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El sora di b7saha tnfa3 e3lan ma3gon asnan :'D
Msh b3raf a3mel 7aga w ana btswar gher Eny ad7ak :'D ay 7aga Tania ba7esny habla awi bsra7a :'D
*بكتب اي حاجة ملهاش اي علاقة بالصورة عشان انا deep* #hijab
I can see a wide smile but I can't ignore the sadness in your eyes
Your skin may not be perfect You may not look pretty without make up You may have a lot of reasons not be happy But it is okay... Everything happens for a reason Don't ever lose your self confidence Dont let the worlds stress make you depressed Don't let the pain make you hate Don't let the bitterne
Because I don't have a reason not to smile
And here is to the pretty @sehamkhaled_
I am nominated for the third time ,to write 20 facts about me, by @suhailaelkhateeb ❤ and @salmaatalaat ❤ haha thank you girls 😘 Okaaay let's do it :'D 1) Instagram is my favorite social network 2) ive always been into writing 3) I have trust issues 4) mab7bsh el routine 5) mab7bsh akhsar f 7aga w
Once again I was nominated by @nadinelashine ❤ and @lindaguesswhat ❤ to write 20 facts about me, yes I am doing it again :p Haha 1) hijab is my pride 2) I am 19 going on 20 3) books shopping is my favorite 4) I hate saving money 5) I am really tall yet I like wearing heels 3ady... 6) potter head 7
An old sketch of mine
Follow @raghdarefaat she's gorgeous 🙊❤
We come from different places We speak different languages But our hearts speak the same The only language that we don't need to learn or teach to others is the heart language, and it starts with a sincere smile
Hahahahahahahah @ahmsamer you just made my day Walahi 😂😂😂❤ hahahahaha (El nas el mt3rafsh eh el kormba di ana nickname bta3y kormba)
Thank you @ndafouad ❤🙊 and @nagham_ayman ❤🙊 for tagging me f el 20 facts thingy, ageeb mnen ana 20 facts? :'D Hahaha okay 1) 3omry ma etksaft aw shatmt f balady 2) ahli aham 7aga b el nsbali 3) I have trust issues 4) mab7bsh ageb aw a3mel ay 7aga nazla moda :'D 5)b7b el rasm gedan 6) ba7b el 2rai
ابدأ يومك بضحكة من غير سبب ربنا يجعل في آخر اليوم سبب ان شاء الله
If I had the option to choose which age to live in I would have defiantly chose the ancient Egyptians period. Ankh pieces are one of my favorite ancient egyptain symbols and definitely the pyramids are my favorite tombs as well, that's why... (Not as good as I had it in my head tho)
دائما لما ببدأ اثق في حد من صحابي لازم بعدها يعمل حاجة توريني انه مش جدير بالثقة دي و كل مرة باخد علي دماغي بس حتي لو ايه انا واثقة في ربي و هو كل مرة بيجبلي حقي و المرة دي كمان يااا رب مش عايزه غير الصبر و علي ما حقي يجيلي هضحك برده اصل مش بعد كل السنين دي هتكسر او هضعف، انا عندي ايمان و ثقة في
So that's what I do with plasticine المخ موجود عندنا كلنا بس العقل شاحح شويه
For the love of colors 🙊🙈 I know it is not perfect w fiha defects bs brdo 3gbany :'D
THANK YOU @reemartwork for this nice sketch :') it is just amazing that people out there who have never met you and never heard your voice spend time doing something just to draw a smile on your face, I am blessed bgd, thank you Reem, made my day <3 And keep going, you are talented mashallah :*
ليه اخضر الله اعلم
Thank you so much @ahmad.ramadan.47 you have an amazing talent mashallah
ولله هييييح علي فكرة انا دماغي نظيفة بس مش بعرف اعبر :'D
I woke up 3la this amazing sketch by @ramymagdy35 THANK YOU SO MUCH, made my day
Media class last semester, homa byswaro w ana modelz
بحب الصورة دي معرفش علي ايه بصراحة :'D
دلوقتي الشتيمة و طولة اللسان بقت سهلة اوي بس ان لسانك يبقي طويل دي حاجة و انه يطول علي بلدك دي حاجة تانية خالص البلد دي كانت من اعظم البلاد في العالم و لذالت عظيمة و في كل سنة اي حدث سياسي بيحصل فيها بياثر في بلاد تانيه من الاف السنين لحد السنادة دي ف غير مسموح ولا مقبول ان اي حد مين من كان انه يشتم
Shakli f el sora di 3amel zi set el 7agga :'D bs eshta hahaha sba7ko 7lw 😂😂
So a lot of my friends have been taking of their hijab the past few months, and I see how people look at them and talk behind their backs after taking it off, khalaaas kfaya, it is up to them, girls who take it off I know they'll be back sooner or later, because they've tried it and they've experien
ابتسم ابتسم لانك تمتلك الصحة فغيرك يتمنها ابتسم ابتسم لانك تدعي الله و هو يستجيب فالدعوة التي تستجاب ما احلاها فنحن نعيش مرة واحده و لا شئ سواها فالابتسامة للحياة تكون هي دواها
I just hope one day I'll be able to read others' eyes the way I read books, so I can feel their pain even if they're smiling, and see their happiness even if they're crying, eyes never lie...they just don't.
Took it last month, amazing isn't it?
I have a passion and enthusiasm for life and I'm not afraid to pursue my dreams and goals. Whenever I fall I just stand up stronger, whenever I get hurt I just smile and enjoy the pain, and no I won't change, I won't let go of my dreams, letting go of my dreams is just like committing suicide to me,
The colors tho #nofilter
A sincere and a heart felt smile can fix anything
#pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale #pale
7eso b khat khat marsoom :"D