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يلا نقرأ شوية بقي ✋
Words can't even describe how much I love you You're just so cute and kind Mafesh 7ad as pure as you Mynfa3sh 7ad tet3amel m3aha ela w t7baha ❤🎂🎁🎊🎉 ILOVEYOU SO MUCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY W 3O2BAL MILLION SANA FULL OF HAPPINESS #BirthdayGirl #7abebty ❤
إن السعادة تنتقل بالعدوى ..لا تنتظر عدوى أحد .. كن حاملاً لهذا الميكروب أنيس منصور
Back to my quick sketches ✏ 👣
I am just bored w da bykhali fih touch habal 🙅
😒😒😒😒 #selfie 😒
An old sketch of mine One of my favorites 🎨 Just ignore the hair 😂
#gloupchallenge Now vs then 😪😭 #kdaho
#انستا_حياة رواية مشهورة و منتشرة اوي اليومين دول بعد قراءة الروايه دي بصراحة و بدون اي مبالغة، دي من اوحش الروايات القراءتها في حياتي روايه سطحية مع انه طول الوقت عايز يحسسني بعمق محستوش خالص الموت مش نهاية للحياة! هو بداية مش محتاج اسباب عشان تستمر في الحياة انت محتاج اسباب تخليك تسيب كل حاجة و
و انا عندي احسن اخوات ✋❤ الجملة الوحيدة الي لحد دلوقتي لاقيتها صح في الكتاب الغريب ده 😂 #انستا_حياة
A quick sketch ✏✏
دي قديمة اكيد انا مش هبلة و فاضيه كده!! الحمد لله بقيت اهبل و افضي 😂 #selfie #TB
A quick sketch kda 👋 #sketch #sketchoftheday #sketches #artistshouts #art #artist #artwork #blackandwhite #negativeart #drawings
💪 a quick sketch 💪 #sketchoftheday #sketches #sketch #sketching #drawings #drawingoftheday #artistshouts #art #artwork #negativeart #nawden #blackandwhite #kda
Weho, finally done Ha guys what do you think? رأيكوا يهمني
I am not done yet with the rest of the face but here are the eyes anyway Haha just ignore the eye lashes... #sketchoftheday #sketches #artsy #artistshouts #art #artistshouts #artist #artwork #drawings #eyes #blackandwhite
💪 A 6 mins sketch 💪 #sketches #artistshouts #art #artist #artwork #blackandwhite #negativeart #drawings
So as usual I always make time for Nicholas Sparks to take me through his love stories' mysteries #NicholasSparks #b7bo #Yalhwi3alaKotobo #thewedding #fromwhereiread
#sketchoftheday #sketches #art #drawings #blackandwhite #portrait #littleartist #artist #nawden #artsy #artistshoutspainting
يلا نبدأ 📖😻 #HowToThinkLikeLeonardoDaVinci #fortheloveofbooks #fortheloveofreading #fromwhereiread
Because I am almost done with my finals 💃 can't wait to get back to drawing and sketching I can't believe aslun I had the chance Eny amsek el alam w el wara2a
OMG OMG OMG THIS IS INSANE! 20k incredibly supportive followers following little me عارفة اول ما هقول البوقين دول هيقلوا تاني بس اديني جربت الاحساس 😂 I just can't believe it, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH ❤ I know I haven't been active lately but I'll be back as soon as I am done with my finals, I'll be
الي مش بيعمل حاجة يروح يشوف السماء دلوقتي و الي بيعمل يسيب و بروح برده عادي ولله فوق الفظيع المنظر :'D
*a deep caption by2oloko ted7ako w tfra7o 3shan mafesh 7aga mstahla*
اعتقد اني محتاجة مكتبة اكبر شويه لكتبي 😌
Heres to the sweetest, kindest, purest and most beautiful person i know ❤ heres to a life time bestfriend, here is to the coolest childhood friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA DALIEE 🎂 you have no idea how much i love you Thank you for always being there for me and thank you for being the way you are. Ba7bek
Everyone of us is into something that they enjoy staring at it for hours without getting bored Some are in love with the sea, trees, birds...things that revolve around nature To me, anything natural grabs my attention right away But there's one thing that always sticks out in the list. I can look at
The colors are just...hee7😻
*a caption that describes how much i love this short lady* 😂 No offense Mounira hahah Excuse my no make-up look...
ولله الواحد مش عايز يمشي :'D
الواحد لازم يريح اعصابه برده
I have something for clouds ☁
Blame Nicholas Sparks for two things; One: i am defiantly failing this semester because of him Two: blame him for my high expectations HIS BOOOOKS ARE JUST PERFECTTTTTTTTT 😻 Done with a walk to remember, the notebook, true believer and dear john Almost done with the last song 😻 they're all amazing
I am just bored... 😔
بعد ما نتفرج علي فيلم من ابشع الافلام لازم نصلح اليوم Bon appetite lena 😻
My new favorite shot 😻
Let go of anger and pain. Let go of anything that is keeping you away from your true self. Life is way too short to hold onto to anything but love. forgive, laugh, be strong enough to keep your heart open. Don't let anyone take advantage of you but don't build any walls between yourself and the worl
Sushi with the girls at college 3shan we're hungry #yummy

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