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Phil Plait
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I have now given plot/research advice to someone who later won a Hugo, and someone who later won a Nobel. Stick with me. You’ll go places.
Wow! Randall Munroe of @xkcd won a Hugo for “Time”! Congrats!
Will a huge asteroid “wipe out life on Earth” in 2880? No. But why let facts get in the way of a scary headline?…
This was taken from the ISS. “@Astro_Alex: Looks like somebody's cruising... (the Mediterranean Sea)
This is a good one. RT @apod: Jupiter and Venus from Earth:
Yeah, agreed. Wow. “@starstryder: So proud of @NoisyAstronomer for going to #Ferguson to be part of standing up for all our rights.”
My friend and fellow astro-communicator (he’s on “How the Universe Works” too) @HakeemOluseyi is a pretty good person to follow here.
Early risers: Jupiter and Venus are close together just before sunrise. Monday morn they’ll be very close! See here:…
Now I'm eating Pez without a dispenser! #rebel
C’mon, folks, this math isn’t hard. 40% x 3 servings = 120% less fat, or -20%. I just lost like a kilo.
Let’s see. These potato chips have 40% less fat. I ate three times as many as I usually would. That’s -20%! Look! I’m dieting!
Hey! I’m on this week’s @SkepticsGuide! We talk Shark Week, solar storms, Neanderthals, glassy metals, and more.
The Internet: where everyone always thinks about context and understands situations are often complex, with no easy answers.
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Unreal #EarthArt – not clouds. These spirals are Pacific Ocean currents in sun glint.
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Red Sonja (by my pal @GailSimone) has a new man in her life, and his name is *really* familiar.…
Sharkageddon may be the worst Shark Week show *ever*
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Listen to @Ehmee and @bug_gwen. For every woman able to make a stand against harassment, there are 100s of others who have to stay silent.
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Find out how to make your own 'Guardians of the Galaxy' dancing Baby Groot
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Want a chance to present along with @Oatmeal or @RobDenBleyker? Submit a talk to BAHFest! #BAH
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@BadAstronomer |::._ __ _ ) ,::; ̄( ̷-°̲̅-`)-(´-°̲̅ /) ( \::. `')\`'| \\,|::.  ,( _)₎ )   \;:..,.;̳;̳ハ;:,´ .  `.;;' .;.٨̿ ,;' .  ` ̈̈ ー̈̈"
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These are great suggestions, tweeps! @ZachWeiner will be inundated. :)
Twitter. I need your aid. Most famous/amazing women in STEM of all time. GO.
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Got a dollar? Wanna help kids in Africa learn astronomy? You’re in luck!…