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Santa Marta la Culebra, que Morena Coloraaaaa!!!!
@AZEALIABANKS real tru authentic GIRL POWER raps not that cute shits that's out now but real flow from our culture we all kno not adopted
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@AZEALIABANKS singing opera on our new track JFK . U go mama. Love u lil sis :) super proud . She was like theo get back fly on these lames
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Coming soon guys RT @TheKidMoon: JFK // Azealia Banks x Theophilus London
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And in Harlem at that.....
You are a nutcase.... and I love every second of it.... <3
You told harpo to beat me?!
If a man says you're ugly he's being mean. If a woman says you're ugly she's envious. If a little kid says you're ugly, you're ugly.
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@AZEALIABANKS is the funniest account I follow on twitter. I love her to pieces. I crack up at everything.
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Oh, I really like Rae sremmurd.
Do the Kunts wanna have a book club?!?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG
I also read about the guy who was stealing body parts in Bensonhurst and selling the tissues and organs on the black market. THAT IS CRAZY
It was also talking about gender roles between two men in a relationship which I also found interesting.
I read some article for men about how to be a better bottom. It was very interesting.
It must be all the cakes and cookies!
My butt is growing !!!! :-D
Having a horse in a city is like having a large dog in an apartment , those big animals need to run
I think carriage horses in the city are okay as long as they give the horses time to exercise and actually BE horses.
Watching the news. @SmurffedOut u look just like this guy on cbs 2
Like, oh yeah..... This is why Al green used to be all in his feelings so much LOL..
You ever meet that person that makes you Really appreciate Al Greens music?
My Knight In Shining Armor 🌟💫✨
Tell ya ma'... tell ya pa'... tell everyone that you ever sawAwwww!!!!
Watching @AZEALIABANKS old Ustreams makes me happy she's so freaking cute & funny! 🙈☺️
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Call me when you get this .....
Azealia gets it but maybe she should take some college classes before she takes on economic and social issues.
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You guys completely missed the point.
"You're just a jiiiiig-a-booo!! Ooooh tryna find something to dooo!!!"
Its okay if you think im stupid cause chances are, ... I think you're stupid too!!!!
@AZEALIABANKS American govt. reserves so much money for the military and war (more than enough to eradicate poverty).
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@AZEALIABANKS that will cause inflation and the money would in turn be worthless
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I just dont understand why money is standing in the way of getting this shit dealt with. It seems like a no brainer.
Then once ebola is gone we can just burn all the new dollars and everything can go back to normal!
Its not like money is real anyway....
But why does the UN need to "raise" money for ebola? Cant the gov just print the damn dollars themselves and get this shit done already?
Im shooting with Vogue on this fine friday morning ! :)
'Oooooooh Lordy , pick a bale o' cotton' 🎶
@AZEALIABANKS now let me see you do a dip. WITHOUT BREAKING YA BACK!!!!!! Haaaaaaay 💁
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Ya like ta vogue? ..... And that's a fact?
You kids gotta stop calling me nigger on twitter. . . I am not a nigger I am a Negress, thank you v much.
I be following mad hoes on instagram like , damn yo.... selling ass looks fun.
Lol TI is always driving miss daisy.
Trying not to think about Ebola every five minutes is very hard
LOL, it's a kiiiiiiiiiii...