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my height compared to 5 Seconds of Summer *cries*
i think ashton irwin is half beyoncé
Ashton irwin arm appreciation tweet ft calum hood
@slaycalumslay all he wants to do is make people happy, complete strangers happy, I think that makes him such an amazing person idk
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“Omg I met Michael Clifford ten times! I love the way he plays the bass and wears his bandannas omg I'm so lucky!”
@slaycalumslay I know I literally almost feel off my bed looking at it like dang can I have that
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@slaycalumslay dude your account is literally making me pee like i really need to pee rn
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@slaycalumslay I was just about to post that muke picture omg my god SJANAN
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@slaycalumslay i'm so glad you followed me, your tweets give me life
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this is the best thing I've seen all day
jack barakat or the 5th member of 5 seconds of summer?????
i forget this bands name is even 5 seconds of summer i mean who even says 5 seconds of summer thats too much effort for any of us
a reason to smile before y'all go to bed
its been over a month since we released our first ever album ! 🎸
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