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while rearranging my dorm with sister christian and @jennnallen, we managed to get stuck in my room.
sometimes when my friends and i get drunk we put on the wicked soundtrack and just belt it #nojudgement
freshman year completed!
so this one time i did all of the online econ homework i was supposed to do during the semester in a single day
sometimes i use my laptop as a placemat while eating fast food
.@jennnallen on associates degrees: oh that would totally go on the fridge
"jesus is just a guy who cuts my lawn"
"no one is dumb enough to enact an assault weapons ban" kill yourself plz
there's a special place in hell for the asshole that sits in the end seat in a lecture hall when all the middle seats are open
the thing i will miss most over the summer about madison will definitely be the carpet zamboni at the library :(
celebrating the last all nighter of freshman year for the last math class i will ever take. pretty worthy of celebration imo
that's a super cool "t" necklace, does your name start with t or something?
to every person that is done with finals before me: know that i hate you, bitch.
i don't understand how someone could need a uhaul to move out of witte. the inside of the uhaul is probably bigger than the room itself.
pontiac vibes have always given me bad vibes
happy mother's day to the best mom i could ever ask for! love you, linda!
accidentally turning a playlist on shuffle before getting in the shower is the rwandan genocide of first world living
going on mile 200 driven with my service engine light on #certifiedbadass
i am taking a final in a building with no air conditioning. this is the equivalent of a college sweatshop.
Not even surprised that @AtypicalDouche is casually brushing his teeth in the kitchen
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i get self conscious about my snacks at the library when people pull out full fledged feasts and i am sitting here with my sunchips
bean bags: the tempurpedic bed of passing out on the floor
i get very suspicious of people who smell weird
this guy in math gave me a dirty look for playing candy crush as he was sitting on his phone eating a protein bar with no notes out 😒#gfyy
I wear adult Heely shoes so I can discreetly glide away from undesired social interactions
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