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Annabel Lee.
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This girl? is the perfect girlfriend in everyway- @konnorgibson I love you bb. not really hacked just got yo iPod. <3
They drag me underground the lights are slowly fading the world I thought I knew, I knew I never knew at all.
I used to feel like everything was perfectly in order, a normal life, but I guess then came a departure.
I know I never used to feel like this. I used to never think of death or hear voices.
Meet my dedication, inspiration, it may be smothering you but you know it's the truth.
I mean there's a whole lot of other pretty girls.
There could be another girl.
It's hard not to think that he could have feelings for another girl..
It's like Romeo and Juliet, except I'm Romeo.
If two people are meant to be together, they will eventually find their way back into each other's arms, no matter what.
Being with you, is the only place I want to be right now..
I like it when you smile, it's cute.
I wish some nights lasted forever.
Now I regret not going to the ADTR House Party Tour. -.-
At least give me a chance.
I feel as if everything I do isn't good enough.
Maybe I'll pretend right now, but I swear to god I'm gonna change the world.
Haven't seen @konnorgibson in a couple days, miss him. ):
Cause these words are knives, and often leave scars.
Should've had a back-up plan.
I just need to cry and let everything out
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