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Ayra Ramos♡
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A little something to get me motivated 🐷🐽
What's up with my body? 😱😷😨😓
"Not sleepy at all." I will fucking regret this tomo
Just found 5€ in my pocket. Lol!
I'm still waiting to tell you how i really feel..
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Stress, stress and more stress. I am so enjoying doing all of these shit.
I hate you!!!!!!!!
ugggghhh!! Fuck you!!!!!!!!!
Been craving for these for so long.
I love you but love is blind 🎶
fingers crossed.........
May the odds be ever in my favor.
Tangina this headache!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡
This headache decided to kill my morning. Aint going to school like this. 😣😷
"Unfortunately I'm the type of person that you can screw over 1 million times and I would still be there for you if you needed me"
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So many plans for tomorrow. Don't wanna go to school 😭 fuck sat classes
the chords of funny isn't funny anymore. see what i did there? hehehe
Thank God tomorrow is Saturday! soooo excited
Bae lookin' sexy af 😉😗👌
@ayraamos I love you really can't wait for our future plans ☺️❤️😘😘
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Another unproductive day. Thanks to @alaysabisnar19 haha! Missed you so much! Love you 💋❤️💞
Huhuhu nakakainis ang sweet!! Nakakaiyak! Shet
All I want are mutual feelings.
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Black friday: because only in America people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.
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'Cause God is good ☺️👆🙏
Fuck this day to the moon and back
Hoping to see you in my dreams 😘
Suddenly missed you. And how you say you're scared of this emoticon 🌚🌚
Good night mothafusss 🌚
So not ready for tomorrow's shit. Oh well.
when you’re on ur computer and someone’s standing behind u
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So excited to watch the Cinderella Movie! 😱 feelin' like a kid
I don't want to, but I have to. Aral problems
if we break up or stop being friends your secrets are still my secrets, i'll stick to my word regardless.
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This EXPO 2015 meetings are so fun but fucking tiring
Psychology says, even the good memories can hurt when you miss someone bad enough.
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ugh your smart mouth, I miss.
you're so good at writing letters. I just fall for you every time.
Just when I thought my birthday was over 🙈 Thank you for bringing me cupcakes though it was raining!
From all the chocolates ive received today, this is the best!! Gingerbread rounds with dark chocolate. Ugh so good!!
Mandatory Birthday Selfie! 💁🎂🎁🎈🎉