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Autry w/ UrRepublic
real political strength is the ability to stand up against the wealthy nation states that allow the rape, torture and restrictions on women
Never forget about the Power of Mom:
My new sounds: urrepublic - Double Tap: Shoot him in the Azz (made with Spreaker)… on #SoundCloud
next on the program, perspective:
LGBT, NAACP, White, Black, Poor, Asian, Jew, Married, Single, Divorced, Republican, Democrat no matter your label GOVT does not care about U
Anger with the 1% is often legitimate; however, let's not forget the wealthy do a tremendous amount of chartable acts
Stop hating Obama for his TV appearances with the "hip" crowd. It reads as petty. Go where the people are and fight for your case!
Chuck Schumer claims he is on the side of the poor and middle class but he is not: audio starts at 7:45
A big bureaucratic state's natural tendency is to restrict liberty in the name of liberty.
An introduction of a third or multiple parties into the political discourse is the only way, I see, for us to curb massive govt waste.
My new sounds: urrepublic - The Child As Public Property (made with Spreaker)… on #SoundCloud
Children are property of the state, next on the program:
Next on the program, the govt effort to control your mind and make you obedient through public education
A 14 year old has advice for the govt and save the taxpayer 146M, will the govt listen?
In 2010 We sold 60B of arms to Saudis, where women have zero rights and people are tortured regularly but govt is scared of you having a gun
Libertarians, If you want to really make change stop whining and start wining elections.
Libertarians must not only advocate for new policies but must change the framework of the debate.
Facebook, twitter and texts will never replace a good-old fashion hug or a face-to-face thank you.
OMG. USA, someone would say one of the greatest nations on the planet, is making headway to a cure for Alzheimer's
My new sounds: urrepublic - Jews are pigs: says Prez's friend (made with Spreaker)… on #SoundCloud
more conversations about Rep & Dem hypocrisy on the rights of women, poor, ethnic minorities & just about everything
next on the program: continuing the conversation on the Dems attempt to win the moral high ground on every issue
When BIG pharma says they need the taxpayer subsidies show them this 50-cent paper microscope
Today's govt spanking: don't get your govt docs stolen if you do you will pay $1,000