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What a night billy Connolly is a legend outstanding night
My seat is not far from stage
Waiting to see billy Connolly and drinking a jd and coke
So can't wait going to see billy Connolly tonight
feeling stressed
5 days to go then i go see the big yin thats billy connolly
£44.25 for slipknot tickets through the sse hydro
Dante's inferno nine circles of of hell
Old one but well funny
one way to finish a war nuke them
i must be no right in the head cycling in this weather
Awe so need to get me self one of these
One word damn ma kind of woman
Fantasy Football - Build your ultimate football team by Yahoo
listening to Laibach before i head to work
Komor Kommando does not fuck around
Banksy mural erased after "racist"complaint
UNDERWORLD ....................... COWGIRL
face down ass up thats the way we like to fuck
I so miss my mohawk some how i don't see me getting away with it at work
well that was a nice we cycle in the pissing rain back from work of to bed night all
bloody hell i cant believe that is nearly a year and a half i have been working well a year and 4 months as of...
looking up places for another holiday
to every one that post about voting this is for you enjoy
childish boycott companys get a life people and stop inviting me to stupid games and boycotts i do no not give a flying f@@k ok
o hell yeah wonder if they will Sacrifice them self's to him
idiots and EDL what i don#t get about them is that they say they don't like blacks gays and other shit and i have...
think i have burst a cut way laughing so hard
only 31 days till i go see the big yin Billy Connolly
you have to love the EU check this out latist banned house hold products to be getting band...