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Phil Plait
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Dear rest of the world: I'm not coming back.
Hey @HawaiiCon con-goers: I’ll be at the Science Power Hour at 5:00 doing a science Q&A. Ask me stuff!
The art exhibit “A Woman’s Room”, about vicious online harassment and intimidation, now has a webpage.
Tahitian passion fruit flower, from the north side of the Big Island. My wife says the fruit is delicious.
Has it really been 15 years since the Moon blasted out of Earth orbit?… #Space1999
Speaking of Stargate Atlantis, you can follow @torri_higginson and @PaulyMcGillion. They're aces.
Extrapolating from what I've seen, Hawaii is filled with scifi fans as well as Battlestar and Stargate Atlantis actors. @HawaiiCon
If I were near a TV I'd watch my friend @craigengler's SyFy show @znation premiering tonight.
Who will win the contest for coming the farthest distance to @HawaiiCon.
I've come 26,000 light years for your dairy products.
Just got flashed by @theaarondouglas Sorry, no pix.
I finally have clear skies when there's an aurora... and I'm at 20 degrees latitude.
I think I'll go to Hawaii today. Aloha. @HawaiiCon
Science, stars, jokes, and supporting African schools. How can you not click this link? @Slate @BadAstronomer…
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#tbt One year ago today: My footage of the massive Boulder flood.…
A quantum wavefront walks into a bar. It says to the bartender, "Man, I've been *everywhere* today!" and collapses.
How do we measure the distances to other galaxies? Watch me blow @hankgreen’s mind explaining it.…
Amazing how many replies a tweet asking to be ignored will get. Y’all are weird. Never change.
Our view of the picture perfect reentry of TMA-12M.
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A moderately strong solar flare today may trigger aurorae starting Thursday night. Best bet for news is
People are spreading a lie that there is a "black list" for LAWAAG and for the art show. This is untrue.…
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Many thanks to @BadAstronomer for this fabulous article about the upcoming art show:…
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From 50 km away, Rosetta’s Philae lander takes a ridiculously gorgeous snapshot of the comet… and itself!…
So, “Robot of Sherwood”. Um. Yeah.…
I like this. “@housewarmer: when life gives you hate, turn it into hater-ade.”
What do you do when you get an onslaught of hate, misogyny, rape, and death threats? Turn it into art.…
And for all you folks who know and can quote “Top Secret!”: Ich liebe dich, mein Schatz!
Hmmm, yeah, I think that’s all out of my system now. Back to writing.
GAwwwwwwwd, when does the 7 come out? - Hipsters, next week
As for the phone, yeah, my 4S is getting long in the tooth, so a 6 may work for me. Eventually.
… and yes, I know the actual name. a) Let’s see how many people actually call it that, and 2)…
Also, I’m a little wary of a company that stores all my data in a hackable cloud naming something the iWatch.
My phone has a clock on it. #done #curmudgoen
🐋 –I wonder if it will be my friend. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 🌎
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