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เด็กๆสมัยนี้นิสัยไม่ดี แบบสปอย
Finally my bank statement! recent credit summary = 10 million baht
Passing my university now
To be good enough, you need to change. To change, you need transformation. To transform, you need courage, luck, money, and.....
I'm not gonna let you get there, I'm gonna stop you by whichever way it takes and I'm not gonna stop trying
นี่คือการเบ่งอึหรือคลอดลูกเดือยนี่ ช่างยากเย็นแสนเข
This was me years ago...
ที่ดินในหมงของหนู ไม่กี่ปีที่แล้วโลตัสขึ้น โฮมโปรขึ้น โรงแรมขึ้น ดีใจมาก
ความสุขสบายในชีวิตหนูทุกวันนี้ มีผลมาจากความขยันและฉลาดของคุณยาย วันนี้จะไปทำบุญให้คุณยาย
I've never been to rice paddy fields
下午没有课 =)开心啊
我想吃面条 🍜
12 books that Bill Gates thinks everyone should read
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Yes, you can afford to retire abroad. Here's some inspiration: By @KatieLobosco
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Speaking of which sometimes we are so dogmatic
The tragically powerful story behind the lone German refusing to give Hitler the Nazi salute
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New Zealand's iconic Len Lye Center opens, gov't minister says "I am blown away by it"
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Shanghai ranks 6th in #Top10 shipping centers; Top 3: Singapore, London, Hong Kong
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Thailand-China railway project to commence in October as planned
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NASA just released a brand new image of Earth from a million miles away, and it’s gorgeous:
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Now that I'm grown up, I have that "I don't give a fuck" look in my eyes and mindset. I don't care about people.
When you do not attend all events, you will no longer feel like you belong as a member.
What socialization on earth is this
I'm not going to congratulate my enemies, I'm only looking for gaps to destroy them.
We got 2 maids cleaning the house 2 days a week.. Thank god I never have to do housework
just finished my dinner
Cooked my breakfast today
Me trying to be happy and looking like a mannequin
People can hurt us only if we care about them
This is my ideal of living... I wish I could live like this
some gravy topping too
I just want to put some fish, small cabbages, and the oven
It's a sad day, not a sad life, hopefully
Scars we were brought up with
So many reasons to be unhappy today
Even now I would rather be a stranger with her if I could choose in life
If I wasn't her child, I would never ever ever want to know her in person
my mother is a very mean, selfish, and horrible person
I will not never hate you
I don't even acknowledge your existence
There is no award for warriors
This isn't what I deserve
there are times like today when I regret choosing this
ขี้นินทา ชอบเสือก ชอบพูดเหยียดหยาม บ้าละคร ชอบมองคนอื่นแบบจ้อง ไร้มารยาท อีเหี้ย เพราะมีคนแบบพวกมึงไงประเทศเลยไม่เจริญ

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