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Ambassador A.Y Adams
When you don't have a goal in life; you will surely end up being a goat. I forbid that for any African youth. @AU_YouthCouncil @YALINetwork
Yes I have mentors, models but I so much believe that I am unique in my class. Competition n comparison is ...
Don't stress! God has the financing for your Dream! No credit check will be needed!
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African leaders are busy looking for ways to make impressions forgetting that impression never last but ...
Purpose is the force behind the fulfillment of any destiny. To have no aim for living is to live an aimless life. @AU_YouthCouncil #Africa
U-turn is permitted in life no matter how far you have traveled on the wrong path of life. @UnitesAfrica @Edie_Zachs @YALINetwork #Africa
Truly speaking RT @Edie_Zachs: @ay_adams @UnitesAfrica @AU_YouthCouncil indeed, it's important Africa to build #understand-ing
What purpose does is to drive a man on. Until you find purpose; you will not enjoy true success. When life lacks purpose, it lose color.
Many African youths go through life without an identified purpose 4 living; as a result, they suffer hardship and frustration. @YALINetwork
All the ways of a man seems pure in his own eyes, but The LORD weighs the spirit, the thoughts and intents of the heart. Proverb 16v2
Where there is no counsel, purposes are frustrated; but with many counselors they purposes are accomplished Proverb 15v22.
Its takes your heart to pray while is takes your head to think. Great thinkers re great leaders. @UnitesAfrica @AU_YouthCouncil @YALINetwork
O African Youths! Work on yourself to a point of being useful. Say NO to drug abuse and irresponsible living. Leadership is responsibility.
Leadership is not the function of title and position rather its the function of service to the people and the land you belong. @YALINetwork
Its the content of a thing that determine the manifestation of the thing. The content of a leader is what determine his influence n potency
We tent to go for more of what's physical than what's spiritual forgetting the fact that the battles of life are essentially spiritual. #MUA
What you need to be on top is WISDOM but you need to engage this WISDOM 4 triumphant lifestyle. Wisdom is the principal thing. @YALINetwork
When you have understanding you will do exploit but when you lack it, satan will exploit you. @UnitesAfrica @Edie_Zachs @AU_YouthCouncil
Leadership is impossible without a guiding VISION. Its not all about title but about sincere services @AU_YouthCouncil @YALINetwork #Africa
Leadership in life is to enforce the orderliness of GOD. Leadership is not what you describe but what you practice. @YALINetwork #Africa
The ultimate knowledge in life is the knowledge about GOD, about yourself and the land you belong. Knowledge is the power that illuminates.
Discipline is the bridge that we must all cross to get to our destiny.