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Tosh Tosh♥
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@Ayoo_PrettyTeee I was whole Finna say our fingers dark 😂😂
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Damn every piercing and tattoo i got all on my right side lbs except one peircing..
"@__watchmykicks: I want a light grey on my nails but I can't find the right one 😤" Yess 😫
I want my tattoo on my hand bad..
Mfs jus dnt know 😮
People be thinking they known shit but don't.
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I want some pizza 😌💨🌿
Got the kitchen goin up on a tuesday lbs brother cookin, im bout to fire this dope up 👌😌
Why am i this bored? lbs 😒 im bout to fire this dope up tho 💨
Let me fire up this dope on that note lbs lawd these niggas nd btches too wishy washyy ! 😂😫👌
I cant deal wit mfs, lbs why i stay to myself 😂😂😂
I want some rolos and a snicker 😭
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Im over here stuffed lhh i cant breath..
Tori done went to sleep on me lbs im jus up gettin fried 😌💨
Lhhh lando erk man 😂
Iont want no relations i jus want ya face 😜😮
They burning down the wrong shit! 😒
This jus all nigga sht thy makin us look real bad on the news, this nigga in the orange vest jiggin nst mfs dancing on cars smh #NiggaShit
They got Little Caesars, Walgreens & a beauty supply 😳😳😳
Retweeted by Tosh Tosh♥
They straight screamin witout that badge you a bitch ina half in the police face lh i cant 😔
I don't like white people as is man. Fuck all y'all 👌
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We finna fire up some more dope tho 😂
They jfmu man😂😂😂
Ugh i feel terrible 😞😖
Who tryna put some on some? lbvs we finna be dumb fried over here, kevin got the dopee 😌😌
Tori got me weakk over here 😂😂 were
Ughhh i hate everybody and i mean it this time !
Cant nobody ever do the simplist sht for me, thats why iont do sht for nobody nomore! Fuck everybody! 😒
These two dudes on the bus straight sharing a bowl of ramen noodles......with the same spoon!! Im about to gag 😒😫😫
I think i need to go to sleep lbs..
Lets fck up some commasss yeaa!
Why am i soo sleepy its only 8 o clock 😒
My uncle bought me some dairy queen, im frieddd finna bash lol 😌
My hair finna piss me off!
Im finally washin all these fckin clothes smh..
I want some breakfast 😌
@Ayoo_PrettyTeee lhhh I don't even smoke but the food part yessss lhh 🙌🙌
Retweeted by Tosh Tosh♥
I feel like sht 😞
Huh i be wanting to jus smoke, i wish i had somebody to roll my shit for me at all times lbs 😒
Dede got me weak af over here she clownin 😂😂
Attitude was on 10 standin in the fckin cold lbs but this blunt finna calm me 😌👌💨
"@daibugg_: I wanna cuddle, watch movies, and drink hot chocolate." This sound good lbs but fck the hot chocolate a blunt and some food lol
They talm bout leavin early lbs im ready shid lets go! 😳
Blueberry muffins nd hot chocolate 👌😌
I straight look up to my sister lbs i love her, oan cant wait till she get here 11 days 😌😘