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Autry w/ UrRepublic
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My office password's been hacked. That's the third time I've had to rename the cat.
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Did you get the education you paid for? 46% of ‘12 graduates are working in jobs that don't require their degree.
if we can give a racists the benefit of the doubt why not an american soldier?
Does character ever count? Pharrell wasn't trying to offend anyone sometimes intent counts--just ask any fan of SNL
Wait was Dan Marino actually trying to claim that he wasn't aware that banging your head may hurt you?
How much money do you think you will make after graduation? Did you know that 41% of graduates start out at $25,000 or less per year?
You know the government is way too massive when they want to control all the charity too.
Why did you fail at your first job? Perhaps it’s because 52% of ‘12/’13 graduates did not receive proper training in their first job.
Looks like the politicians missed the boat again.
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Damn...maybe that email from the Nigerain prince was real after all:
8 reasons why Edward Snowden will keep his butt out of the USA:
Wait you NOW need a permit to walk your dog in the park?
Jay Carney is out and Josh is in...good luck to the new press secretary!
Govt gets enough $$ to solve the problems, including this VA MORE $$ to the federal govt.
What happens to it takes a village? Oh...the village is broke too!
Shinseki must go; however, members of Congress should keep their mouths shut: 17T of debt, 13+ years of war, NSA spying @FoxNews
IRS targets political group, NSA listens reads all ur email, we drop drones on innocents then this is nothing
New strategy for making billions, become a racist:
I am "doubling down" on the notion that political pundits need a new damn phrase!
"Security" is a broad, vague generality whose contours should not be invoked to abrogate the fundamental law embodied in the 1st Amendment."
BREAKING NEWS: FCC proposes major transportation overhaul.
"The guarding of [govt] secrets at the expense of informed representative government provides no real security for our Republic." -Black
Study Says Drink Diet Soda to Lose Weight via @TIMEHealth OR you could just go out and talk a freakin' walk!
"Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government." - Judge Black
Bill of Rights offers us this "no branch of government [can] abridge the people's freedoms of press, speech, religion, and assembly." -Black
1st rule of gubment, “Do no harm.” 2nd Rule, Assume that intervention will do far more harm than good. --@SheldonRichman
I feel like every time any individual gets a legit idea on how to make some extra cash govt comes along and kills it via tax or regulation
Bailouts 4 bankers, mothers can't feed their kids, car corps cover up deaths but NY AG knows the real problem- renting a room w/ @Airbnb…smh
I uploaded a new track, "Hour 1: Sex Workers", on @spreaker…
Universities don't need commencement speakers anyway- it is just another chance for haughty administrators and faculty to profile themselves
The push for integration maybe well meaning but the concept that I can't succeed unless seated next to a white or asian pupil is disturbing.
Before we resume our ideological debates on Monday- let's pause and realize how far we have come in just 5 decades!
My new sounds: Urrepublic - NCAA is downright Disgusting (made with Spreaker)… on #SoundCloud
Not only is the @NCAA fighting athletes from earning a living; but Boise had to beg approval to shelter a homeless athlete...disgusting!
It is easy to spend money but hard to spend time.
You are a politician, you lied that is not surprising. What is surprising is that no one has stepped up to slap you in the damn mouth.
Black women who should get Time Mag cover: Pam Edwards, CFO Victoria's Secret or Rosalind Brewer CEO Sams Club @oreillyfactor
Tune in for the 7 indicators of a failed gubment program and how the highway trust fund has failed the people:
Dumb District policy put the teacher who showed students porno on paid leave but suspended the students who looked
Next on the program: How even local gubment has fooled us on the tax debate:
Damn...everyone is running scared hoping they become super rich or die b4 their secret racist, sexist, homophobic rants are published
Snap ya fingers..... Do the step. You can do it all by yo self 😂😂😂�
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guess people like NCAA Mark Emmert smug elitism better than Sterlings because Mark thinks and treats all pigmentations like turds
Obama drops bombs on folks, listens to merkel's sex calls, takes $ from kids cause their parents don't pay-that is not a portrait of weak
Beyonce is now the highest-earning Black artist of all time- see what can happen when your hubby sides with the racist cashiers of barneys