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ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Jasminnnn~
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Brunch date with the wife! It's been seriously FOREVERRRRR @pap_ayaa 🍔🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 'Murica
And that will probably be my last tweet in a long time. Hahaha
Well damn. Haven't been here in a while
Deactivated Facebook for a while.. Until I can make another account separate for my cosplay and family/work account #thathannahmontanalife
This week has been soo looooong.. But it's all worth it!
Said all I want from you, is to see you tomorrow....And every tomorrow
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Seeing all the uniforms around me is very motivating :)
Sometimes I really don't like Asians. Cause they really can be judgmental even without saying anything. They only friend the pretty ones.
Trees be like "It's going down... I'm yellingTIMBBBBEERRR"
Out of all the millions seats in this room.. You chose to sit in next to me in the small couch.. When you know. I don't really like you #why
Kathryn Bernardo, Please step up your acting skills. Maybe add emotions Daniel Padilla is going all out, pogi points and acting points!
MOMMMM why are you watching Got to Believe??? When I'm studying??? Now I have to watch it too >.> #GotToBelieve
Awkward moment when you're in a quiet room and your mouth makes a farting noise. 😐
Retweeted by ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Jasminnnn~
Running on NO SLEEP. But stoked for Katsucon!
"What you can't do unto others do it yourself." ~ Dad's quote for the day 😂😂😂
Who's the most amazing man in the world? My dad.
I'll probably stay up tonight cause I took a long nap a while ago. #snowmakesmesleepy #bumday
I really hate having to call off from work cause of the weather. #hatingsnowrightnow 🙅😠❄⛄
Don't bitch if you're not gonna be the one doing it anyways! #ugh
Made a deal with Marty. He starts cosplaying and I will start learning MTG. Lol
Playing pool with the birthday boy! 🎱
Proof that I am adopted. Everyone in my family has brains... Except me.
The struggle of trying to get my brain to work. #dangit #necomimi
Oh I hope I can remember how to put my 3DMG harness together at #katsucon can I just sleep and shower…
Pizza for breakfast? Why yes please! 👍👎#howhealthycanyoubeube
Social media: where you spend most time watching other people's lives than living your own.
You're not successful until yours happy.
Shoving food down cause unexpectedly got called to work.. 😒#dontlikeunplannedthingss
This really nice lady in my class looks just like Cruella Devil tho 😳
I swear I'm gonna slap a bishhh! Please stay seated in ONE seat and STOP moving seats in class everyday. Specially DON'T SIT IN MY SEAT!!!
Watching sailormoon while working on my cosplays :)
I have a close feeling to how the zombie apocalypse will start.... Atlanta says it all right now. 😳#snowstormm
I like pooping at my grandmas bathroom. She has CUSHIONED toilet seats! Warm and soft?? Yes please! ☺🚽
My mobile twitter won't let me accept requests :(