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Aaron Moultrie
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What's this virus shit
Roll on the 'maga 2015' tweets
The video of chloe graham shuffling just came up on my timeline. What a classic
'420 blazin' aye nae bother hen your 15 away to bed
I'm 18 and still feel like a wee boy when do you start to feel 'grown up'
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Lassie that complain about guys being arseholes just a lot easier if yous would stop being wee boots and moaning aw the time
Couple ae stalls, the big wheel and an ice rink lot of shite if you ask me
Is it only me that thinks winter wonderlands shit
See aw these relationship things lassies post about see if they done it anaw maybe that would solve the issue
Love getting 4G everywhere
Will never forget when we seen Danny Howard at T @BasicallyAmSam @prickOFtheYEAR
Old women on the train was sitting speaking to me then fell asleep aye nae bother sorry for keeping you up
Two group chats I get ignored in both ahha
Open wide- calvin Harris 🙌
Need to think where I want my next tattoo
Want another tattoo already
Scotland took 20,000 to Wembley, England only took 5,000 to Glasgow
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@Marniegshore: Fuming. HATE being told what to do” grow up ya slut
Aye Charlotte im sure your mums pure proud of you
Felt like absolute shit the past couple of nights
Makes me feel great.
Dunno why people constelty try and and put other people down. Surely you've got more to do with your life
Newcastle for new year with the guys!
I love being Ginger no one ever sits next to me on the bus or train it's fantastic
Fraser actually need put doon
The Foos are excited to announce their return to the UK! Dates and details at
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Raveheart A film about a 18 year olds first steps into the world of eccies, Buckfast and illegal raves. #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing
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16 NOV 2014 09:11:47 You should've expected us. #OpKKK continues to be a success. Freedom will prevail.
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Can't wait for the day Netflix update there movies
“This is the remix to ignition The Gemma Collins edition Someone stole my KFC My boneless banquet is missing" 😂😂😂😂
Whatever facebook did to its video player was a bad decision
But nah I'll probably end up in scotland forever
Would love to start traveling and see other parts of the world
MARCUSSS who's at the door? Reggie! Who the fuck is Reggie
Bad boys 2 is one of my favourite films