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Wise woman once said
Thanks, Rubio didn't smile once
Plus they got more to lose, millions of dollars vs "potential" one-digit pay raise for individual hillbilly workers.
At least large corps got hundred thousands of immigrants support now unlike washtech.
When white Anglo-Saxon Protestants labor unions greed and corporate Americas greed go toe to toe.
They have to find a page here "… " that claims there is a critical shortage of STEM workers to restore OPT extension.
I swear his buzzer goes of earlier as well
Excluding black African and Caribbean immigrants widens the racial economic gap in every single way.…
Its not in 2015 that angry tweets and forgiveness would bring an end to war.
I really want to read Time Hump Chronicles
Audio description on Netflix is pretty awkward at the soft porn scenes
Nothing else should be said really
I would like to place an order of 7 accompanied with two -thirds of 7
This is how far $10.8 billion per year goes?…
Let's be honest, there is no better reason for a SWOT analysis matrix. #UselessThingsYouLearnAtBSchool
4 years of struggle with this natural hair thing today.
Yelp gets fake reviews AND intentionally suppresses positive reviews to extort advertising fees from business owners
Makeupalley seems like the most reliable so far. Amazon gets fake review. But YELP. YELP is the worst.
Cant even trust online reviews.
Putting on gym clothes and I feel like I dropped 10 already 💃💃
Deep conditioning my weapon of choice
Chairperson of the Diaspora Affairs basically said the condemned should have read the signs at the Indonesian airport
50% of executed were Nigerians for less severe crimes on average and yet they got the least public outcry and support
"Oh yeah we were talking for a while".... Talking about what ? Why lie oh.
I'm over her ... ....but blah blah blah blah blah
12 Hr flight then 5 Hrs of lectures 😵😵
Charitable donations & net worth both of zero at age zero poses a threat to the intergral calculation #SiliconValley
Shit just turned from white and gold to blue And black right before my eyes.. now I'm freaking out
Obviously it's two different pictures going round
Well someone's gotta take out the trash…
You're my suga , my honey, my tender lova
Huckberry is one of my favorite places to shop online! Here's $10 to get you started.
All we want is unlimited text, calls and data at the lowest cost and best coverage possible. #Whyarecarriersnotlistening
omg omg how do you speak for 38 secs and not one second made sense…
before you were the lily of the valley , now you are just the valley #whenpeoplearedeflowered
Homeowners in Poland Borrowed in Swiss Francs, and Now Pay Dearly
I'm listening to Why Nations Fail...ty (Unabridged) by ... on #Audible for #Android. Get the app free: @audible_com
I just listened to audiobooks for a reeeeaaaallly long time. What did I miss?
So into my audiobook, I couldn't stop listening last night. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Really highlights the hypocrisy and true agenda of all anti-Kagame critics
I'm listening to Rwanda, Inc.: Ho...ld (Unabridged) by ... on #Audible for #Android. Get the app free: @audible_com

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