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Patiently waiting.. All in God's time..
If you truly love someone, you'll forgive the unforgivable...
If you want to say bad things about me behind my back, come to me... I'll tell you more. 😝
Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.
Love will survive through tenderness & laughter & patience, through talking & listening, helping & supporting & believing in each other. 💕
We have to learn how to forgive, learn to appreciate our differences and learn to make the important things matter. 😕
SLEEP. That's what I need right now. 😴 G'night tweeps. 💤🌜⭐
Sometimes.. I just want to go back in time and punch myself for all the stupid shit I did.
People have a hard time letting go because they don't think they'll ever find something that special again.
I just want to travel, get paid for the things I enjoy, be around with genuine people and find new ways to love him over and over again. ❤
Fuckin' late night thoughts....
You used to give me eskimo kisses whenever I'm sick just to make me feel better... and I miss that. 😩Y
Never ako nag-unfollow. Pero marunong ako mag-unfollowback. 😂
Why does love always feel like a battlefield?
My sleeping schedule is too fucked up. 😩
*wears a dress* them: Oooo who you lookin good for? ☺ me: I was too lazy to match 2 pieces of clothing so here I am. 😂
"you've changed" yeah probably.
Don't answer my question with a question. A yes or no would be splendid.
Di ka pa nasanay natawa ako pag tulog. Ayaw mo nun? Masaya ako kahit tulog. HAHAHA! May DM ako, basahin mo. dali. Haha! @raakkeerr
No matter how bad things get, no matter how wrong things go, family will always be there. 😇
Liking your friend's comment in an argument just to show moral support. 😂
I'll probably end up marrying myself because I'm awesome. 😂
One night... we'll fall asleep holding hands instead of our phones.
My love for you is a masterpiece and it's not for sale.
When you think about marrying someone..... the best part isn't the wedding, but the idea of spending your lives together. 💑
I may be small compared to you, but just a little reminder.. dynamite comes in small packages.
I've ruined myself for so many people and I used to think that was okay.
I deserve someone who actually gives a fuck about me because I’ve spent my entire life making other people happy when all they did was leave
I don't even get mad anymore. I'm like "Oh.. okay. That's cool, I guess."
There are some people who I'm glad I'm not close to anymore. God loves me so much that He has to keep those people away from me. 😇
Sleep would feel so good right now. 😴
Everything will get better.
For every sad thing that has ever happened to me, God has given me ten good things to be happy about! 😇
Even the prettiest flower will die one day. It's nature's way of teaching us that nothing lasts forever.
Sometimes I just wish that I didn't care at all.
"Simple things" ..that's what my heart beats for.
My problem is giving people my all and expecting them to do the same. 😪
A cold room while I sleep is perfect. 👌
Things on my mind right now: 1. you 2. you 3. you 4. you 5. you 6. you 7. you 8. you 9. you 💕
RIP to all the money I spent on food so far this year. 😭

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