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Wise woman once said
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Oh just defying the laws of big deal
Google's Map is very wicked how did 15 mins walk become 30 !! Plus they ain't even warn me about that hill from hell shiiii
If you don't want to be killed. Then don't breathe ANYWHERE.
The thing is these are hacked straight from auto back-up accounts though. So it could happen to anyone.
Victim-blaming? RT @AdeolaOshoMusic: If u don't want your naked body blasted all over the internet.Then don't send naked pics to ANYONE.
The skies are tainted purple in the countryside, it's too pretty.
Teal Lovin' 🌼
Egusi in icecream container hurting twice as bad as the last time
If I hear that question one more time .
Dizzy Lad : Is Baltimore actually like the Wire ? Me : *spits on face*
I'm just a teenage dirtbag , baby
Igbo art from the 16th century
or coulda been my A*s in bio, chem and physics
If only they knew my only responsibility was checking fingernails lmao
Remember when I was applying for pre-med programs at undergrad and that was my only selling point. and it really sold at ALL programs..
I was Health Prefect =) Duhh
RT @digitim: An update to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. (via @johnpopham)
Discover great free apps and get rewarded with gift cards!… via @FreeMyApps
RT @ChrisSteppin: @SandraRose U sound like a rape victim who didnt get counseling but expect other victims 2 have the same life outcome as u
Anyone got a Chegg account ? Let me put your points to use.
how my hair look , mike ?
thinking about watching the movie version of TFIOS but do I really want to torture myself twice ?
Once you set up anyplace as an ideal, and a resolution to your problems, you will be disappointed
"She is 26? That changes EVERYTHING!" via @sepiadahlia
Mixed feelings about #Americanah and its happy ending
iro and boo bad
#lt that is literally the bare minimum of humanity but a lot of people are slacking.
do something nice for a stranger everyday.
same age , same red dress, 25 years apart
if you are shopping ideeli click this link and I give you $12.50…
but for beauty I will gladly feed my life into the mouths of rainbows
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"In life, no one is completely useless. You can always serve as a bad example"
Not open to debate RT @Slate: Game of Thrones is nothing like The Wire, but it is nearly as good: #GOT
Oh one more time,oh baby one more time You made me feel sublime, oh baby so sublime You know I need your love,oh oh oh give me one last kiss
bobby vee wrote the song , birdie sang it
The elders are fasting on your behalf. Please see the elders in private
but it was obviously an igbo boy that made that app
its called dowry not groom price :s
Remember when you would upload a new Twitter display picture and then your mentions be like "nyc avatar x" #goodoldtwitterdays