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Aza Raskin
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Just backed this 3D carving machine by @Inventables Can't wait to play!
The new start effect: The world exercises most on Mondays.…
TIL Euler, my favorite mathematician, applied his brain to the connection between music and math
Listen closely as this California forest falls eerily quiet over 10 years:…
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A dangerous thing happened a year and a day ago.
The Curious Complexity of Being Turned On…
Thanks twitter for sending the drop team a launch cake <3
Announcing DROP: Play music, drop songs on your friends.… Happy to work with such amazing people at @Jawbone.
Amazing to see Songza (and the last half of my first name) being integrated into Google Play!…
Malala: “It is not only your right to get an education, it is your responsibility." #Under30Summit
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"The best way to fight terrorism is with education. Books not bullets." — Malala #Under30Summit
"The world thinks of you as the bravest girl in the world, I think you are the cruelest." — Malala quoting her 8yo brother. Ah, family.
The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala is on stage. What an incredibly inspiring, funny, humane human. Blown away. #Under30Summit
Had a great dinner with @aza, Ariel from @boomrat, and a roomful of brilliant people #Under30Summit
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The pursuit of happiness is what thwarts happiness. Pursue a meaningful life instead.…
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Hello, Philadelphia. @ Philadelphia City Hall
Headed to Philly for the Forbes 30-under-30 Summit. Honored to go, and even more so to have many amazing friends there.
Great beach/forest bonfire, with even greater company. Untowards Elsewhere!
"Sorry I can't attend, I'm in Raleigh tomorrow" "Part of the great Raleigh scattering" Well played, @aza.
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Settlers of Catan: Beer Pong edition.
Your go to sleep based on sunlight, not by your clock. An infographic deep dive by @Jawbone's data science team.…
Pssst. There's an opening on my team at @Jawbone…
Is “Huh?” a universal word? A data-backed argument for yes. That is, that "huh?" is built into humans.…
“We are now just one pre-clinical step away.” Cure for Type 1 diabetes imminent after Harvard stem-cell breakthrough.…
Q: If 26/100 users sign up to your service, what is your sign up rate? A: 19.6%-33.9%. Here's why… /by @jdmaturen
2011 meta-study on Zinc for the common cold: Taken within 24 hours it "significantly reduces duration & severity"… pdf
Incredibly excited to have the brilliant @tristanharris speaking on Design Ethics, free will, and choices at @Jawbone
Dad, can you tell me a BEDTIME PARADOX? I'm totally making this a ritual when I have kids.
"What was the first site to implement infinite scroll?"… Nice to see!
Support great nonprofits easily: A just-launched non-profit by @perrychen (Kickstarter cofounder).
2/ Be thoughtful about why you (or others) were successful. These two forces get confused in Silicon Valley frequently.
1/ The little force to push a boat into the river should not be confused with the force of the river—Nietzsche.
A short movie shoot in moonlight with the Sony A7s. So impressed.
For the name alone, someone needs to start the InstaGrammy Awards.
Abstract shapes? Black and white? Golden ratio? Must be tasteful cafe bathroom wall photo.
Life According to Sam. A moving documentary of a boy with progeria. An incurable disease that ages you to death at 13…
Videos of kissing in an MRI. Woah.…
Tuberculosis was the original collaborative consumption.
Move over, AppleScript. Yosemite introduces Javascript for automation scripting! Finally.…
“Design is the beauty of turning constraints into advantages.” ― Aza Raskin
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Wishing I could make something this beautiful for all of my travels…
How common is your birthday?
A New Design Ethics For Technology. A talk by the amazing @tristanharris tonight at 8pm in SF.…