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This is the old Manchester United. Winning while playing poorly. #bbcfootball #SOUMUN #saintsfc
Why does the PCC Sting not look as good as the normal SV Sting card? Finished 209th, happy with that @WWESuperCardRT
5th SV KOTR win, Eve Torres (yes!!) & Jimmy Uso who I can now pro! 😆
Got to respect @CMPunk for having the balls to do what he wants. Win or lose if he steps into the cage his a bigger man than most. #UFC
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Random thought... @CMPunk left WWE due to health issues, joined UFC. Brock Lesnar left UFC due to health issues, joined WWE. #UFC181
Just seen that @CMPunk has signed to fight in UFC from 2015, cannot wait to see how he does! #BestInTheWorldButDoesThatIncludeUFC...? 😏
I Love the new drop rate so much, really helping fill in my catalogue 😃
#WWESuperCard Survivor Orton from exhibition then from winning KOTR (with Yoko) + rest of SVs @WWESuperCardRT
Chocolate muffins exist only for people who need an excuse to eat chocolate cake in the morning.
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4 boards, 3 awesome pulls! #WWESuperCard @WWESuperCardRT 240 Legendary Fuji 241 UR Brie 244 Survivor Orton
Too lazy to upload my recent #FIFA15 #FUT15 pack pulls, but if I get a decent pull from the new TOTW tonight I'll get them all up!
"You can look but you can't touch"...... But I wanna touch!! 😍
LOVE the new drop rate. Boards 97 & 98 since my last SV are both epics!! @WWESuperCardRT @NWGameDad #WWESuperCard
KOTR is hard enough w/o beating someone yet other guy stays "unbeaten"!!! @WWESuperCardRT @NWGameDad 😡😡😡
2nd #WWESuperCard Survivor KOTR win gives me Goldust & a 2nd Piper so I can make a pro! 😃�
We are delighted to announce @DBSmithjr will be attending London Wrestling convention.
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Need to upload a whole bunch of #FIFA15 #FUT15 pack pulls later on, have had some great players lately 😃
12 board resets after getting Survivor Cesaro, I get UR Cesaro 😂
After 1278 matches and 2415 picks, I finally pull a Survivor from exhibition!! #WWESuperCard @WWESuperCardRT
Pretty sure my twitter is glitching... 😠
1 Million Coin Giveaway w/ 5 Winners (5x200k) or (5x £10) XB/PS Codes. Must RT & Follow To Enter!
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Just pulled an Epic Mysterio. Already have him so will pro it & use as food 😂
@OuakrimSaad On average that is only 32 board clears. Not that surprising really. 32 board clears is not a lot of time.
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It would just be nice to just get stuff done instead of wasting 3 hours crying because you think, no matter what, the stuff will suck
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Hey you know what would be rad?! Being able to function like a normal human being hahahahahahahaha #depression
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An urgent UK-wide appeal goes out to find a heart to save the life of a North East teenager
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1st Survivor card... Maxed out Ravishing Rick Rude!! 😄😄