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Atul Gawande
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For those interested: PBS Frontline trailer for an upcoming film by @tmjennings on Being Mortal (w my mother!)
Book review: Surgeon @Atul_Gawande’s "Being Mortal’" is his best and most personal book yet @MetropolitanBks
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I can tell Spencer is my dog cause he keeps trying to steal @Atul_Gawande's book from me.
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Weekend playlist - 4. Spoon, Inside Out. I am still listening to this new album constantly.
Weekend playlist - 3. Lucinda Williams, Stowaway In Your Heart. This song from her new double album is beautiful.
Weekend mini-playlist 2. @TheNewPornos, Dance Hall Domine live on @CBC. From new album Brill Bruisers.
Weekend playlist - 1. @Weezer, Eulogy for a Rock Band. New album has @RiversCuomo & co back in awesome power-pop form
My @guardian interview on writing & Being Mortal: If I don't make you itchy, disgusted, or cry, I'm not doing my job.
Good rule on Ebola in @BV: do take steps that may be overkill but quell panic - unless they hurt stopping the disease…
Either @Atul_Gawande's new book is gonna be huge, or people just love this kitten photo.
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This woman will take her own life on Nov 1. The health system has let her down. @haroldpollack is right. @tnr:
This cannot possibly last. I mean: Beating out Bill O'Reilly? That is nuts.
Book's out in Canada too... MT @MacleansMag Interview: Surgeon and author @Atul_Gawande on life and death in old age:
Only Jon Stewart could make talking about Being Mortal morbidly funny. @TheDailyShow
No Risky Chances: An excerpt in @Slate from my book out today, Being Mortal.
Eating the munchies in @TheDailyShow green room and trying to figure how to explain Being Mortal coherently. Yikes.
Check out this 2013 article on May-Britt and Edvard Moser's discovery of grid cells that won them the Nobel today
Nobel Prize to 3, incl husband & wife, who discovered how the brain navigates in space
Surprisingly wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks @Atul_Gawande.
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Forty Portraits in Forty Years. The Brown sisters have been photographed yearly since 1975. @nytimes w latest image
This paragraph perfectly sums up our overreaction to Ebola @ezraklein @voxdotcom
The Best Possible Day - an excerpt in today's @nytimes explains two key lessons of Being Mortal. Book out Tuesday.
On Why I Write. An interview in @BostonGlobe on eve of publication of Being Mortal:
Can life in a nursing home be made uplifting and purposeful? Of course it can. Being Mortal by @Atul_Gawande #uplifting
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Brilliant case study in @NEJM of medical history over 3 generations--and what it means for reforming care delivery
.@FoxNews It's scary that Ebola is in Texas, but it could be worse. They could've expanded Medicaid.
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The #Ebola epidemic is stoppable, @Atul_Gawande says, if we use proven procedures like checklists
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Next week: Jon welcomes author @Atul_Gawande, Bill O'Reilly, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and actor Jeremy Renner. 11/10c.
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How the economy's new healthcare jobs break down: Home health: 6,800 jobs ↑ Hospitals: 6,200 ↑ Doctors offices: 400 ↓
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U.S. economy added 248,000 jobs in August — and 22,600 were in health care.
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Breaking News: U.S. Added 248,000 Jobs in September; Unemployment Falls to 5.9%
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The Ebola Epidemic Is Stoppable - My Comment in @NewYorker on what we know about how.
As if @CDCgov didn't have enuf to do: they're reporting US heroin deaths doubled from 1779 to 3635.
.@TheEconomist has the first review I've seen of my new book out Tuesday, Being Mortal. I'm so happy they liked it.
The Ebola Epidemic Is Stoppable - My Comment in @NewYorker on what we know about how.