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Apisara Teansai
ขนาดฮิตเลอร์ที่ว่าใจร้าย เขายังไม่ฆ่าเผ่าพันธ์ตัวเองเลย ทักษิณชั่วกากมนุษย์กว่าล้านเท่า เงินทองตายก็เอาไปไม่ได้ ฆ่าคนบริสุทธ์ชาติตัวเอง
first we dated, then I was ex-zoned, then I was frienemy-zoned, then I am friend-zoned..
I came here like a Christmas ball, I never hit so hard in holiday
meditation when your soul has a bad everlasting hangover
If you seek fulfillment and comfort from a human's mind (that's not yours), you will always find yourself empty in a bad way
It was meant to end someday, and that someday was probably today
Let's give up because it probably does not exist
don't wake up brush your teeth then go back to bed, you're supposed to be awake and useful to planet earth than jst producing carbon dioxide
"@Time4Depression The only thing bout you that impresses ppl is your seeming commitment to constant failure Enjoy what's left of ur weekend"
remember when Alice said, "Don't worry mom, I'll find something useful to do with my life"..?
greed is good sometime so you ain't selfless enough to lose advantages you have always deserved
it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie
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It's time to give up. Actually, it was time a while ago and you've just been making a fool of yourself these past few months.
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Silence is the politest ignorance whether you have enough of manner to understand such implication...or not
please turn out alright
I love mom and dad, thank you for the most precious things in life
สองเดือนที่แล้วร้องไห้ติดกันสองอาทิตย์กว่า น้ำหนักลด3กิโล ตรอมใจแบบไม่เคยเป็นมาก่อน
I'll keep you my dirty little secret, don't tell anyone no you'll be just another regret =)
thank you dad thank you mom I love you so
我今晚回来曼谷了 ==" 很累
I might not win, but that doesn't matter.. cause I'll be happy no matter what
playing mind games for whose entertainment?