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Life became better for us the black people the day we stopped saying yes to everything the whites said. #slavery
Slavery eish.
Watching 12 years of slavery. A movie based on a true story, awesome movie it is, sad as well.
Am good hey, movies day and night for me, day off so am chilled how is Botswana?…
I'm One Man Gang, I've hustled my way up, where I am today is not where I was yesterday, where I will be tomorrow, God knows.
Strategic planning, investing In education, seeing potential in youths, believing they are the leaders of tomorrow.
All we need is Men and Women that care less about themselves but others, People who are made happy by seeing others happy.
There is no any other continent with great resources than Africa, diamonds, oil, platinum, nickel you name it, the list goes on and on.
Its just a matter of time before everything gets back in place, remember 1983 US$1 as to ZW$1 yea it's going to happen again.
There is hope for Zimbabwe.
I really thank God for the continent Africa, of coz its lack of resources but our education system is right, especially in Zimbabwe.
God doesn't only listen, He hearkens and that means He hears and acts upon the word.
Life is easy, if only you create this mindset in you that everything you going through is for a reson and its a test.
Growing up in a strict home made me who I am today.
Its really a blessing to grow up in a Christian family.
I look dumb but I know what I am doing.
I'm quiet, but I'm smart.
I read between the lines.
I'm one observant person, I discern, smell descrimination, segregation and nepotism.
Tribalism and racism is one of South Africa's strongholds but I thank God I'm happy in my own skin and have + vibes around me mostly.
I so thank God for each and every one of my work mates, despite our differences, language, tribe, i feel like one with each and everybody ❤
I been making plans, for you
Do not judge, & you will not be judged. Do not condemn, & you will not be condemned. Forgive, & you will b forgiven. -Lk 6:37 #forgive
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Wale ft Usher - The Matrimony ✌👍❤👌
Time to prepare for work guys, will chat later, avoiding WhatsApp right now, love you. #NoHomo…
Drake akatadza kuisa Nicki but anozviti akakora, riya itsaga riye Hahaha after all the hardness he got while Nicki was grinding on it 😂😂😂
Do you remember her? I don't know baba, prolly back home, married.…
Meek Mill is having a good time, Nicki Minaj hehehe. #DreamsWorthChasing
Now you talking my language, she just wanna smoke weed and fvck. ✌
Allan kuda stuff stuff, do you remember that guy in college who used to say that, haha I miss Fadzie.…
I'm stuck baba, I will tell you on WhatsApp cause I'm stalked here. Kwaaaa…
Girls will become wE+ , will prolly turn you into a homo.…
Decision making point. 😯
Follow me on Instagram guys, Yng_khalifaa , thank you.
Hahaha ndiani iyeye lol? Chiwiwi chongoda kurohwa June kachando.…
@Yng_Khalifaa ...they must give us ka 1/4 chicken with wedges while we wait !!!
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"Naw you good" = Don't worry about anything, I will figure out this situation without your help.
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"You Salty?" = Do you feel some type of way about the current situation at hand?
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"Awh ok..." = I still don't know what you're talking about, but I'm going to agree so we can just change the subject.
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"THOTOLOGY" = The study of those hoes over there.
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"Fuck you mean?" = get out of here before I beat your ass
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If we talk everyday you can't even wcw another human because you sir are in a committed relationship 💕
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