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Aimee Pilz
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Get the chance to win one of Luge by Motorola and Verizon JetPack on this week’s #VZWbuzz RECAP rt @MartyMcPadden
No. 1 Safety TIP: Do not, for any reason, let ur child keep tech devices overnight in bedroom They will not sleep #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom
BOOKMARK: Mobile Entertainment for Kids #VZWBuzz rt @RobynsWorld
My biggest tip? Lead by example! Are you responsible & respectful on social media? #VZWBuzz rt @geekbabe
Great job and KUDOS to today's lead moderator, @RobynsWorld #VZWBuzz rt @SnowinRI
There's no ‘right age’ for a first smartphone. It all depends on the child’s maturity #VZWBuzz rt @TheTechDad
Reminder: The child that feels trusted and respected will make the best decisions online and offline #VZWBuzz rt @rjfrasca @TheTechDad
How Verizon Educational Tools Can Enhance Your Child’s Education #VZWBuzz rt @TheTechDad
The 7 Other Social Networks Your Kids Are Using #VZWBuzz rt @TheTechDad
Used to be a kid w/ smartphone looked out of place. Now, a kid w/ an actual book does. still learning w/tech. #vzwbuzz rt @SaraFHawkins
This is why monitoring should really only be necessary if u have reason to be concerned otherwise respect privacy #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom
Just reminder: Many games have popup adult chat rooms advertised on game Important be aware of what's clickable #vzwbuzz rt @joycecherrier
TIP: Tell the kids to ask themselves "would I say/share that with grandma?" before posting something online #VZWBuzz rt @RobynsWorld
When shopping for 1st phone for kids, YOU preselect a couple for them to select from. Will save hassles & whining! #VZWbuzz rt @RobynsWorld
.@RobynsWorld I agree. Unless they are still throwing their toys, they r going to grow out of 'kids tablet' quickly #VZWBuzz rt @TheTechDad
Tip: powerful phones & tablets can be easily passed down to teens & tweens #VZWBuzz rt @geekbabe
Q2 What safety and security concerns do you have for your children using mobile devices? #VZWBuzz rt @RobynsWorld
What abt the drinks? -> Yes ma'am @joycecherrier -the #VZWBuzz chat is in full swing just waiting on your guacamole ! ;) rt @blogomomma
TIP: When picking out 1st phone for child consider what you want them to use it for, cost, durability, etc. #VZWbuzz rt @RobynsWorld
TIP: I personally real tablets over "toy tablets" for kids & put in sturdy case. Work better/faster & grow w/child #VZWbuzz rt @RobynsWorld
Q1 What types of mobile technology and devices do your children currently use? #VZWBuzz rt @RobynsWorld
Catch #VZWBuzz LIVE VIDEO RECAP Show with @TheOnlineMom starting at 3pm CT right after this chat! Rt @RobynsWorld
PARTY TIP: Mark tips, resources, bookmarks that you like as FAVORITES (star them) in Twitter for easy reference after the party! #VZWBuzz
DIsclosure: I am being compensated by Online Mom Media on behalf of Verizon Insider for #VZWBuzz party. Opinions are always my own.
Sending you lots of love. Xoxo
Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart ... rt @cpascalar
Let's practice keeping our mouth shut & being kind today.
“The heart has its own language. The heart knows a hundred thousand ways to speak.” ― Rumi
Love this -> Be the reason someone smiles today... rt @cpascalar
Reading is dreaming with eyes wide open... rt @cpascalar
“Listen with ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love” ― Rumi
“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.” ― Rumi
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ― Rumi
“Love calls - everywhere and always. We’re sky bound. Are you coming?” ― Rumi
"I merged so completely with Love, and was so fused, that I became Love and love became me." ~ Rumi
Somedays we just have to create our own sunshine ! | RT @RoulaNahas @milkyc0w @LUKIKA @MusicByStan @Tum55 @FixedOpsGenius
And now please join me for today’s Video Recap and another chance to win a smartphone! #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom
Join us on the hangout now to chat with @VZWjohnj @VZWken #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom
Emergency HopeLine contact information - be a friend and tell a friend… #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom
Donate Cell Phones to a Good Cause with the Help of HopeLine #VZWBuzz rt. @TheOnlineMom
Did you check that kitchen drawer yet? Every phone helps! #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom
Don't forget to follow @VZWjohnj for great updates on important VZ initiatives #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom
We think kids are bystanders, they never are. Some end up ‘learning’ how to be abusive themselves #VZWBuzz rt @TheOnlineMom