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Aaron Moultrie
Scrap it I'm no going to T no In the right mind state to attend anything more with alcohol involved
You want to get as real as jolly boy john GET REAL
Hate people that are giving loads of other people attention.
We've already gave away one free entry pass today, for the whole of July. Who else wants one..?
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Feel like my stomach is about to fall through my arse
HAYDEN got a turkey dinosaur
This holiday has just showed me how much of a fucking shambles my life actually is
"How was your holiday?" "Magic"
Hahahahahaha actual someone kicking about Bulgaria with a pet crocodile
Decided to go all inclusive to same money on food and drink, foods that shite we've eat out every single night
5 days in first whitey full ae blood and chunks of pizza
Don't matter where you live you got enough MDMA your walking distance from the beach just don't forget a towel
Rough doesn't even fucking cut it
Ken it's time to get the next flight home when your in a club on holiday and dapper laughs shows up
MTV in Bulgaria actually play the same advert on repeat for about 5 minutes and it's annoying as fuck
Emma actual attracts belters 😂
Does yer da drink gin does he drink it oot the bin
Let's get back on it
Still can't get over Hayden and Jamie getting tasered
Hahahha paid €25 to see Gaz stand behind a DJ booth
Amazing waking up in a roasting hot country and the first words are 'when we getting the drinks in'
Was in Bulgaria an hour and someone called me ginger, can tell the patters just as shite over here than back in Scotland
Steaming every weekday
Basically attended Ruth Pratt's night with the amount of snapchats
Smashed with the lads
Does YER da drink gin does he drink it out the bin
3 hours in already nearly flooded the bathroom
Bulgaria is roasting
Just made the flight 5 minutes to go
Traffic at asda is an absolute shambles

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