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Michelle Morton
Looking forward to learning more about @VuWall
Welcome to our latest follower @virtualworld_dp :D
@aVirtualVillage Thanks! Between that and my #Inbound certification, I'm ready to market anything, haha!
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Hooooola @jackthejoekr - how goes it my friend? :) Charleston is absolutely beautiful. I would move there in a heartbeat.
Ok, I must relax and get a catnap. 8:30am personal training session to get my sexy back :D #GoodBye #Newlywed15 or a bit more... :D
Hey @ChrisPiccirilli - Saw ur email today! I will get back to u tomorrow. #INBOUND14 was amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
European and North American marketers have NEVER had so much in common.
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I'm up waaaay too late working on this branding package for my favorite client... LOL #EST #4AM #Federal
So Reminds Me of My 5 Years in Miami!!! @BRiANNAtheYRB #ImThat #hiphop
You remind me of my single days with this single :) #DowngradeYou @NyemiahSupreme
Yes, I'm Human! Passions include the Bible, Prayer, Family, Fitness, Travel and Anything Creative!!! :D
FY-2014 is finalized and kicking off FY-2015. #Federal
Designing a client website tonight... Love it :D This one is using the #wordpress platform.
Tip #30: LinkedIn groups provide one of the best personal branding opportunities you have with social media @Forbes
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Thank you for the warm welcome :) - @square2chrissy @Square2
Following @AnnetteWiegz - Fellow #Hubpartner and wife of media enthusiast @cwiegs - Happy to Connect!!!
Thank you for the warm welcome!!! :D @igotgroove
@aVirtualVillage well let us be the first to say, Welcome to the #Hubpartner family!!!
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Cannot wait to see the recorded sessions October 6th from #Inbound14 - @HubSpot #HubParters
Congrats to @kuno for #HubPartner - Happiest Customers!!! That is what is is all about -
Awesome new follower! @square2chrissy #InboundMarketing Specialist at @Square2. Fluent in #NoFluff. Penn State proud #WeAre.
Excited to be at the #HubPartner call with our international network!
"If you genuinely want something, don't wait for it teach yourself to be impatient." #INBOUND14 #leadership
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Steve Jobs wasn't smarter or wiser than other developers-- he had an urgency & a burning desire to get stuff done #INBOUND14
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Can we flog bad marketers at #Inbound14 - Buying email #leads is stupid and will be punished
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RT @TheSalesLion: A must read for those attending #Inbound14 Massive Review of HubSpot CRM: Pricing, Video Tutorials…
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As a new HubSpot Partner, I want to say this has been a great experience. Cannot wait to share the info with my team #Inbound14
So how do we keep in contact with our connections from the Inbound App? Wish there was like an export or something :)
I so wish my team was here at #Inbound14 - Not the same without them :)
Time to go check out the food trucks :)
"YOU get a free CRM, YOU get a free CRM, EVERYONE gets a free CRM!" @bhalligan goes Oprah for a sec at #inbound14
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So thrilled to have kicked off @HubSpot's #INBOUND14 social party! Thanks all & especially @HubSpot for having us!
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Dear @HubSpot can I have a recording of the @simonsinek keynote? I need to see that again #INBOUND14
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Don't do social, be SOCIAL: Sincere Open Collaborative Interested Authentic Likable #INBOUND14
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I've spent two days putting out client fires. And now I have to leave #Inbound14 a day early... BUT already planning for #Inbound15