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Watching @Minty_Poo's snapchats makes me want a guitar in my hands and fam to jam with.
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I can't wait till next week. I get a nice two days off :')
My brain is clearly not functioning well today. -__-
I'm so sore... ;___; Can my two day break come already??
Akdkfjfiedjdjxhdjaksbfhfj I COMPLETELY ALMOST FORGOT REIKA IS GONNA BE AT AWA THIS YEAR!!!!!! >.< omg.. Omg.. What to cosplay... Grrr
This might actually help me get through .y night shift hehe. I'm too motivated
Thinking about all these ideas got me so excited! >.< Ooooh... I want to make this happen soon..
I wanna play so bad... But I forgot I'm not good at this game.. :/
I had a dream senpai noticed me...... a dream. T_T
A dance teacher complimented me last night at the bar when I was dancing.. She was so nice! :D But what if she was just drunk? o.O
My dad just always has the best timing. Calls me when I'm pooping. Always.
Craving Papers Bread this morning tho... Hmm...
I reeeeri wanna start a fashion blog :3
Trying so hard not to coffee right now ;_; #TheStruggleIsReal
Two more nights.... Oh I can't wait till Wednesday night comes Freedom.
But seriously.... Where's my donut?
Night 3 of my 6 nights work streak. ;___;
I have made the internets mad.... I am a bad potato. :(
MY BODY IS NOT READY FOR THIS 6 DAYS WORK STREAK! 72 HOURS STRAIGHT. (┳◇┳) must..endure...for the future.. //forces body to sleep more/
Honestly, I hate using the word "ugly" to describe a person's outside appearance. #justsayin
Floyd Mayweather won the money. Manny Pacquiao won the people.
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Hoping #Pacman #Pacquiao puts an ego drop on #Mayweather His attitude is sickening. And Pacquiao will do better things with his money.
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damn that head nod got me right in the feels sorry fam i wish things could be different #MayPac
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MANNY PACQUIAO Without a Doubt the single Bravest, and most EXCITING fighter to ever lace on gloves... No one comes close . SEEN them ALL!
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"Let's get ready to rumble!" More like "let's get ready to cuddle!" #PacquiaoMayweather
Spontaneously cutting hair forever... End of this year.. I am likely to be bald. :D
You've won my heart from the moment that... You did not exist. O.O #ulwayznfoevaalun
Breathe if you think I'm cute. ;)
One more..... C'mon body.. You got this!
Struggle is when you have to stay awake to drive home but have to fall asleep right away soon as you get home. #iamavampire
My purchase personalized with love and a bow by @Kendria_Godair hahaha!
Adult life: The time where you have so much emotions, but no time to deal with those emotions.
Time flies by too fast. Way too fast. Way too fast...

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