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"@forevershaeee: @Officialboiii Iphone 5" am going to work hard n buy it for you.
"@TiChitsinde: Idi kwaro. "@Officialboiii: "@opntay: we aren't friends, you just know me.""" Lol
"@RebelliousBee_: I love me sum darkskin niggas" hahaha
"@KierstenReese_: Instagram makes me so mad omg" why though?
"@sirmunchie: I assume my autocorrect changes "gave" to "have" because it knows how selfish I am."
"@forevershaeee: I need A New Phone Now ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ค" Samsung or iPhone
"@opntay: we aren't friends, you just know me."
What are you doing Sir?
"@PamFadzy: @Officialboiii lol....yes,we really should, I always feel like am missing out" me too apa last week hanzi it was Pastor's bdae
"@PamFadzy: @Officialboiii same here" lets go home dear. Lol
"@nelychristdec18: @Officialboiii twas her bday last week, nd she threw a party fo the brethren" 10 December damn I miss home.
Frank Edwards - Your love.
I miss my Pastor, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, Christ Embassy Belvedere.
The song that brought Pastor Chris onto the dancefloor, Flem B - Handidzokere kumba.
"@LeighMapz: Even though times are hard, I still say a prayer to the Lord"
Flem B - Handidzokere Kumba.
Zvaunondiita sooooooo
Guspy Warrior - Seunononga. #Hahaha
August Alsina - Don't forget about me.
August Alsina ft Trinidad James - I love this shit.
"@CeeCee051: Showers of blessings ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™" rain on me
Kirko Bangz is good.
Kirko Bangz ft August Alsina - Rich.
Makasiya Mukanya ari pamberi paTuku iye zvino Zimbabwe yose yongoti Tuku...
Ndipe pen ne paper ndinyore letter......
Isusu ndisu takaipa.
Winky D - Takaipa Takaipa.
"@Ubuntu_Queen: Oh nkosi many DMs to reply." Spam Dms kikikiki
Ukaona uchitadza kukoshesa imba yaMwari demon rinewe.
Wafunga zvekunamata woita zvekunamata.
"@EmpressNyasha: ๐ŸŽถTinatseiwo Ishe Isu vanhu venyu Kana tafa, tipinzeiwo Mune Denga renyu ๐ŸŽถ"
Uri dinga by nature.
Unotsvaga munhu ne adress.....
Haikona kusara, wedzera mafuta.
"@weedtweets420i: I'm addicted to weed, said no one ever."
Nhasi ndiro zuva rangu rekupedzisira ndakazorora, mangwana mangwanani kubasa.
Its a great feeling tweeting in shona.
"@_50Cali: Just zone out and bump to it"
"@Rich_Tee01: Stop avoidin risks. Take them,there is no safe place in life. Infact one tin u shud kno is dat u cnt get out of life alive..."
"@TrapDrugs: Put your goddamn phone down and let's have a real conversation"
"@Varun4_: I don't want to be judged on my past because there are plenty more things I am going to screw up in the future."
"@Jus_Mon: I never knock a nigga hustle!!!"
"@SaraLouiseXoX: I washed and straightened my hair today and irt is sO SOFT OMFG" good for you
"@MalcomeJay908: - It's like I'm trying to find you in these other females"