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صباحكوا حلو و اه كل سنة هجريه و انتوا طيبين 😊 Happy New Islamic Year May it bring nothing but happiness to each and everyone
يااا قلبيييييي ❤😍
8:05 AM Nothing to say but sob7an Allah
داخلين الجامعة و مستعجلين كله بيجري و انا اقف اطلع الموبيل و اصور ف يفتكروني بصور سيلفي و يبصولي و كأني هبله 😞 بس مش مشكلة 😻❤ Worth it
Adema adema adema adema Adema adema
Accept yourself the way you are...
And here's to the multi talented artist Mohamed El-Sharnouby Hope you like it
The clouds are just amazing.
One of my lame selfies..
ولله كل حاجة بتبقي ماشيه كويس لحد ما اقرر احط الtouch بتاعي ف ابوظ الدنيا 😭
اول امبارح 👌😍
With the cutest two ever #tb
The clouds are full of mysteries, maybe that's why I have something for clouds...
Just look at how amazing it is
For the love of red..
#nofilter سبحان الله
كل عيد نصر و احنا طيبين 💪 يوم عظيم عشان ذكري حرب عظيمه من تخطيط راجل و زعيم عظيم و كانت انتصارللبلد الاعظم علي الاطلاق تحيا مصر و يا رب اشوفك احسن بلد في الدنيا
Follow @zeegalleryonline they have some cool stuff
Yesterday aw the day before Msh fkra :3
لما حد بيكلمني عن الحرية اول حاجة بتيجي في دماغي الطيور
كل سنة و انتوا طيبين و ان شاء الله دائما تبقوا مبسوطين و فرحنين
النهارده الصباح 👌
Because i have nothing to do
THANK YOU @oelfaramawy for this amazing typography. Love it 😊🙊
الالوان و العصافير بالشمس ب كل حاجة ادتني احساس بالسلام
سبحانك يا الله
El mfrod dorra y3ni 😭😭 the shading sucks... I know
I don't like it when people decide for me what I am going to be, they're like you'll be rich, you'll be famous, you'll make a lot new friends, you'll bla bla bla Thank you but I'd like to decide for myself I don't care if I ever became famous or rich because I am satisfied with what I have now. I am
Beautiful Isn't it? And yes, I post pictures that I've taken months ago now ✋ 3ady gedan...
an old sketch of mine
El sora di b7saha tnfa3 e3lan ma3gon asnan :'D
Msh b3raf a3mel 7aga w ana btswar gher Eny ad7ak :'D ay 7aga Tania ba7esny habla awi bsra7a :'D