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The UCC Shooter Made His Victims Answer Just One Horrifying Question Before Taking Their...
NASA Announces It Has Discovered Liquid Water on Mars - ATNNow - All the News Now
NASA's Mysterious Mars Announcement May Be Flowing Water on the Red Planet - ATNNow
Top News Oddities for the Week of September 20 - 26 - ATNNow - All the News Now
Pope Francis Never Mentioned Jesus in His Speech to Congress -
Qatari sheikh flees United States after racing his $1.4million Ferrari through Beverly... -
A Muslim Kid Got Arrested Because His Teacher Thought His Homemade Clock Was a Bomb -
Famous Hollywood Director Lambasts Iran Deal in Video Spoof “Side Effects” | @ATNNow -
The Great One Tells Boehner and McConnell How to Stop the #IranDeal
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Se nos caen las alas con los desengaños de la Vida y es ése, el momento a recordar, que nacimos para volar alto!
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Scientists have discovered a new species of ancient human in South Africa -
Hillary’s Never-ending Scandals Have Become an Exhausting Spectacle
ISIS Just Released a New Video, and What They Do to 4 Captives Is a Whole New Level of Horror…
Ziggurat Pyramid Dubai: The Most Funkiest Project Ever Envisioned - ATNNow - All the News Now
Climate change: "Exactly the kind of challenge that's big enough to remind us that we’re all in this together" -POTUS
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If I go down the Kenyan goes down with me..
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Sunbathing Man Spotted on Top of Wind Turbine - ATNNow - All the News Now
Life on Mars: NASA HI-SEAS Year-Long Experiment Started Friday in Hawaii - ATNNow
Paper-Thin Printed Solar Cells Could Provide Power for 1.3 Billion People -
London to Get Floating Sky Pool - The Swimming Pool Will Allow Uber-Rich to Float in... -
Universal White Brotherhood holds mass cosmic energy ritual in Bulgaria’s Rila mountains -
Australian Eagle Takes Down a Drone in a Split Second - ATNNow - All the News Now
Greg Gutfeld DESTROYS liberal in favor of harvesting aborted baby parts…
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Take a tour of the most expensive house for sale in America | Business Insider -
Iraq reaches a heat index of 163 degrees - Business Insider -
A French architect has a vision for a sustainable floating city that looks like a manta ray -
The Devil in Detroit – Jabajabba | Reading Archive -
Bonus A: Adventure travel is visiting the incredibly beautiful Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan. #ANZTravelChat
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Terrorist Seen At Gun Range Before Attack, Others With Him Means BIG Trouble
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15 Scary Things You Didn’t Know About “El Chapo” Guzman, The Notorious Mexican Drug Lord -
Anti-LGBT Activist to Protest Obama Visit With 5,000 Naked People - BuzzFeed News -
One of these is a racist, evil man who made billions exploiting working class minorities. The other is Donald Trump
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El Chapo Escapes Again – Jabajabba | Reading Archive -
The Revelation of the Pyramids | Ocular Delusions | Video Archive -
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Ocular Delusions | Video Archive » The Civil War – Episodes 1 – 9 -
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Left: Marco Rubio's house. Right: Hillary Clinton's house. Clearly, Hillary can identify with the common man.
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Scalia just dissed Anthony Kennedy over the Supreme Court's marriage ruling -
Bob Beckel Claims Confusion After Fox News Sends Him Packing Over His Personal Issues -
The US Supreme Court has cleared the final hurdle for gay marriage in all 50 states - Quartz -
The judiciary, John Roberts included, is now just the water boy for the welfare state.
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The 7 most 'jiggery-pokery' lines in Antonin Scalia's Obamacare dissent -
The Top 15 Most Antonin Scalia Quotes From His New Obamacare Dissent -
This is the US' new $13 billion warship - Business Insider -
The Dull Thud of a New Yorker Towel Snap :: SteynOnline -
Here's why people are freaking out about the 'Jade Helm' conspiracy theory
Blues legend B.B. King, inspiration to generations of musicians, dies at 89 - LA Times -
GRAPHIC: Kurdish Fighters Get ISIS Terrorist’s Phone, Make HORRIFIC Find -
Sixty-five years of duck and cover - NetRight Daily -

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