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Wise woman once said
When bae starts getting very frisky but your estrogen level below E
Slide show presentation due in 2 hours. PP not yet up and running 🙀🙀
I shed a tear when I lost that paper tho, a real nigga tear drop.
No backup too. Odikwa very risky.
And IT is useless ! Omg
Why would my laptop crash and burn four days before my 12,000 words research paper is due??
#lasttweet is how I feel after my professors lectures
“Why are you wasting my life?” -Bezos after an engineer’s presentation
Off work. Time for a quickie :)
I was in class for 50 mins before I realized I was in the wrong class. #INeedSleepYo
This lentil stew is so good. I now understand why Esau sold his birth-right
Burn today, build tomorrow.
A lot of sometimes! “@graceishuman: Being a Black agnostic is... sometimes tiring.”
Breakfast: Red Velvet Waffles Lunch: Red Velvet Waffles Dinner: Red Velvet Waffles. I am going to be sick
Paypal don't want me to be great with these limits. Im done with your fees anyhow. smh
Umwhat "@RussellHobbsUK: As the temp drops,we can't provide this hunk to keep you warm but we do have coffee makers!"
homemade full american breakfast with red velvet waffles. i think this will keep me happy for weeks
Thank you but Fuck you #LRT
"@DavidNelsonNews: If Bill Gates spent $1M a day it would take him 218 years to spend all his money:…"
Next time I fly to London can't fade this ride.
Now that's something that needs a QR code
Why do we still use paper passport it's 2014
I just dawned on me that if these folks don't return my passport I wouldn't be able to go to NY and PR 😨😨😨
Never in my 10 years of shopping have I ever had to request a refund but i can't take another shit -__-
I'm so sad that my "waffle" maker takes 20 minutes to make pancake-crepe hybrids with dots :(
black female youtuber without a white boo = seeking new source of revenue
Kenya had Dbanjs name out on the show bet that nigga was somewhere like
Black women need to do better tbh
Like what does that do you call me a slut and I call you a hoe . And then ?
Speaking of RHOA never seen a bunch of women call each other whores and slut so often .
Hair looks nicer when it's not all perfect and with all that volume looking like one of those RHOA women
Why not just go on whitepages and call up random phone numbers ?
Tinder has 10 million downloads!! Ekk ekk ekk
I try and give a shit about cardio sometimes
#RonSwanson #BreakfastWallArt Couldnt afford it so I made it lmao
#Shawlkindaday hand made with love from Mauritius 🌀🌀