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Saying "I'm sorry" is going to take more than a WhatsApp message. Talk for 60 min for only R4, let #PowerBundles help you out. Dial *111#.
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"@muwania: @Officialboiii @Questionnier I think I have grown up" truth hurts brother
"@MsBollers: One thing I don't like is drawing unnecessary attention to myself. That dress is a no for me." Get the dress hey.
"@muwania: @Officialboiii @Questionnier Hahahaha amana have mercy.LOL" truth hurts brother.
True Ninjas let the microwave hit 0 but don't let it beep.
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"@Questionnier: Jamaican Or Brazilian Girls (Cutest) ? #QnA" Latinos
"@Questionnier: What's the most expensive item on your body now? #QnA" am naked.
"@Questionnier: Guys, do you like quiet girls? #QnA" yea I do
"@Questionnier: Football or Basketball ? #QnA" Basketball
"@Questionnier: RT if you love your life ? #QnA" I do although sometimes. ...
"@Questionnier: RT if you're missing someone rite now? #QnA"
"@Questionnier: Cc that friend that wanna be a musician? #QnA" Cc @Beavenangels
"@Questionnier: Guys, big boobs or Big ass, which do you care about more? #QnA" ahyaz
"@Questionnier: Cc that hustler you admire ? #QnA" me
"@Questionnier: Ladies, Can you kill a chicken? #QnA"
"@Questionnier: Cc that friend who is addicted to twitter? #QnA" me
"@Questionnier: Cc that friend who is addicted to Instagram? #QnA" a lot.
"@Questionnier: Cc that friend who is addicted to 2GO? #QnA" @muwania
"@Questionnier: Ghana Or Nigerian Girls (Cutest) ? #QnA" Ghana.
"@Questionnier: How many of your followers have you seen naked? #BeBold #QnA" None
"@Questionnier: Ladies, A Night with John Legend Or £10,000 ? #QnA" Answer ladies.
"@Questionnier: What are Ghanaian Girls known for? #Besincere #QnA" dark and lovely.
"@Questionnier: Did you ever use Mxit ? #QnA" yup I did, I sometimes do.
"@Questionnier: What's the real colour of your Lips? #QnA" hameno
"@Questionnier: What do you think of when you hear About Jamaica ? #QnA" the environment, the people, the love, the music. Eish
"@Questionnier: RT if you don't have Any Porn Video On your phone? #QnA"
"@Questionnier: What do you like about Justin Bieber ? #QnA" He is young and rich.
"@Questionnier: When was the last time you kissed? #QnA" 1 July 2014
"@Questionnier: Your mood rite now? #QnA" sad
"@Questionnier: That musician you miss? #QnA" Chiwoniso Maraire.
"@Questionnier: What if your pastor/rev/imam secretly follows you on twitter? Will he be proud of your tweets? #QnA" yes
"@Questionnier: Best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy? #QnA" abstaining
"@Questionnier: What do you mostly spend your money on? #QnA" Myself
"@Questionnier: Guys, A good cook Or A Good fucker, which will you prefer to marry? #QnA" A woman who loves God.
"@Questionnier: Which food do you have appetite or urge for right now? #BabyMakingMusic" sadza and derere.
"@Questionnier: Who/What woke you up this morning? #QnA" my stomach.
"@Questionnier: RT if you are alive and awake? #QnA"
"@Questionnier: What's for Breakfast? #QnA" Corn flakes
"@Questionnier: Mention 2 people you are thinking of rite now? #QnA" My mom and my kid.
"@Questionnier: On a scale of 1-10, How dangerous are you when you are angry? #QnA" 0.001
"@Questionnier: Tweet the last 3 digits of your phone number? #QnA" 734
"@Questionnier: What calms you down when you're angry? #QnA" My music
"@Questionnier: Who is on your mind rite now? #QnA" my mom
"@Questionnier: Who will you love to spend your day with? #QnA" The Holy Spirit.
"@Questionnier: Guys, if your girlfriend slaps you in front of her friends, what would you do? #QnA" chill and say bye, see you tomorrow.
"@Questionnier: On a scale of O-10, How troublesome are you? #QnA" 0
"@Questionnier: Your Favourite football coach? #QnA" Charles Mhlauri.
"@Questionnier: Things you don't share? #QnA" my girlfriend.
"@Questionnier: Are you aggressive? #QnA" Nope
"@Questionnier: Guys, short Or tall girls. Which do you prefer? #QnA" I don't choose who to fall for, it just happens.