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Paris was so amazing tonight! Thank you guys so much!
No, actually Watermelontini's is gonna be our official drink
Hennessy and Apple Juice is now the official drink of the KUNTBRIGADE.
This is for you @kidfury @bryanboycom #hennyandapple #mudwater
Do you have intrusive, immoral thoughts you can't let go of? That's a bit like Pure-O OCD
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Azealia got me on hennessy and apple juice now. There's no turning back.
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I just want a pocket size @AZEALIABANKS that I can carry everywhere with me ❤️💋
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dropping out of school so I can focus on my tweets
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*hits blunt* If I Take A Few Hours To Eat My Cereal For Breakfast Am I Actually Eating Breakslow?
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Like... ima just try synchronize my inhales with yours and let you rock out
But what happens when a really polite person's breath stinks? Its like their such a nice person you don't wanna fuck their day up right?
When someones breath is so bad that you can smell it through their nose <<<<
Twitter Twinks won't get me today. I have a show to do.
You guys confuse me a lot...
Pec implants are an absolute no though.
Plastic surgery is not bad. I've seen some dope stuff.
When u got ur butt done but you should of gotten your nose done instead <<<<<<<< :-\
Why did the feminist cross the road? To suck my cock
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1 in 3 men cannot see their penis while standing due to obesity.
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"@THELUXURYWITCH: @AZEALIABANKS yaaaaaas or CLAUDINE!" Claudine is my shit!!!!
Now to watch "Cornbread Earl and Me."
I finally saw the wolf of wall street. I loved ittt!
Now Paris Tonight!!!!!
Been getting such good reviews for this string of shows! I am very grateful for each and everyone of you that came out in the UK.
Organizing my purse is one of the most therapeutic things for me.
*hits blunt* "If you're waiting for the waiter aren't you the waiter"
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Thanks to everyone who came to my show last night in London! I had so much fun!
Brixton was amazing!!!!
*big dick RT @Peachiz666: All I want is a bf with really big arms who likes azealia banks and has a nice job.
I was born ready on spish and faghetti.
I want to rave tonight.
What's popping in Manchester tonight. I wanna partyyyyy.
Watch @Interpol's new video for "Twice as Hard", directed by Paul Banks
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"It takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it to know what true freedom is." –Lana Del Rey
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All I want is a bf with really big arms who likes azealia banks and has a nice job.
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Matte nail Polish is so weird..... it's like the person got a manicure then digged up their ass and all the shine rubbed off