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[♥] Staying in tonight? Catch a 'Sad Movie' on KBS Music Bank -- a special stage brought to you by our BEAST boys!
[♥] Congratulations to our BEAST boys again for another #GoodLuck win on Inkigayo~!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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[♥] After last night's birthday :-) win, the good luck continues with #GoodLuck7thWin on **MuCore** tonight!!! Congratulations, BEAST!!!
#BEAST’s OVEN RADIO: Surprise Gift (FB) Was 5 minutes too short? We prepared a surprise gift!
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[♥] Happy birthday to our Yoon Leader who always brings B2UTYs good luck, @BeeeestDJ!!! ^^¥¥¥¥¥¥ 윤리다 생일축하해요~!!! #GoodLuckDJ :-) ;-) :-)
[♥] TEXT 비스트 NOW to +822566 for tonight's M Countdown! RT @cubeunited: 7월3일 #?????? #??? #?? 롸잇나우 #2566 으로 비스트! #???? #???? #??1?
[♥]#GoodLuck for BEAST! Another perfect score for our perfect boys! That's a perfect sweep this week with tonight's win on Inkigayo! #?????
[💖] More#GoodLuckk! A perfect score for a perfect comeback! Congratulations to our BEAST boys for winning on tonight's Music Core!!#?????
[♥] Ready for Music Core? Stream here & tweet #??? #GoodLuck to help our boys win tonight too~!!!
[❤] With their win from M!Countdown this week and last night's win on Music Bank, that makes 2 wins for #GoodLuck so far! Congrats, BEAST!!!
오븐라디오 Ep.5: #???(@cubeunited) 'Dance With U' 잔망 터지는 비스트의 애교 퍼레이드! 종합선물세트 같은 남자들, 비스트와 함께한 #????? 그 마지막 회! 놓치면 앙~대영!
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OVEN RADIO Ep.2 #???-'HISTORY'! 연예계 마당발 준형의 지인, 미녀배우 박 모양과의 전화 연결부터 으-리! 광고에 이은 요섭이의 꿀목소리 광고까지>_< 웃음 만발 #????? 보러 슝!
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[VIDEO] OVEN RADIO Episode 1: BEAST - Good Luck -
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[♥♥♥♥♥♥] Congratulations to our BEAST boys for winning 1st Place on Music Core tonight with 이젠 아니야 {Not Anymore}!! #BEASTistheBEST #GoodLuck
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