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Aaron Moultrie
Dunno if a meant tae be driving with my fractured ankle only wan way to find out
At what point in life do we get to where we start giving awards out for "taking selfies"
Stuff I shouldn't be annoyed about is starting to annoy me.
Yo I want in on this twitter Beef!! VMAs is the new WWF!! @edsheeran Fuck You!
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Wish Facebook would stop showing me my old posts just reminds me of how much a belter I was and still am
Been off work for a month now and I'm so bored
Hahaha imagine posting that
Does RBS allow Apple pay? @RBS_Help
Recently just left my job at RIP Paul Walker
A just flick through Facebook and everything aw night an question why I'm still alive
Decided it's time to give the ladbible and unfollow there posts are just complete and utter shite now and getting boring
Gave this DJ the wrong num in Maga n he ended up texting a 9 year old pure dirty chat n her maw had to get involved 😐😂 oops
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Ever just sit really annoyed at absolutely nothing 😂
Hayden's letting me drive on Friday, still got a fuck ankle YAS
Finally ran out of things to tweet so just going to tweet about me running out of things to tweet
I seem to be the only person current that think these people doing MC videos are an actual embarrassment like its so shit please stop
Apparently I put my number on a website at one point I think
Was pure gutted when Michael died at the end of prison break, but they decided he isnae deed in the new series mind fuck
Another year another west Lothian vacation to maga
See when you watch the breaking bad series Saul goodman is actually hilarious 😂
A actual hate the house every weekend song 😂
Because you know we’re all about that (sea)bass ‘Bout that (sea)bass No cooking! RT & Fav by 5pm, win a £25 voucher this #TakeawayTuesday
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When Jenny texts me about something it's never just one text it's always 40 texts one for each sentence of her story
Ever put the laughing face emoji when your no even laughing at anything just goes with your message
see with aaron, ye either wanty hug um or want to stab him to death
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Buzzing I've no torn ligaments or broken my ankle, moon boot for one more week then it's gone 😁🙌
how the fuck does Lee Nelson get to half of the places he does, he'll be in an Isis video soon with Jihadi John in a headlock
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#competition time ! For your chance to win a #Buckfast mobile phone speaker simply follow & RT to enter. Good luck
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Actual text from a bride last night. I'll post my reply after this. #bridezilla
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Being awake till this time every night is like a day in the life of Sam
It's great when people just get up and go 😄
That's going straight in my basket
Look like our flats gonna go down well
No even moving into a flat until next year and Hayden and Harry are already talking about who will do the dishes and that 😂
Anyone get moaned at for eating all the food in the house but soon as your get a takeaway ye get moaned at cause there's plenty in the house

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