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Because I am bored
An old sketch of mine
I do whatever I want and right now I'll just take some more selfies because el faragh we7esh
Beautiful Disaster is definitely a beautiful love stroy! It is insanely addictive. Beautifully intense, and beautifully perfect. Jamie McGuire has written a very good book! #JamieMaGuire #BeautifulDisaster #TravisMaddox
Such a colorful picture!
so true Happy Friday you guys
#TB Two winters ago Alexandria ❤
Cats are my least favorite animals But they're really photogenic 😺
Hola you guys 🙋
D-ball HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤ Words can't describe how much I love you w how much I miss you May all your dreams cone true w ya rab ashouf weshek 2oryb 😢❤
Reading is an escape from the real world. In books you can be in Neverland, Hogwarts, anywhere you just have to believe.. I love that the word "impossible" doesn't exist in books.... Reading is a great way to spend time. You get to see different places and meet new people. You get to experience diff
كان ممكن اكتب حاجة عميقة بس قلت اسيب العراقة تتحدث عن نفسها #DeepAya...
I was never into digital work, I've always preferred using my hands and I still do but I thought I should try What do you guys think?
#Tb Red will always be my favorite color
Pale ayoush... Good morning/night 3ala 7asab kol wa7d w zorofo 😅
Cats are my least favorite animals... بس بحب اصورهم 📷 😺
An 8 mins sketch ✏✏
Good morning you guyssss
I still can't get over the beauty of this ceiling
Have a safe flight ✈ 👯🌍
Well that's just me trying to design my own logo Not impressive but yea! I like it that way 😅😅 #EpicFail #logodesign
Well, I am never too old for a Disney cartoon Tarzan will always be one of my favorites
Long romantic walks!
Well! I just find this perspective interesting #alexandria #tb
Will always be one of my favorite sketches!
A lame old selfie of mine
An old sketch of mine ✏✏ One of my favs
A close up l my favorite sketch 💪
Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together...
Three shades of aya 😛
I can't get over the beauty of this place
اي حاجة قديمة ليها روح
For some reason I actually like this picture! #lookslikefilm
She loved mysteries so she became an undying one Even if she shares peices of her thoughts. Her moves are unpredictable because she does everything in silence. And she wears her smile a lot...
No matter how hard everything gets No matter how dark the path you take No matter how weak you feel There is always something good in the end Just keep going
#TB to when I was in Alexandria ❤ Qaitbay Citadel #myegypt #liveloveegypt #alexandria
A nice smile can heal a lot of pain So always smile
Thats an old one but I am posting it because it has been a while since I last posted a selfie And by a while I mean a few days 😛 #nofilter
Done with @hannahelzahed's beautiful face Not as beautiful as her I knowww 💔 #portraits #sketch #sketchoftheday #artistshouts #art #hannahelzahed #drawings #sketches #drawingoftheday #drawing #portraits #blackandwhite #pencildrawings #artsworld
ANDDDDD I AM FINALLY DONE WITH @ahmedhatemomar's sketch What do you guys think? Do you think he'll see it? Nope? Okaaaaaay 😔 #sketch #drawings #drawingoftheday #blackandwhite #pencil #pencildrawings #pencilsketch #art #artistshouts #instadraw #instadrawing #portraits #egypttalents #ahmedhatem #اح
Hola you guys 🙆
A late night sketch... Working on @ahmedhatemomar's sketch I don't think I'll be able to finish it tonight anyway haha :'D
BEKH! 😤 👻
AAAAANDDDD I AM FINALLY DONE WITH @ramezamir's SKETCH فكروني ابطل احط التاتش بتاعي عشان ببوظ الدنيا 😭 #sketches #artistshouts #art #drawings #ramez_amir #7alet3esh2series #egypttalents

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