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Wise woman once said
cooking dance dating 308 followers
even the most powerful among us is at the mercy of the void.
Well "they" said after the MBA
But I'm more like... When do I start making six figures ?
Got a raise from scrappest to scraps . I guess I should celebrate
Niggas tryna be fit here
I jokingly told my lil sis to bring me chocolate when got back from South Africa and she bought me a whole bag wtf
thank god we have a punching bag at work or else this woman would have felt my warth.
half poison and half god
Chiamanda was so bold for that post #respect
#throwback the early beginnings of my clubbing days (think I was 15/16 yikes) those legs though 👅�
way too much emotional energy for me today
And where do you draw the line ?
I'm curious do Christians on my TL consider this extreme or nah ?
driver is late. no problem id just indulge in some pictures of Lupita.
4,060,800 seconds until GOF
but people in majorities tend to assume that their own psychology is normative and equate a difference with inferiority
i just wanna be left alone though
#bantuknots #chanellingmyinneramaka 🌞
My dog is racist. Poor old white men :(
My IG soooo single 💀💀💀