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Number Johnny 5
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Sad to hear that Kauto Star had to be put down. What a fantastic horse. Thanks for the memories and believe it or not the winnings!!!
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Changed my RTG deck to this for a laugh, yet am STILL +5ing the WM card... Difficulty is a joke. @WWESuperCards4u
Was a good PCC all round! A lot of fun, big thanks to far too many to name, you know who you are! #teamukpcc
What started with a silly idea turned into a bonded group who will never back down from helping a brother out. It was a pleasure! #TEAMUK !
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Tomorrow begins the hunt for this. I'm pushing hard and looking to hit a lot of points early. Maybe streaming too...
I shouldn't be facing SV decks on RTG cards, or clearing event without supports. Fix it. @nicholsonb @NWGameDad @SuperCard_Game
Made the final of KOTR with @xoJessiLynn19 and finally got another WM diva but....not a pro. Dammit! @WWESuperCards4u
Wait, what? They took the tag titles off of New Day?!? Didn't see that coming... #MITB2015
Pop up powerbomb on the apron, there's your next US champ at Summerslam! #CenaVsOwens2 #MITB2015
#CenaVsOwens Entertaining match but totally killing suspension of disbelief.... And what a surprise Cena has to get his win back. Sigh..
With Paige dedicating the match to Dusty, the win is guaranteed. Right? #MITB2015
And KOTR gives me a 3rd Eddie. Great. Where are the fucking divas?? @WWESuperCardFAQ @WWESuperCards4u
RTG wouldve given me a pro Wyatt,Instead, it'll now give me an extra single. Fuck. @WWESuperCards4u @WWESuperCardFAQ
Jurassic World is an absolute must see. Go and watch it, you will not be disappointed, it's fucking amazing. @colintrevorrow nailed it.
Stunned to hear of the passing of Dusty Rhodes. Legend. RIP
First SV Tamina, now Epic Naomi, can I just pull a WM Paige or Nikki please???
Never got round to posting these BPL TOTS pack pulls, so here they are, a week late 😂
Stuck at work instead of watching the Champions League final. Fuck. My. Life.
After great feedback from @Autographz we'll start looking into a Thinktoscore league format for supporters! #Contributor #Feedback #Insight
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Ok so it had to happen..... My FIFTH SV Blassie 😂�
Sepp #Blatter quits!!! Finally!!! And here's a photo that just about sums up him running FIFA.
It's taken me a long long time but.... FUCKING FINALLY!!!! #StrikerWalcott #SuperTheo #FIFA15
Congrats to Arsenal on winning the FA Cup final... Now if only they played like this every week! #bbcfootball
Game, set and match. Villa had no chance at 2-0 down, they may as well just go home now. Arsenal have done it! #FACupFinal #bbcfootball
Alexis Sanchez take a bow, WHAT A GOAL!!!! #FACupFinal #bbcfootball #bbcfacup
FA Cup Final, should be good, as a Blackburn fan I'd love to see Tim Sherwood lead Villa to victory but... I can't see it - Arsenal 3-1
Suddenly I don't care about being QF bumped in KOTR anymore.... 😍�
Late update...won my last KOTR, after a BOT BEAT 2 HUMANS TO MAKE THE FINAL 😱😂😱
First time getting legendary in a RTG, won't get sv but oh well, proud of this :) @Autographz
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