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Tosh Tosh ♥
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Had a nice time out to eat with my baees : )
They got me hollin in this red lobster!!
"@NailGameCold: I dont want matching clothes and matching tattoos I want you to match my Loyalty💯🙌💏"
I hate wen people talk about my nose! : ( Lbs..
"@GlenPerezMonroe: @Ayoo_PrettyTeee follow back , motherfucker . Lol !" Lol i did gleezy bby!
Aint talked to her in 2 days wit her studying ass! Lbs
I think i got a peice of hair in my throat! Ugh..
Im steady seein mfs in these shoes lookin a mess, im glad i didn't get them damn energy kds! Lbs
Lol my sis said, sis why you so damn cute?? ;)
Can't deal so i keep my distance!
It's sad how you cool wit a mf, den soon as ya fall out they talkin bad about you! Lhhh that's all i do is laugh at the shit..
Im kinda feelin school today! Lbs but im jus hungry doe.!
Me nd john playin weed firm, this shit hella funny..
We was friends at first, now this bitch ass dog erkin the last nerve i have ! Lbvs
Obama paid the broncos to loose?? Really..
Ctfu at these broncos fans..
Eat Good Feel Good : )
I got another headache : (
The ones thats hard to love is the ones that need it most..
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Actin like a fckin girl again!
Lhh my hands hella ashy!