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I haven't slept in three days
Ideas vanish within clusters of a second
In this world, to be ordinary is to be forgotten
Russia is building a nuclear-armed drone submarine — by @BillGertz via @FreeBeacon
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Rhino rhino rhino please
No hesitation in deciding whether to do it or not please
Robots are going to managing trillions in the next decade
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Beat the shhh outta that faker
A miracle happens everyday, so does shit... except that shit happens way much more often
Skipping dinner losing 0.3 kg a day, consuming 900 calories daily
People are too dreamy, you can sell anything believed to raise their hopeless dream. Sell them hopeless change.
China’s forex reserves fall by $93.9 billion as PBOC intervenes on yuan
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I too visualize the bitchness inside of you
I hope you constrain your emotion well as much as your ability to hold your pee
Today is an example of a good hair day indeed
Alert: Youth Expired
Be as mean as you like and one day you'll regret all you have ever treated people.
Where is everybody? And the juniors are mean-faced
70% pretty is not acceptable
To belong in this world, you need materials and plastics
I miss my pet cat Garfield
Omg I'm in Nagoya today and doing grocery shopping..look at all these stuffs!
I am in Japan today
Gave me signs until I sigh...
I can feel it. I can sense it. I know what you've been thinking about all these time...
I was born alive only to avoid casualties
Nothing to eat so here we go
An unspecified amount of time later
This brilliant world map shows countries scaled to the size of their stock markets
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A look inside Tommy Hilfiger’s $75 million apartment:
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I love all of those who love Pet Shop Boys
23 fascinating diagrams reveal how to negotiate with people around the world
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Innocent parents think their kids can be socially accepted by being original, innocent, and real. They're wrong.
Socialization lasts later than midnight and before dawn
Today's consumption summary: yogurt, apple, lobster, salmon, avocado, salad, oyster, and juices
My dear, I've given up on my diet. No more motivation due to the fact I can no longer bare extreme starvation
We all have that "I was thinner" moment
Like elderly reunion where elders socialize about their teenage craze and party
My dinner....this carrot...a glass of milk...and an egg
ไม่ช่างมันแล้วน้ำหนัก ช่างแล้วไม่ได้หนักตัวอย่างเดียว หนักใจด้วยเฟ้ย
My gloomy lunch today
A visualization of how many Earths could fit into the sun.
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After diet course of 10-13 days I will start consuming detox tea

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