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literally you :( :( @pfranci2
bangerz is such a good album yes
If you've never had homemade chicken & dumplings you are literally missing out
I always get really sad when I see people at McDonalds on Thanksgiving or Christmas.... like why....?
Megan is the kind of friend you don't want
Baby be patient for me And please don't fall in love with someone new I promise baby I'll come back for you
This was 5 years ago. Dr. Luke took a picture of Kesha sleeping.
I'm buying a Polaroid camera I can't wait to take CUTE FUCKING PICTURES in new york
Goddess is my favorite album this year. The replay value is SO real.
It's Lady GaGa, not Lady Gaga. Get it right.
When you try to promote your album but the flash covers it
I'm so wet. "Victimless Crime" is a song by written by Kesha Sebert, Max Martin, and Klas Åhlund. It is an outtake from Warrior.
Newly discovered Kesha song titles : Victimless Crime, FRESH, My Shit, Champion, Rhymebook, Get At You, Creep Slow, Back To You.
lover you've already ripped me apart you've already broken my heart what would it take, to make you walk away?
Black Beauty is the next single off Ultraviolence I'm so wet
Still one of the most iconic moments in modern pop music
We can confirm that a teaser for @starwars: The Force Awakens will play at select AMCs this Friday! Locations soon!
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Woman 'jokingly' waving gun says, "We're ready for #Ferguson," & accidentally shoots self in the head, dies.
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Sad that people are using this tragedy to fuel their own selfish desires by looting.. #PrayForFerguson
Why do people expect celebrities to react / talk about every single issue?
What is burning buildings / stores going to do to justify the outcome of this tragedy?
Kesha's lawyer just called someone a "#HaterHoe" I can't wait for her to go to court...
#haterhoe @megrex: @markgeragos for your inflammatory remarks after the announcement? Now you can chum for more clients @CNN irresponsible.
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If everyone went by that "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" rule I wouldn't see any of you tweeting.
So many tweets defending white people. Like we weren't born with privilege. Like history doesn't continue to prove RACISM IS REAL.#Ferguson
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I don't know why people feel the need to live such negative, and miserable lives.
WHY do people live in the "out of sight, out of mind" lifestyle. Educate yourself and realize topics matter and should be fought for.
I don't know why, but this case reminds me of Casey Anthony. Sad how sick individuals can get away with such heinous crimes.
There's nothing more embarrassing than a racist person.
sad day in America
One of my favorite records Love Angel Music Baby by @gwenstefani
Easily one of my favorite looks of the ARTPOP era. She looks gorgeous.
So many tears I will cry for this sweet album and tour. We could belong together. #ARTPOP and we will, forever.
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Goodbye ARTPOP ❤️ Hopefully in years to come people realize how good this album was
I'm in literal tears
This is the final moment of the ARTPOP era.
I love how Asiel always carries Gaga during Alejandro
omg gaga said "hi mom"????? new album title??? single feature her mom??
That guy brought his iPad to artrave just in case Kesha surprise releases her on iTunes tonight