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Philth Plague
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Surely you must know at least one theme from "Aktuh and Melotah".
Seeking stars & finding creationism - @byGeorgeJohnson pulls no punches in skirmish over native beliefs vs astronomy…
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The flu killed more than 100 kids last season, and 90 percent of them had not been vaccinated:
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The fact that we have a picture of an Oort cloud comet taken by a robot on another planet is a little bit brain destroying. #TheFuture
I updated my Mars/comet gallery with 2 new shots, incl. cleaned version of comet seen by Opportunity rover!…
The Earth just had its warmest 12-month period on record:
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These Politicians Say ‘I’m Not A Scientist’ On #Climate, Offer Advice On Ebola h/t @Conathan
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The amount I have to write and the amount of desire I have to write are inverses of each other.
This is an eye opener on comet coma size HT @elakdawalla: Adolf Schaller's #MarsComet scale diagram
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Photo gallery: A comet buzzes the Red Planet… including a shot taken *from the surface of Mars!*…
For those asking, yeah, we keep our pets inside, and an eye on them at night if they have to go out. Heard coyotes yipping past 3 nights.
A pack of coyotes just caught something in my back yard. Saw two of them trotting nonchalantly away. #HolyYikes
You know the saying, just a plane flight away… #stopAVN RT @ImmunisationAll: Measles outbreak on Jetstar flight
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I'm pretty unhappy w/ the NFL right now, but congrats to Peyton Manning, who seems like a genuinely nice guy. #509
Can't make the show tonight? We will be live streaming it at
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Peak of Siding Spring comet dust reaching Mars in 1 hour, though it should pose little hazard to Mars spacecraft. (HT @tricaric).
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#MarsComet #SidingSpring at closest approach to Mars now: 10x closer than any recorded Earth comet flyby
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Tune in NOW! RT @esa: Live #SidingSpring #MarsComet webcast from Mars Express control room starts 19:50CEST/17:50GMT
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@BadAstronomer Confirmed: sunset 15m ago at Goettingen, Germ; vis to eye. Group pretty clear on L. SLR w. no filters.
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*Using adequate eye protection*, I can confirm the giant sunspot 2192 is visible by eye. To observe the Sun safely:…
If you want up-to-the-minute Mars/comet info, follow @SungrazerComets and @elakdawalla. I'll RT what I find as well.
Close Encounters of the AWESOME Kind - I just posted a small gallery of astounding #MarsComet pics!…
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Persistence pays off: *Great* time-lapse video & pix of a meteor and vapor trail whipped by winds.…
First images from Tzec Muan/E180 this morning on the Mars/2013A1 encounter @NASA Looking beautiful!. Tak E180/Eos7D
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Geez. That sunspot (last RT) is barely around the Sun’s disk and already blasting out an X1.1. Could be naked eye visible in a day or two.
Happy birthday @rebeccawatson! Did you get your wish, or does 4chan still exist?
Don't drink and drive the Enterprise. Unless you're drinking this. cc @AnneWheaton @wilw
And it still posted a dead link for some reason. Sigh.
Wow. Multiple Twitter fails. Let’s try this one more time.
Hey @mariancall fans: She’s touring the northeast now, and she’s hitting Boulder Oct 29. I’ll be there. Will you?
Today is @luckyyates’ birthday. I will celebrate by cloning myself and marrying a hologram. #LuckyYatesDay
Tomorrow, Mars gets VERY close and personal with a comet.…
Update on the writer tearing up a floor with big heavy tools situation: Torn.
The perfect response when a denier says, “The climate is always changing.”… / via @MichaelEMann
If I need to say more than "well-made Firefly fan film," then you, friend, are no true Browncoat.… CC @NathanFillion
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2/2 If you read it, go give it a review.… For the record, I liked it.…
1/2 A global warming denier sends followers to give @MichaelEMann’s book 1-star reviews. Many pretty obviously haven’t read it.… And yes, I revisited the problem of Richard Feynman. Because I didn't get attacked enough by misogynists last time.
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Yay! RT @wardwesties: Got flu shot today thanks to @BadAstronomer.
Wow: I've Been Forced Out Of My Home & Living In Constant Fear Because Of Relentless Death Threats From Gamergate…
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My buddy @LenPeralta has a new comic out: EXTERMINITE. I read it and it’s great.…