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Avijit Talukdar
My @Quora answer to Why do people hurt their parents the most because of their bf/gf even when they know that their …
My @Quora answer to Why do big people get released from jail so easily in India?
My @Quora answer to How can one be mentally stable?
My @Quora answer to Which actor has died the most number of times in his films?
My @Quora answer to Do we start abusing as we grow up to get rid off to our frustration?
My @Quora answer to Is it possible to stop honour killing?
My @Quora answer to Should people living in coastal areas drink milk?
My @Quora answer to What are some examples of very nice people becoming evil after becoming rich or powerful?
My @Quora answer to Which are best three books for self improvement?
My @Quora answer to How can I control my sleepiness while reading?
My @Quora answer to What are common misconceptions related to pregnancy?
My @Quora answer to Does our skin regain its original complexion eventually after tanning in the sun?
My @Quora answer to What do you know about the ailment called oesophagitis?
My @Quora answer to Why is malaena a consequence of upper GI bleed?
My @Quora answer to Is letting out your anger a way of putting your ego above patience and tolerance?
My @Quora answer to How do I use bold and italic in a Facebook content post?
My @Quora answer to Why is the president so good looking?
My @Quora answer to What is the age requirement for applying to the Air Force?
My @Quora answer to Will going bald help in getting better hair?
My @Quora answer to Is Paul walker in fast and furious 7?
My @Quora answer to How do I overcome depression due to infertility treatment and childlessness?
My @Quora answer to Why do veins pop up on the side of the forehead? Is this bad?
My @Quora answer to What is the best way to entertain people at Indian old age homes?
My @Quora answer to How do I sleep with a stiff shoulder?
My @Quora answer to What could cause pain in my throat and a bitter taste in my mouth?
My @Quora answer to What is the best remedy to get healthy hair again?
My @Quora answer to What do I do to increase the volume of my hair?
My @Quora answer to Approximately how many hours of deep sleep does an average adult need, per day?
My @Quora answer to I had a heart attack on 20 May at 10 pm. My 12th results are coming in 1 hour. I am sitting on t…
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