanAir flying to California from Texas- what happened in Ukraine has nothing to do with this. it's AA ERRROR
.@AmericanAir I am so angry. I can take a lot from you guys but today is unacceptable!!! I am with my child! You will hear from my attorney
.@AmericanAir I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS ON ANY AIRLINES I AM LIVID. Make me wait 8 hours give me boarding pass& turn me away?
.@AmericanAir apparently being platinum and a million miler means nothing to you. I hate American Airlines and I am going to SUE you
.@AmericanAir really?! rip up my boarding passes to rid of evidence of your error? Why would anyone fly your airlines? This is UNACCEPTABLE
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6 hours at airport.1st flight canceled, didn't get on standby 2nd flight, now 3rd flight delayed indefinitely. gotta love @AmericanAir
lol RT @AsiaAlexander: @BagSnob That's why I stopped Facebook. Always someone needing prayers. Car wrecks. Dead kittens. It's too much.